Monday, December 15, 2014

Salon Lashes with Clio Salon De Cara


Hi Beauties,

Once again, I’m back with a review of CLIO’s latest mascara range where each mascara is actually inspired by a different hair salon treatment. Salon inspired lashes here we come.


As you can see these mascaras come in 3 different formulas :

001 Hair Roll Cara 

Simulate Hair Rollers for extra volume

002 Roll Brush Cara

Mimic Round Hair Brush For curling effect

003 Finger Cara

Contains 228 bristles at the tip that replicate the action of hairstylist hands for lengthening and volume

from Left to Right : 003,002,001



You guys know the drill, I like how Clio’s products are packaged. Always of good quality and sleek looking. Clio Salon de Cara in 003 Finger Cara comes in a larger packaging because of the bonus eyelash curler included.

The first mascara I tried was 001 Hair Roll Cara. This brush simulates a hair roller which is hollow in the middle. It builds volume by coating each lash strand with polymers that instantly give va va voom lashes.

The brush on this is smaller and pretty interesting. I liked the effect of this mascara the most when I first tried it and with more use, I began to enjoy layering this with 002 for an added curl boost. I like volume and thickness in my lashes so this mascara really does the job perfectly. Something I did notice though was that the formula is wetter and I have to be careful to not blink my eyes too much after application or it would get on my lids. Otherwise it does a pretty good job at volumising.



The second mascara I tried was 002 Roll brush Cara. The brush on this mascara is thicker to simulate a hairbrush and the formula is slightly drier. The curl memory formula in this mascara gives lashes dramatic curl that last longer.

For me personally I think that this mascara gives a decent pretty curl. I did not notice any drooping of lashes after wear but I did feel that my lashes felt a little bit heavier after putting on this mascara. I like how it separates and gives a pretty curl and how easy it truly is to remove. It doesn’t volumise as well as 001 Hair Roll Cara, but the curl and separating effect is pretty.


The last mascara I tested out was 003 Finger Cara. The wand is pretty special and it basically mimics the stylist hands to achieve some volume and length in the lashes. It basically claims to combine to best of both worlds to give gorgeous lashes.

This is the mascara I liked the most. It lengthens without excessive clumping and it holds a curl very well. Only thing is that the formula is pretty wet or it might just be the case with it being a new tube, so you got to be careful not to let it get all over the lid.


Overall, I really like the effect of 003 Finger Cara the most. It combines the best of length and volume, which is something my short straight lashes benefit from. It stays put pretty much once it’s dried and I love the easy removal because it slides right off with warm water.



Have you tried these mascaras and which one do you prefer?

Love, BlovetBeauty

Saturday, November 29, 2014

October & November Favourites

Hi Beauties,

I've been off the beauty sphere for some time but for good reason and honestly it was a really good time to just fall in love with makeup again at my own time. Now that I've had some time to kind of experiment, research and try out new stuff, I've rediscovered my love for colors and makeup and these are a few items that I adore. I'm still pretty selective and picky so that hasn't changed and everything was bought with my own money, in case u were wondering.

Ok moving foward, first item I am crazy about is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette. 
I love the color selection in this. Warm summery tones with bright pops of orange and aqua blue. Some people complain that the pigmentation of the shimmery shades isn't rich enough but I think it's actually quite buildable especially with a good primer. I like that it doesn't go on ultra strong because it's quite easy to look clownish with such colors and I like to wear these in the day. The neutral shades in this palette are gorgeous, they work beautiful with my yellow skintone. The fallout is minimal and the blending is smooth and easy. I pretty much adore the colors/ formula but I was pretty let down by the packaging. The artwork is gorgeous but the actual case feels a little cheap and the mirror sucks. However, despite the packaging issues, I still think the shadows are amazing and a good addition to my Naked Palettes. Love this. 

Second item that I'm loving is the Innisfree Eco Eyebrow pencil #2 that I've reviewed. Some eyebrow pencils can dry out over time but lately I've picked up my innisfree eyebrow pencil (which I had tucked away) and it's the perfect match for my natural hair color. It perks up the face, blends beautifully and the formula gets better with time. I don't know why it's so cheap but I really really love this brow pencil because it easy to use, color is awesome for darker hair ladies and the formula is awesome and long lasting.

Third favorite item is my Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara. When I first got this mascara, I didn't like it at all. It was super wet formula, it made my lashes droop, it didn't volumise. It did nothing. Then I decided to let it dry out and then it became the most lovely mascara ever! 
It separated my lashes, lifted them up, didn't leave any spider clumps and basically just left me with soft, fluttery and pretty looking lashes. 

The forth item I've been crazy about is 3CE lip crayon in cream orange. I just want to clarify here that they have released twist up lip crayons and to always buy from a reputable seller or the website direct. In the past I didn't know any better and got excited and bought it from a fren who claimed it was real, when it wasn't. She wasn't aware that it was a dupe as well so fortunately some of my more discerning readers alerted me to the fact that it wasn't authentic and I have been more careful with any 3ce purchases since then.
Cream orange is a beautiful neon orange shade that can be very bright. When I wear it with a concealer underneath, the color becomes even brighter and I love it.  I love this shade paired with a brownish lipgloss or worn with any clear gloss over.  The one thing I noted is that it isn't very drying but it can get a little patchy if you wear it for many hrs. Other than that, I think cream orange is very sweet and pretty pastal neon orange that looks lovely as a blusher too!

Hope u enjoyed my favs!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wearable Neon Lips with Clio


Hi Sugar Pies Rainbow,

Don’t be scared! I’ve got 2 cute Clio Neon Virgin Kiss Lipnicure in Toxic Pink 13 & Wicked Peach 12 and they’re actually really pretty, wearable and fun colors. Lipnicures are suppose to be worn with a top coat and lip primer.





12 Wicked Peach is a very sweet pastel orange that can be layered on for a more vibrant and “neon” effect, while 13 Toxic Pink is a blue based pink that I adore. With all lipnicures, a little goes a long way and blending it out from the center gives me the more gradient look that I prefer.


Lipnicures all have tremendous staying power but be sure to exfoliate lips very well before application. My mom is terribly addicted to Clio’s lipnicures because they last an entire day.


Toxic Pink 13

Clio Neon Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 13 Toxic Pink  P7148294


Wicked Peach 12

Clio Neon Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 12 Wicked PeachP7148303

Have you guys tried Clio’s Lipnicures at Watsons yet?

Love, BlovetBeauty

Monday, July 7, 2014

Clio Neon Nail Styler


Hi Sugar Pies,


StarAsia Singapore has once again pampered me with Clio Neon Nail Styler in California Bxxch, Toxic Pink & Wicked Peach. My mom and sister are HUGE Clio nail polish fans. Their favourite brands before discovering CLIO nail polishes were by OPI and Essie and now all they have are Clio’s nail colors. Imagine their excitement when they saw these new neon nail colors!! I believe that good things are meant to be shared and that I did with these gorgeous nail colors.


My sister couldn’t resist and painted her nails with all 3 colors. Her favourite is Wicked Peach. In her words “ It’s the perfect peach shade for summer” & she did mention that a lot of Korean girls are into this shade right now ( Must be a really hot color then!)

Wicked Peach

Clio Neon Nail Styler S129 Wicked Peach_1Clio Neon Nail Styler S129 Wicked Peach

It’s bright, cherry and neon. This  bright peachy shade looks especially good on tanned skin but I think anyone can rock it. The shade is very wearable and happy and I love it.

California Bxxch

Clio Neon Nail Styler S131 California Bxxch_1 Clio Neon Nail Styler S131 California Bxxch

California Bxxch is a fun neon sky blue. Very cute & funky color!

Toxic Pink

Clio Neon Nail Styler S130 Toxic Pink_1Clio Neon Nail Styler S130 Toxic Pink

Toxic Pink is vibrant pinkish color. I love how it looks pink with slight blue undertones.


Got to thank my sister for borrowing her nails! Hehe..

All of Clio nail polishes are extremely smooth during application and the colors in this new range are just so summery and fresh. If my sister and mom are big fans of their nail polish, I know that lots of women of different age groups will enjoy Clio Neon Nail Stylers as well. So Check them out!

Love, BlovetBeauty