Monday, August 31, 2015

Elf Matte Lip Colour Praline

Hi HunnyBunnies,

I love Elf! They make so many good products! I'm very picky when it comes to makeup and I have a few criteria when it comes to affordable makeup:
1) don't get it just cause it's affordable
2) don't get it just cause it's so la la
3) get it because it is really good

Elf is one of those brands that makes quality products at affordable prices and their matte lip in Praline is pretty awesome. It applies easily, feels pretty sturdy in the twist up packaging and wears beautifully. 

Only downside to praline is that it does come off and transfer easily when you eat or drink. Just adore this shade. You can layer it on for a darker brownish shade but I really love this as an everyday lazy lip! Hoping to do an elf haul soon! 

Love, BlovetBeauty

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow

Hi HunnyBunnies,

I wanted to do a quick little review on the adorable Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Peach :) I just got this lip balm and yes even though I've been on a matte lipstick kick, sometimes a pretty lip balm or a plump glossy lip still rocks my boat.

Needless to say the exterior packaging is adorable. Yes it's so cute, it's hard to pass up and truth of the matter is that I chose the prettiest packaging and so I landed with Peach. It is a twist up type of lip balm and while I generally like twisting up my beauty products, I'm not quite sure how a balm texture would hold up. So far, its slanting dangerously towards one side of the tube and I'm hoping it doesn't break off!

Taste pretty darn good! Like a nice fuzzy peachy beverage. Application is smooth and it keeps my lips moisturised for 4-5 hrs. I like how my lips flake less and they don't get awfully dry when this lip balm wears off. So formula wise, I think it's impressive at keeping lips baby soft. Ha

However, I'm taking away a star because the colour just isn't as flattering on pigmented lips. If u don't have dark lips, u probably rock this candy wow baby lips range as it will allow the actual pretty shade to show through but for darker lips like mine, you can still see your lip colour ( if u know what I mean) and it messes with the final colour. I love the peach shade so much but I would have to use a lip concealor to get the actual shade to show ( defeats the purpose of using lip balm)  and if I apply more than a few coats, it moves around quite a bit. 
On the whole, I still think it gives nice colour though and I like the moisturising " baby lips" effect this lip balm provides.

Have u tried any other shades?

Love, BlovetBeauty

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's in my bag - August Edition

Hi Honeybunnies,

What about a light hearted post this midweek. These are the items I've been carrying in my bag. I bought this Kate spade sling bag not too long ago and I completely forgot the model! Haha 
It's small so it cant fit anymore than what is displayed. 
I have a very flat makeup pouch because I need to streamline it down for my smaller bag and bring essentials to touch up. Also, nasty girl sunnies, Maybelline baby lips ( just got this), colourpop 1st base, life buoy hand sanitizer ( ocd required), camera pouch and trusty Prada wallet ( always invest in a good wallet). 

My items always change from time to time but this is it for now :)

Love, BlovetBeauty