Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pinks Peaches & Neutrals


Before u roll your eyes at another Colourpop post, I just have to clarify that I'm a colourpop fanatic and there will be more because I'm addicted to them. But because they don't ship to Singapore, I had to get them preordered and out of the 7 eyeshadows I got, 2 crumbled on the way to my place. Sad face. Oh well, such is the case when I don't have the time to order them myself.Thankfully those 2 colors- Krinkle & So Quiche aren't my favourite colors at all. 

From left: Erotic, Animal, Sunnies, Cheeky, Cop A Feel

Naughty names aside, these 5 other shadows arrived in mint condition and are absolutely gorgeous, both in the packaging and on the eyes. ColourPop shadows are vibrant without being clown like. These are so spot on the Cranberry/ Peachy Pink and Marsala color trend that even the Koreans are rocking in instagram. I love love love these shades. But I wish I had gotten drift ( a gorgeous cranberry shade)! 

These shadows may be affordable but don't let the price point fool you. They are gorgeous, blend beautifully and I completely think they live up to the hype. Colourpop addiction is dangerous!

Love, BlovetBeauty

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Super Shock Cheeks Between The Sheets & Quarters

Two quick face of the day featuring Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Quarters & Between the Sheets. First up is Quarters - A dusty coral reddish shade.
What I like about the Super Shock Blush is the texture - mousse like to touch but powder upon application. It gives a soft diffused finish which I love. I use a coastal scents synthetic blush brush or an Elf stipple brush, either works fine. I like the natural healthy peachy glow it gives and I know this shade will look perfect for summer because of the coral undertone that goes so well with tanner skin.
Swatch wise, it comes off more like a rusty peachy shade but on the skin it does have a more pinkish coral hue. I do feel that this shade is most flattering for those with medium to deeper skin tones because it is very pigmented. For those with fairer skin, I would use a lighter hand and a fluffier synthetic blush brush but do note that most of the Colourpop Super Shock Blushes can be built up for a more intense look.
Next up is my favourite blush ever - Between the Sheets. Cute cheeky name aside, this one is perfect for my skin tone. It makes me look like I have ultra natural glowy cheeks and it just looks so pretty. It’s a matte finish but application is so smooth and easy. Kind of crazy over this shade for a natural makeup look. Don’t mind my brow birthmark, it grows during my pregnancy and shrinks after giving birth * yea weird* just waiting for it to settle down.
Gives just the prettiest hint of color. I love love love it. Wear this over your foundation or concealor and layer a translucent powder to set it in place. It last pretty long despite the soft diffused effect.

How gorgeous is this mid toned beige pink ? It’s so unique and so pretty. U got to try this!


Go get some Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks. U need it!

Love, BlovetBeauty

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Japanese Eyeliner Love & Postpartum Update

How's everyone been?
I've been doing pretty well. Lots to update and so much makeup I've been itching to buy. Well I was planning on getting a bunch of makeup to test out during my confinement but I really didn't have time nor the energy during the last leg of my pregnancy.
I'll be having another colourpop haul coming up but meanwhile I thought it would be fun to talk about Japanese Eyeliner and this particular liquid liner brand Miracle Romance, that was gifted by a close friend who had just visited Japan! Man, I get so jelly every time I see pictures of cherry blossoms and a part of me just wants to fly back there.

I've not seen this brand in our local drugstore so I'm gonna assume it's probably only available over in the Japanese drugstore. Correct me
If I'm wrong cause I love this eyeliner - it's so so so easy to use and the crescent moon cap is super adorable too. Very sailor moon!

The brush tip is ultra fine and firm, which allows you to draw thin precise lines. Application is ultra smooth and easy. The consistency of the liquid liner is fluid but quickly buildable. I love everything about this Japanese liquid liner. Reminds me alot of my Dollywink liquid liner which was so awesome to use.
Can't get over how pretty my liner looks here. Haha

Such a smooth consistency. If I had known it were this awesome, I would have asked my fren to grab a few more back for me. Sigh reminds me of the Japanese drugstore with floors and floors of amazing cosmetics.

On the baby front, I'm absolutely loving the second time round. Been waiting and praying for this blessing for some time and I think that the wait in itself has made me a lot more patient and calm. Hubs and I fret much less as second time parents and we're generally so much more relaxed. It's definitely much better this time round.
Post partum wise, my c section cut is healing nicely. My doc removed the keloid left over from my first pregnancy and because of that I did feel more pain as compared to my first c section. I did get more stretch marks on my tummy with this baby as he was bigger then my first. Facial skin wise, I feel like it's better post partum than during pregnancy. It is less dry and less prone to breakouts even when my skin is more dirty (attributed to the post partum sweating). Thank goodness. A lot of swelling has gone down on my face and body too which leads me to my weight lost thus far. In 19 days, I've lost 12 kgs. If you guys are interested to know my confinement diet and routine, lemme know. I'm looking to lose another 3-4kgs by the end of my confinement and the remainder few kgs will be mostly due to breastfeeding and a more gradual loss, because the last bits are always the hardest and most stubborn to shed.
The most annoying part of this post partum healing for me was the painful as hell engorgement and blocked ducts. My gosh the kind of pain involved was horrible and more painful than my c section itself. My heat rash was also horrible as it spread all over my neck and chest area and the immense heat makes it pretty unbearable. Thank goodness my confinement allows for daily baths! Phew.
But it's all so so worth it!
Love, BlovetBeauyy