Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hime Gyaru and Gothic Lolita Inspired Makeup Part 1

Here’s a collection of some makeup looks that I have been storing for the longest time. I was pretty much inspired by Hime Gyaru &  Gothic Lolita Looks…

Hime Gyaru with fake bottom lashes:

IMG_7508 IMG_7510 IMG_7519   


Gothic Lolita Black Eyes:

IMG_8272  IMG_8258


IMG_8247 IMG_8255 IMG_8256

Stuff I used for this Gothic ETOD – Castledew palette ( isn’t the black intense?), Doll Eyes Mascara NYX, Shu Curler, Japanese Brand Lasting Cream Eyeliner(Black)



*I received my Bags from Modhuman ( Etsy) some time ago too….Thought I’d share them with u guys :)


1) 1970s Etienne Aigner SADDLE Handbag

I could put so many things into this smaller bag and the color was a  Gorgeous Dark Dirty Maroon… Unfortunately for me, the strap tores a little. I informed the seller and they gave me such a prompt refund and even allowed me to keep the bag as a collectors item. Such EXCELLENT AFTER SALES SERVICES.

Love u  Mod Human.

My only problem now is where in the world do I go to fix the torn strap??? arghh…


IMG_7818 IMG_7810


2) Vintage 1970s Jane Birkin TOILETTE CASE


I intend to use this bags as a home decoration piece cause it looks my doctor bag , has such a solid base and structure… looks so stunning with some flowers …. Oh la la , can’t wait….



Finally, pardon my weird ass toes, 10 years of ballet deformed them…My new sandals from Far East!


I hope u all have a fantastic weekend and I would like to thank Zoe for her awards and K for tagging me… Been a bit busy so I thought I would post this entry first… Below is a list of entries I have in store for the next week or so :


-  Hime Gyaru Inspired Makeup Part 2

-Wide Eye Ulzzang EOTD

-Castledew White Chiffon Base Review

-Clear Skin

Ok, u guys have fun & bye bye **



Zoe said...

Wow , u look so pretty with the Hime Gyaru look and I love ur Gothic Lolita eyes...so sexy~
Ur bag looks so beautiful and classy, ur sandals are so cute..
Hey , u should do more ETODs ..requesting a lovely pink one^^...

AtelierGal said...

The Gothic look is really pretty! I'd probably end up looking like a panda lol

purple snowflake said...

Hey like this look. I did a similar one, but with blue colour instead =D

Blair said...

Woot, nice new bags!!! And your yellow sandals gets another woot from me!

How do you do it? I'll look like someone punched me if I do your Gothic Loli eyes lol

Dee said...

The bag looks cute! I love the Hime look! You look very innocent and cute and the gothic lolita makes you look so sultry~!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey sweeties... thanks for all ur sweet comments on the gothic eyes,bags and shoes :-) u bellas are really encouraging!

A general reply to how I did the Gothic look:

I concealed my under eyes like mad. I used the cream eyeliner as a base for the black eyeshadow and than gently blended out the harsh lines... also, castledew diacut palette has a nice amount of shimmer in their shadows,which helps the eyes pop more... if that even makes sense... hahaha
I kinda tight lined with cream liner as well...

I love doing "black eyes"!!

Sush said...

Love the black lolita look. Cute layout too Following you! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

hi sush, thks :)

La coruna said...

beutifullll....gothic lolita seem like sweet gothic for me:)
i like your eyes ...so sparkly...^-^

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks dear! i like the sparkle alot toO!

Purple Strawberry ♥ said...

I love the intense glittery black eyeshadow on you! haha it's not an everyday look but it's a fun look for going out at night =D The Aigner bag looks great but too bad for the torn strap..how bad is it? Can you stitch it back or repair it in any way?

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey missy! the strap is pretty torn . I haven't thought about stitching it back before but now that u mentioned it, I think I'm going to give it a shot!!THhks sweets

Ahleessa said...

The smokey eyes look great on you! You can pull it off well!!! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks sweetie :))i would have liked it to be even more gothic!