Monday, January 26, 2015

Etude House Play 101 Pencil 41.

Oh my I’ve been a naughty girl this weekend. I shared a cup of Godiva Milkshake with the hubs and yes it was good but not as heavenly as their soft serve chocolate ice cream ( that one is to die for). So besides gaining another kilo, I actually did a little bit of shopping in town and found out that LUSH is having a sale on some of their body washes ( Psst at 50% off!) and Bath & Body Works is having a further reduction on certain items as well ( Yes, I got more hand washes). I’ll do a quick update on the scents I got from both places soon! Great Pre CNY sales aside, I finally picked up Etude House Play 101 Pencil in 41.

It retails for $12 a pop and apparently it’s going for $8 plus for certain card holders. Thought I would try one out first because honestly I got completely overwhelmed with the million colors on display. Plus the SA hovering over me was just giving me anxiety. If u know what I mean. But for the sake of looking like Pony ( HAH!), highly doubt so, I picked up 41. which was a pretty interesting muted camel shade. It’s in the brown family but a very cool toned shimmery shade. I didn’t notice the shimmer at first ( pretty intrigued by the unique shade) and would have much much much preferred it to be matte because the shimmer particles did irritate my eyes a little!!
It comes as a retractable pencil with a sharpener at the other end. Neat and pretty.
The formula of Etude Play 101 Pencil is smooth and creamy but sets really well after leaving it for a few minutes. It stays put and doesn’t budge at all and because of that I’m pretty interested in getting a few darker shades for the waterline. For this particular shade 41, I really like using it on my lower lash line. I think it’s natural yet obvious enough to give definition to the lash line. It’s subtle yet very pretty and I would love it even more if it were matte, minus the shimmer bits. It makes a pretty eye shadow base for neutral earth tones but they do set pretty quick so you have to work pretty fast when smudging them out. I do like them as an eyeliner but you do have to sharpen them if you want clean sharp lines. For me personally I would still pick a liquid eyeliner for daily lining and use 41. as a soft liner or eyeshadow base.
The unique and fun thing about these pencils is that they apply really smoothly. Even my mom was impressed with the smooth yet budge proof formula. However, because it can be used in so many ways, I think you would have to do a little research or be very patient while swwatching individual colors. Some colors are more suited for the brows, some for the cheek and lids, some for lash line and some other for lips and cheeks. I know you get the gist of what I’m saying. There are so many colors, texture and so many uses, it gets a little bit overwhelming, even for me. But product wise, I enjoyed the formula and ease of application. Use a good oil based makeup remover for these pencils. They are pretty budge proof on the eyes!

Love, BlovetBeauty

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Korean Double Cleansing Method


Today I have a skincare post for you guys as I've been struggling to keep certain skin issues at bay since late last year. Ever since my hormonal acne flare up, I've been paying additional attention to cleansing and masking. Lately, I've noticed a bit of dullness and a tightness in my skin. I knew I had to get back to a comprehensive skincare regime and the best way to start was with the Korean method of double cleansing. I don't want to sound like a quack but you should feel and see or feel results quickly after implementing the double cleanse method.
How I Double (triple) Cleanse the Korean Way:
1) I know it's recommended to start the double cleansing method using an oil based cleanser but I also understand that not everyone has a super effective oil cleanser. In this case, you could use cleansing water or makeup wipes to gently remove your makeup.
2) The best cleansing oil based balm that I've come across, that wonderfully melts away all stubborn makeup is Banila co.'s Clean it Zero. If you have this balm, you can skip step 1 entirely.
This step is essentially using an oil cleanser to lift dirt, makeup and surface impurities from the skin. I basically take a little bit of product and gently massage in onto my face. Whenever I feel like my skin is extra dirty , greasy or clogged, I use more product and let it sit for a bit before cleansing it off. This is a great option for those who are very busy and have little time to spare. All I do is wash off the oil based cleanser with some water and it emulsifies and leaves skin feeling soft and clean. Not dry and tight.

Natural alternatives would include my favourite coconut oil, argan or olive oil. But frankly of all the natural oils, coconut oil has to be the lightest and most effective at removing makeup for my skin type. It doesn't irritate my eyes like olive oil. Natural oils are a great option when my skin is exceptionally dry or when I want to treat my skin to a nice massage. So I kill two birds with one stone - remove impurities & get a nice quick facial massage. However, it can be more challenging when it comes to removing natural oils. I use a soft tissue or cotton pad to wipe it off ( gently ). It leaves more of oily residue.
I've learnt to switch off when I'm cleansing and get into the zone. Either prepping or unwinding from the day. It's pretty therapeutic if you set aside some time for your skin.
3) The final step in the double cleansing method is to use a good cleanser. After surface impurities has been cleansed by the oil cleanser, your cleanser can now deep clean the pores and basically remove any remnants of dirt and impurities.

Use your favourite cleanser and squeeze it into your palm.
It is crucial to lather it up in your hands with some water and completely avoid lathering it on your face. After which use your fourth and/or last finger to gently massage the cleanser from the centre of the face outwards, in detailed circular motion. Alternatively, you can always use a foam cleanser which will save you some time.
I was pretty skeptical of using my fourth and last finger initially because it felt so slow and tedious, but it did a good job of massaging the cleanser into my skin and I could see my skin getting pink ( indicating blood flow ) and it felt so clean and soft afterwards. I used to think that the harder I massaged the better but it's actually the gentler and more detailed massage that works wonders for the skin.
Once you've massaged your cleanser, it's time to wash your face. Once again, avoid dragging your skin down when you cleanse with water. You should be very gentle with this step and try to avoid your hands tugging or pulling your skin. It's like those face washing advertisement where you splash water on your face without really touching it. Before, I have to admit I could be pretty barbaric when washing my face - but for korean double cleanse method, the gentler the better.
Once it's done, don't towel dry. Pat your face with your hands gently and let the moisture soak into your skin.
Once you've completed your double cleanse, you're skin should feel relaxed, clean and comfortable ( not dry). It's now ready to move on to your serums, moisturizers and masks. Hope this helps you guys because I've always known about the double cleansing method but never quite executed it with so much care and attention. I hope the practical tips of the double cleanse method improves your skin condition no matter the state it's in. It's like an act of love for our skin and I'm amazed at how the skin actually glows just after the double cleanse process.
Love, BlovetBeauty

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Banila co. Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner

How's the start of the week been treating  everyone? Mines been a little more chilled which is perfect for me right now.
Today I'm going to review Banila co. Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner in brown because I don't read many reviews on it even though it's a very good unique gel eyeliner.
First off, I have tried so many black gel eyeliners, so getting a dark brown shade is something refreshing for me. It's more natural looking but still very flattering at the same time.
There is a netted material on top of the brown eyeliner and at first I wasn't quite sure of it's use but over time I realized that it actually helps to control the amount of gel liner that gets on your brush. Mines a bit messy but that's cause I've been using it but I really do prefer this netted material for gel liner pots. With the usual gel liner pots, u just dip your brush in and whatever u get is whatever u get. With the netted material, it prevents excessive amounts getting on the brush and I'm in love with this control factor. I guess the only downside I can think of is you can't see the actual product being used up so you don't know if there's any more left when there's no more gel liner coming through the netted material.
The banila co. gel eyeliner is quite fluid and more liquid in nature as compared to other gel eyeliner. I think it makes application very smooth and easy but it does require an eyeshadow base or an eyelid primer to stay put. The first few times I wore this on top of eyeshadow alone and it definitely smudged. Subsequent times, I tried using an eyeshadow base and primer which seemed to hold it in place and reduce the smudging.
It comes with a small liner brush which is pretty good but I prefer to use a thin wider brush as shown above for an even precise line.
Pardon the puffy eyes. Had an allergic reaction over the weekend and my eyes are still a bit swollen. As you can see, I'm able to control how thick or thin the eyeliner is and also it stays put in the waterline very well. There was no irritation at all and I love the dark brown shade.
Overall, I think banila co. gel eyeliner in brown is my favourite ever brown gel eyeliner and I really love it. Only thing is remember to prime and apply eyeshadow base to prevent smudging.
Love, BlovetBeauty