Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February 2015 Hits & Misses

It's the end of another month and a short month too. I haven't been doing as much makeup shopping but I decided to compress a February Loves & Misses, because I want you guys to know what to avoid wasting your hard earned money on & what to spend it on!

These cream to powder forumla eyeshadows are so so awesome. I haven't been this excited about eyeshadows since the Naked Palettes and I absolutely love the texture, pigmentation and forumla. I love creamy shadows but haven’t found any that work as good as these and Colourpop really spoils makeup lovers with it's wide and beautiful selection of colors.
My favourite shades are Desert, Sequin, Tea Party and Hustle, which I’m wearing on my eyes.
* I ordered Super Shock Cheeks in Quarters & Between the Sheets and simply can't wait for them to arrive!

2) Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I have 2 shades in Crème Brulee and Country Girl and I’m totally impressed with how smooth, pigmented and wonderfully these colors blend. I do feel like the formula is as easy to blend out as a Mac eyeshadow and the colors are pretty warm and wearable. Crème Brulee works nicely as a warm transition or all over lid shade while Country Girl is more of a burnt brownish slightly burgundy shade. It makes for a really sophisticated look without having to pay MAC prices!

3) Etude House Play 101 Pencil 41

Versatile, multi purpose and creamy. Shade 41 has ended up being used frequently in the lower lash line, as a eyeshadow base or worn as an eyeshadow. It’s a gorgeous muted cool toned camel shade. Love this.
I just did a review on this pretty amazing cream eyeliner and it’s been super reliable and totally budge proof. I love the black pigmentation on this liner and smoothness of it.
I must be consuming liners at an alarming rate but Feb has been a great month of liners. It makes my eyes look less puffy and helps in streamlining my face ( which I so desperately need!). I’ve been reaching for all three liners and they work so well and last amazing.


6) Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealor
I tried really hard to like this raved about liquid concealor. I saw girls apply this and it banished all their dark circles and red spots. But on my combination skin, it seemed to separate, cling onto dry spots, look very heavy and has the most plasticy smell ever. It worked terribly at covering my oily under eyes and seemed to melt right off even after applying tons of powder.

7) Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen
Normally, Essence makes fantastic eyeliner pens. It’s usually budge and waterproof and looks totally amazing for a drugstore product. Application is usually a breeze. I found that the Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen has an ultra long brush which can make it easier or harder for some but the biggest issue I couldn’t come to terms with was how my tears or water would result in a hot black mess. This eyeliner pen is not smudgeproof or long lasting like it claims to be.

8) Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Gloss, Best Seller Truth Teller
Now I’ve had a tough time with Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Gloss. Firstly because I really do enjoy the brown neutral tone that looks gorgeous on the lips but on the other hand, the formula is a tad bit too sticky for my liking and I’m itching to remove it after a short while. Also, I find that it bleeds quite a bit as it’s quite a fluid formula but that just ends up looking super messy and makes me want to remove it even faster. Such a pity because the color is pretty gorgeous but it’s too much of a goopy lipgloss.

9) Wet & Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner
Wet & Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner is another product that I wanted to love. It’s gotten a lot of praise and love but I just can’t put it on my hits list because like Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen, it slides right off my lids when it comes into any contact with moisture, tears or any form of oil on my lids. Such a waste as the matte black shade is wonderful. The brush applicator isn’t something I quite fancy as it’s not as easy to control even though it’s thin. I don’t recommend this if you need a budge proof eyeliner and have oily lids.
Love, BlovetBeauty

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pros & Cons of being a Young Mommy


I've got lots to share on the topic of being a young mom because in a way I've been through it myself and now that I'm a week away from expecting number 2, I just wanted to gather my thoughts and share them with you guys. You can agree or agree to disagree, that's the fun in it right!

Well, I was 25 with my first pregnancy and I'm pretty sure I had an sch pregnancy. That was a thrilling ride in itself because of all the uncertainty. But I can certainly say that I was probably the youngest in my circle of friends to get pregnant. It wasn't a race personally, it was more of an age I had already decided on since young. I knew my mom had me when she was 23-24 herself and I saw the benefits of starting young. 

Why have a baby when you are young? 
1) Because your 30s are not your 20s, biologically. 

There's lots of talk of how 30 is the new 20, therefore you can delay your child bearing years and to a certain extent I would like to agree, going on the kind of information that is out there on healthy living and etc etc... But truth be told, it's easier to be pregnant when you are in your 20s than 30s. Nothing is going to change that. You have physically more energy. It's less straining on your body when you are younger. You are definitely more fertile in your 20s than 30s. These are the undeniable facts of life.

2) Because your parents are younger when you are younger and it's easier for them to help out with your kid too. 

Someone told me when I was in my early naive twenties to stay near my parents and start a family while young and I thank them completely for such amazing advice. I would have gone completely insane and breathless from the lack of experience and the sheer exhaustion of handling an extremely active kid and not having any domestic help then. It's easier to start young too cause my own parents are younger than lots of other grandparents I see and they have a good time being active with my boy. It helps that my boy gets to grow up with his grandparents and has another "set of parents" in that regard.

3) Because starting young gives you time - to explore your options. 

Time to experience mommy hood and all it's quirks and gives you some leeway to decide if you want to add to the clan. If you start later, you might just feel the stress and urgency of getting pregnant, making it way more stressful than it needs to be.

4) Because people will say in the future " wow u are such a young mommy" or " u have a kid?"

Heh- I personally like the " shotgun ah " look. Ok ok, let's just accept some flattery here. All moms deserve it no matter the age but I'm telling you when you start young, this sort of flattery comes more frequently. 

5) Because you are pretty much still a kid yourself and can act all goofy with your own child. 

My boy is like my best friend. I love seeing and talking to him daily. Nothing makes me happier.

6) Because you can relax earlier in the future.

This piece of advice is from my MIL. Those who choose to start later, have to slog to put their kid through this or that school, while younger moms can basically start counting down the years to when yours are going work and be independent young adults. This really suits those who have a work hard now and play hard later sort of mentality. 

But, of course there are cons to being a young mom ( however you choose to define it) - for me it's having a kid before 26-27.

1) It's hard to choose whether to devote your time and energy between your kid or your work. It's really really hard. You may want to get to a certain level but you soon realise that it's a lot of sacrifice and can leave you feeling pretty conflicted. 

2) It's hard to know how to balance everything- work, kid, hubby, finances, social life. Firstly because I think most people find themselves somewhere in their late 20s. For me that was the case so I basically had to grow up with my kid. Emotionally and mentally. For those ladies who start later, they are more sure about themselves and already have a clearer picture of how things are going to run in their lives. It's easier and less disruptive for the child as an older mom probably has planned out pretty well how a kid is going to fit into her life. 

3) With social media and all that jazz, you are going to watch your single or married without kids friends do all the things that you used to or want to do

It's hard to act like a normal couple with your other half when you have another human who needs lots of attention and care. Watching a movie, date nights, romantic walks and laughing till you both fall asleep probably isn't going to be in the books for some time (in my case it was years). Personally, I was fine with it though cause I don't really hang out at night or party or do wild stuff and I choose to do without any domestic help then. But I must admit I missed dates with my hubs and not having to worrying about my baby half the time, even when I'm taking a quick time out to recharge. 

4) Perhaps the most relevant to most ladies out there. You sacrifice your youth in terms of physical appearance ( yes superficial but relevant nonetheless) and you sacrifice or put on hold dreams, ambitions or just pure opportunities to have a family. 

All in all for me there's so many amazing moms I know who started late but are so so wonderful and so I'm just trying to put my own views across on this topic. 
Peace & love!

* coming up feb 2015 favs!

Love, BlovetBeauty

Friday, February 27, 2015

Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner

How's everyone been? I'm pretty much still in the CNY frame of mind aka holiday mood of late but I'm back with an amazing cream eyeliner recommendation. What a spoiler but I really enjoy blogging about amazing products.
Elf's studio cream eyeliner is probably the best drugstore cream eyeliner I've ever tried. I've used Mac's fluidline and I'm pretty certain that Elf's cream eyeliner is just as good. Why?
1) it's so black and rich
2) it's budge proof once it sets ( I have oily lids)
3) it's waterline friendly ( no irritation whatsoever)
4) it's quite blendable within the first minute when you've just lined your eyes
5) it's waterproof
6) nice packaging and a good amount of product

Overall Elf's Studio Cream Eyeliner glides on like a dream and sets to a nice black carbon shade. It's awesome for cat liner or korean style liner and I really love how smudge and budge proof it is.

Wearing the liner on my upper lash and waterline. Love it!
Love, BlovetBeauty