Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Benefit Hoola & Too Faced Blusher


How has everyone been? Sorry for the longer wait between post. Life with a 7 month old and a 5 year old cannot get more hectic, not to mention the struggle of keeping little one's eczema under control. Ever since the haze, his cheeks have been getting redder and have spread all over his left cheek and some on the right and I've had no choice but to use steroid creams on the stubborn patch. All the scabbing and oozing have left me in tears so needless to say it's been emotionally and physically draining. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with or suffering from eczema. All I want is for my baby to get better. 

Thankfully, the hubby took me out just so I could get my mind off things for a short while and I popped into Sephora and popped out with a Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Too faced I will always love you blusher. I really love the combination of these 2. Benefits Hoola looks pretty natural on me so it makes a nice everyday contour \bronzer. The Too Faced blusher is just too cute and the colour is a unique orange peachy neutral tone. I really really like it. 

Shall post a look with these 2 items when I get the chance!

Love, BlovetBeauty

Friday, September 18, 2015

Baby Ezcema Update


Another bathroom selfie! Can't help it cause it's the only place with a nice big mirror and brighter lights. My house is pretty dark cause it doesn't get any sunlight at all. I'm thinking of getting a bigger mirror for my working room to take better shots there. Well, rambling aside today I finally managed to get my boys passports! My baby can finally travel and my big boy has an updated cheeky picture. Now it's time to get serious about my travel plans. Need to get out of this country! Australia? Vietnam? Malaysia? Somewhere closer just to see how baby copes with the whole Travelling thing! 

If you've been following me on Instagram @blovetbeauty , you'd probably have already seen me post on my baby's Ezcema situation. In 2 months, his Ezcema has spread from one small spot  on the lower left portion of his cheek to a larger area and I've been so heart broken and stressed trying to find a solution. I tried all the creams as mentioned in my previous entry and tried my best to use natural moisturisers and creams before using the dr prescribed steroid cream but I just had to recently because his skin was looking really red raw weepy and it was oozing yellow sticky fluid. After 3-4 applications of steroid cream, the large patch cleared up by half but his skin started to crack and bleed because his skin was too thin. So I left it for a few days to heal and in general it went down quite abit only to have a sudden flare up again and if u look at Day0 that's the second time I started to use the steroid cream because it just got so bad. I knew that steroid creams would not be the long term solution and made an appointment to see my homeopathy doctor and she gave a calendula homeopathic cream and medicine. So far I'm seeing a vast improvement on his cheeks with just the calendula topical cream and I'm praying his condition responds to homeopathic treatment because it truly truly breaks my heart to see his baby cheeks so red and inflamed.

On my end, because he is fully boobfed and only just starting to eat solids, I have to keep a food diary ( damn tiring ) and I've been told not to eat poultry, seafood, diary and eggs. That leaves me with grass and fruits��. But to me I still believe in eating whatever but in moderation and probably upping my dose of fruits and veggies to see if it makes a difference in his skin condition. 

Hope u have a great weekend!
Love, BlovetBeauty 

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Haven't posted a selfie in a while as I've been feeling pretty crappy and exhausted. Both my boys have been down with fever and little one is having it worse cause its his first time getting a slight fever and its ongoing due to teething pains. His Ezcema patch is still there despite using a doctor prescribed steroid cream. That combined with a post fever rash means that my little baby is all red and dotty and he just feels pretty awful. Sigh. I was suppose to have a nice lunch to celebrate hubby's birthday but even that was a very quick affair cause we were all too tired and exhausted from caring for both boys. It is the hardest thing to care for a teething baby. Oh well... That and my eye allergy\infection ( it was so bad), prevented me from wearing any eye makeup for a whole week so I feel really unglamorous.
Well at least I got a chance to have a quick lunch with my hubby and get away from
all the crying even if it was for 2 short hours. My hair needs a trim and I need a visit to Sephora without any boys around. Stay healthy and happy and wear a mask if u are heading out. The haze and weather is so so bad.
Love, BlovetBeauty