Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Korean Skin Care Secrets

* I am in no way a Skin Care Expert.
I’m simply sharing what I know from a variety of reliable sources. It helps to have friends who have stayed or visited Korea and have shared with me their personal observations of their way of life. Also internet sources for this topic are pretty limited, thus I had to rely more on word of mouth, Korean dramas , general reading etc.
Choi Ji Woo & Lee Hyori have great skin. They are renown for their beauty and have made Korean beauties skin care highly sought after  :-)
Choi_Ji_Woochoi-ji-woo-90224001   Lee Hyori Isa Knox3 lee_hyori1

I sincerely hope this entry is going to benefit people with different skin condition in one way or another.

Whitening may seem very superficial to many people esp. to Sun Worshippers but the long term benefits are undeniable.
As we age our skin metabolism aka turnover rate slows down. We shed dead cells less frequently and as such the skin starts looking dull due to cell build up. A dull complexion or problem skin is most likely due to the build up or accumulation of skin cells, dirt, or the use of ineffective skin care products.
As such procedures such as chemical peels, lasers and dermabrasion have become very popular to assist in resurfacing skin to reveal “new” skin which yields positive results such as reducing acne breakouts and lightening pigmentation spots .
A good whitening range helps to increase CELL TURNOVER . Exfoliation also gives the same type of results. Only difference is that over the counter exfoliation products are more gentle than all the derm procedures.
Whitening helps to even out skin tone by removing dead skin cells and working on pigmented areas. However, Brown spots and pigmentation require continual use ( 3 months and above) of good whitening products. Being diligent should yield visible results in 3 months and if you don’t see any evening out of skin tone or lightening of spots, ur skin care might not be as effective OR you need to apply sunblock more frequently and avoid the sun even more.
Recommended Whitening Product Range:
Clarins. Elizabeth Arden.DHC.Shiseido. CD. P&J has been getting rave reviews on their whitening serum.. 

I am not going to go into scientific detail for the detrimental effects of sunlight on the skin. There are tons of websites that supply high quality info on that.
Basically, just watching National Geographic is enough for me to see the undesirable effect of the Sun on skin quality. Just look at a farmer’s face who is exposed to constant sun light versus an office worker who is shielded away from the sun’s rays in his cubicle.  
lHave you seen atheletes who’ve spent hour after hour in the the sun, at age 40? They may have great physiques but their faces are pretty crinkly and show visible signs of sun damage. Their once sun kissed youthful skin is youthful no more….
Whatever regime you may be on, you should know that SUNBLOCK is your friend. It is a fact that our skin needs some sun for VIT D but in our tropical climate, sunlight is in total abundance and thus a greater need to protect our precious skin. 
With all that whitening action going on at night, protection against harmful rays is critical. Do not undo all the effects of a  whitening skin care range by missing out on sunblock in the day. Be it rain or shine, sunblock is going to be our weapon against harmful rays which causes premature aging, brown spots, freckles,wrinkles and other skin aliments.
Dr Secrets.Yamano.Shiseido. Clinique. Biotherm
Korean women swear by it. Facial massage is a must to maintaining porcelain looking skin. Watch the video if you have no idea how its done. I was told that they do facials massage with their hands as well and its pretty “vigorous”….
In general,  the scrapping action helps to stimulate blood circulation in the lower layers of the skin. When your blood circulation is at its optimum, it shows on the face.
Lately,Japanese  facial massaging devices have been exploding all over the market. You Tuber Beauty QQ shows us the benefits of this method using a jade facial massager( she’s a blast to watch, even though I dun understand100%) :
Personally though, I would only allow such vigorous massage to be done on my skin if it was starting to show signs of sagging. I would refrain from frequent facial massage, especially for problem skin types and young skin.

You and I can’t run away from the simple fact that BB Creams give pretty good coverage. It’s almost like a liquid foundation in my opinion, just that it supposedly has  “ skin healing” properties.I know some people attribute their clear skin to BB creams and its fantastic that they have found what works for them but there will be those few, like myself, who get cystic acne with BB Creams.
BB creams and foundations probably enhance the skin by making it appear more radiant and healthy .
Not every Korean woman has flawless skin and that goes for just about any country.  Makeup is always used for that poreless, porcelain look. Makeup works wonders and they have pretty darn good makeup artists too. Their Korean Drama Actors always have a thick slab of foundation/BB cream on their face, so its best not to be fooled and to know that even the beautiful use makeup to attain that flawless glowing skin.
Since I don’t even use BB Creams ( give me cystic acne), I can’t make any recommendations. Although I’ve read about popular ones such as skin food and missha…
Watched any Korean drama lately? In the past I probably watched every Korean serial there was and it was pretty evident that they love their facial mask. The drier climate in Korea allows them to use all sorts of moisturizing creams and masks.
I would exercise a little more caution on this point because excessively moisturising mask can cause outbreaks, bumps or do nothing but leave a temporary shine on the face. Once more, a tropical climate like Singapore would most likely provide more than enough moisture than we would like… Places like Korea with the different seasons and drier climate would require frequent moisturisation or moisture replenishment for non flaky,dewy,  radiant skin .
For the hot tropics, I would say Fruit , Yogurt and clay mask would be safer bets for our naturally “oiler” skin. They contain AHAs that assist with exfoliation and assist in revealing younger looking skin.
Recommended Facial Masks:
Koreans eat hell of  alot of vegetables. Just follow this link to check out Koreans Favourite Food:
Kimchi and all that veg and protein and healthy looking stuff! My mom and hubby visited Korea some time ago and told me the food is freaking fresh! The Koreans love their preserved veg & high quality meats &  it shows!!
Our diet is probably a big factor in what our skin is looking like. I would like  to say that eating chocolate and sweets won’t affect your skin quality but it does. I’ve given up to this point already and I’m a bit more lucky cause I love my veggies..
Finer Points:
*Use outward & upwards strokes when washing your face
* Be gentle when applying makeup. Do not tug at the skin or you risk wrinkles
* I don’t believe in Sauna for beautiful skin. IMHO, saunas do more long term damage to the skin. The intense heat may open up the pores and to some extent “ CLEAN” the pores but I can’t imagine what frequent opening of the pores will do to the size of it. Excessive heat ages the skin faster and as such get into the habit of using normal water temperature to wash the face and using cold water to rinse.
Facial places usually steam open your pores before they extract all the nasty stuff. If you have a reliable facial lady who knows what she is doing, than steaming ur face in that sorta situation is fine by me…
If you were wondering, I don’t use Korean Skin Care products cause it doesn’t suit my skin type. But I am quite a fan of Korean Makeup. Its pretty GOOD!
Okie, if u happen to know any other secrets of Korean women,do share !
Gd luck in the eternal quest for clear radiant Korean Looking Skin!


CHEECHUN™ said...

Great post. With me being half korean, my mom's always telling me to try this and try that, do this and do that!

Blair said...

I love how you look in your blue contacts!!! And you don't look vampire-ish at all!

Hunny, what Korean makeup do you have?

I love veggies too, but I love my junk food, sweets and chocs equally as much or even more hahaha

I adore masking!!! Right now, I'm now looking for an affordable and effective brand. I haven't taken the plunge into My Beauty Diary masks because I heard that some of them causes blemishes =( Which ones do you usually use?

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Chee, hahaha I think I forgot to mention how HARDWORKING the Korean Women are when it comes to SKINCARE.I like to believe that Good skin is for the hardworking :-)

Well Blair, high 5 to VEGGIES! I like my cucumbers, cabbages and long beans! hahaha
I have some face shop( great quality @ low prices) , skin food cosmetics, Etude house ( loving this more and more),VOV, MISSHA(their shop opened and closed in spore and retails only in selected pharmacies now),hanskin(hate their bb cream hahaha).

Face mask I use and love are mainly from OLAY. Affordable and moisturising and no break out! I tried some random face shop mask too, not too bad :)

Blair said...

I'm very into whitening sheet masks. I'll try anything with the word whitening in it hahaha

Ahhh, I love cabbage too! Not so much long beans and cucumbers =( I prefer those leafy veggies =)

I don't have many Korean stuff.. but since you like them so much, I'm going to give them a try!

AtelierGal said...

I have quite a number of Korean skincare products, they are formulated for Asian skin, you see. Of course, you gotta choose wisely, those that are suitable for your skin type.

Yumeko said...

wow this is a long post and interesting
so detailed! thank you!

Dee said...

I'm in love with Korean skin care and beauty. They're actually the ones that got me into skin care. Whitening is hard for me since I tan so easily, I try to stay out of the sun, but even if I am out for only 10 mins, I get about 1-2 shades darker. I know my skin has ton of sun damage already.

Someone once said I looked like a witch when I wore blue contacts, lol. Those contacts look pretty nice on you dear.

Blair said...

Hiya Laney!

As far as I know, Coffret D’or’s shadows are shimmery and sheer =(

I think you’ll get lotsa freebies if you purchase something from them, because the Malaysian SA was showing me the goodies that I’d get if I purchased a palette. I was super tempted after looking at those freebies but I remembered in time that I prefer shadows that are more pigmented (and that I’m saving money for a Lunasol palette ;p)

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey AtelierGal, Yup i totally agree that no matter where the product comes from, its most impt that it'a gotta suit ur skin type!

Yumeko sweetie,glad u found the info interesting! when I was writting I was in a slight fix cause I'm a Singaporean gal writting about korean skin care!! hahaha

Dee Dee, u know that tanned skin types are luckier than fair skinned, as darker skin types are less prone to sunburn :) Do u wear sunblock when u go out?? also, if i dun think u look like a witch with blue lenses but u could try light brown circle len... it would look super exotic on ya!

Hey Blair sweetie, I feel the same way as u when it comes to eyeshadow preference. It's got to highly pigmented and blend-able. Also, Lunasol palettes look so so pretty :-))

Ahleessa said...

I was blog hopping and noticed this post. Unfortunately, a lot of Koreans are blessed with wonderful skin. When I visited Korea long time ago, they really do focus a lot on their skin. I think they care about skin care more than makeup... hehe~

Beauty Mineral said...

Beauty Mineral products ae effective as they contain the nutrition and vitamins.

Blovet Beauty said...

Hi Ahleessa :)
yup. koreans go skin deep & pull out all the stops for their skin. I guess all their hard work really shows :)

sarang said...

hai i have an acne skin prob with oily skin also..any suggest to solve my prob..its ok for me to use the mask that u suggest

Blovetbeauty said...


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Anonymous said...

I hope this really can help me but its actually very detailed and it seems very usef so thank you in advance! i have a lot of acne scars and this rash that i dont know where i got it from and its been there for a long time so will these help with them too?

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bhawna said...

can u please give some vegetarian korean recipes for glowing skin.I have heard about collegen powder is it safe to use and where can i find it in india.

Aldi said...

Thank you sooo much for the post. It's very informative :)

alienajosph23 said...

Korean skin care is...for lack of a better word, intense. If you ever wondered why or how Eastern Asians seem to stay young for so long, skin care can be a big factor. Korean skin care in particular is well known for its range of products as well as potency.

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