Thursday, August 20, 2009


Kwon, Ji-Yong (Korean: 권지용, Hanja: 權志龍, Born August 18, 1988), better known by his stage name G-Dragon, is the leader of the Korean musical group Big Bang. Yong means dragon in korean and Ji sounds like "G", hence, the stagename, G-Dragon. He began training under YG Entertainment at the age of twelve. After six years of vocal and dance training he made his debut in 2006 as part of Big Bang.(wikipedia thks!)




 gd-nylon2_20090819_seoulbeats   20090814_gdragon_572

Kinda   360 transformation right.

Whatever it is, it’s most likely his business to stun ppl with his amazing blonde hair, pale skin, edward cullen cum digital age look…Well the whole Korean Music business is amazingly vibrant and dynamic.Its really hard to get bored with them.

I was reading through all the Korean sites & G- DRAGON eye makeup is super eye grabbing. Think I'll just do an EOTD.

A guy who looks so good with makeup. DAMN. Esp his smokey, monolid eyes! DAMN I’m bloody jealous!

My G-Dragon Inspired FOTD :


IMG_7966 IMG_7941IMG_7951 

I have 2NE1 songs swimming in my head and I’m humming it like a crazy person. Anyway, I look like a druggie who hasn’t slept in a week right… hahaha I’m sorry G-Dragon for not doing u justice! hahaha


I had to  wipe off my white lips, my smudged eyes to look a bit more normal for work… okie.. I really hope u liked this entry cause I wana do another makeup look based on 2Ne1. I like what they have going- amazing street style, hot vocals!

IMG_7976IMG_7975  IMG_7968 IMG_7970 IMG_7973 IMG_7974


Becky said...

Nice look~! The blue contacts look super cute on you :)
I'm super jealous of G-dragons smooth & pale skin XD

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks Becky Sweetie. I'm pretty jealous of G dragon skin myself. Its so easy for him to pass off as a gal cause of his smooth complexion

CHEECHUN™ said...

Men with great complexion piss me off because i'm so jealous. LOL! Great FOTD, you pulled it off really well!

Blair said...

Is Heartbreaker a new song? I prefer Seung Ri to GD, I think he is the handsomest member in Big Bang hahaha

Missy, have you worn your blue lenses out? I bet you'd get a whole load of compliments!! Your dual coloured nails are adorable!

I like this look on you - it makes your eyes look mysterious and hot!!! And I certainly don't believe that you are dark at all!

Can't wait for the 2NE1 inspired pictures!

Blovet Beauty said...

HA! Ms Chee, men don't need to have great complexions right! Why the hell do they need to have smooth skin and tiny pores!!?? and to be fairer than snow white too!!

Blair sweetie!! I have worn my blue lenses everywhere!! My brother says I look like a wannabe but I'm happy as long as I think it looks nice:)I'm really loving this brand MAXI EYES. Its been such a breeze putting it in and taking it out so I'm quite a convert & I hope to get the grey & GREEN one!! can't wait for that!!The only thing is that I have been pretty used to a world of blur-ness and now I see everything so clearly all the time. Its weird! Anyways, I am still searching for the bow headband for u...once i get it,i'll let ya know

AtelierGal said...

As Korean music is concerned, I only like Shinhwa & Kim Dongwan. Others, I don't listen except songs from some Korean dramas.

I don't like guys wearing makeup, tbh
Not my type X3

Your eye bags looked quite bad, what eye cream are you using?

◄Blab About Beauty► said...

i love the nails!
so pretty


Zoe said...

I was dissapointed with his image because it looked exactly like Lee Junki's JSTYLE album, oh well..But I admit that he is such a talented guy^^

Blovet Beauty said...

hey atelier, I wasn't using any eye cream ... i bascially left the smudged liner there... hahaha but i am on a quest for a under eye concealor- think i will try sana concealor( if i can find it)

Hey blab, Thks!

Hey Zoe, cool that u pointed that out cause when I think of it now, he just looks like a Blonde version of Lee junki... ..

AtelierGal said...

I think it's available at SaSa & John Little

Blovet Beauty said...

ohh u are right. I actually found the concealor at PS john little!! i tot the packaging was ugly so i was a little hesitant to buy it:P

Dee said...

I like the eye makeup on you more, lol. This is his most SHOCKING transformation yet! I was sad that JaeJoong dyed his hair blood, and now JiYong too? O_O I'm in shock, lol.

Blovet Beauty said...

HAHAHA... I like being shocked! keeps us on our toes... Its so surprising that they carry the blonde hair pretty nicely....

I think I'm being influenced to dye my hair really light too!! hahaha