Friday, September 18, 2009

CL 2NE1 & Pink Eye!


CL from 2NE1 is my favourite !!

She’s stylish, cute and looks totally great.

She doesn’t have that mainstream pretty girl look but she can look  cute, sexy, tomboyish or ultra modern ….She’s truly versatile and a born performer!

She carries off bold, fun lip colors and her eyes are always carefully lined to accentuate her pretty beady eyes. She looks so cool with that fringe of hers and I adore how she carries off the largest eye wear !

She sings amazing too!http://goodvibe.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/2ne1.jpghttp://21evo.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/12495682262.jpghttp://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7000000/Charismatic-Leader-CL-2ne1-7081244-449-599.jpg




This is my First take on CL’s Makeup LOOK: -

Just plain old black cream eyeliner with urban decay’s matte black to set and heavily coated bottom lashes!


  IMG_9709 IMG_9678



2nd Take :-

Subtly winged out purplish-blue eyeliner:






hehe.. CL has really small eyes and I was trying pretty hard to make my eyes look smaller than it already is.. I still can’t get it squinty small though! As for the nude lip, I’m still trying to find the right mix of products and proper techniques to make it look totally nudey! ( I’ve been seeing alot of reviews for MAC’s SNOB~ looks fab!) I want a lipstick that looks like CL’s in the second picture!!




Zoe sweetie, here’s the pink EOTD u requested for some time ago! I had fun with this look, hope u like it.



IMG_9701IMG_9684IMG_9705   IMG_9702


I’m still working on the final part of my Japan Trip, mainly with Mr ELMO , some Jap Mags  and Japanese inspired hair dos !

Have a great weekend girls!

To all Muslims friends,  SELAMAT HARI RAYA in a few days time :) A time to celebrate !!



amynaree said...

Nice job on the look! I agree she's very modern and chic, I love her hair and her eye wear.

The Pink EOTD is very pretty, kind of reminds me of the ad for Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes!

Blair said...

Yeah, CL kind of has smallish eyes~ I love your pwitty big eyes! ;p How do you make the wing so subtle?

The pink EOTD is very rock!

Dee said...

Pretty look! Love love all the EOTDs sweety<3 The last one is very edgy. You should do these types of looks more, love it.

Shopn'Chomp said...

I love both looks especially the second one...great job!! :)

Beauty Snap said...

Cute!! Love your eyes :)
Hope you do a lot more FOTD/EOTD, you do a nice job and your photos are so adorable.

Sassy J'adore said...

hey girl~
Thanks so much for the lovely birthday greeting. =)

I luv both makeup looks, but esp. the pink combo eye look. Awesome job! ^____^

Zoe said...

I so love CL , I actually love all the members of 2ne1, u did a great job..ur eyes look gorgeous^^
Thanks so much for the pink EOTD, it's really pretty and I love it so much..
by the way, did u hear songs from the new group T-Ara, I think their songs are great too^^

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Amy, thks for the sweet compliments! to be compared to Majo Majo adS!! Oh man, thks sweetheart :)

All it takes is just to use eyeliner pencil to draw the wing area and blended out with eyeshadow Blair sweetie.. its super easy! ur recent FOTD looks great toO!

Hey Dee, I try to do edgier stuff so it's not so boring!! great tat u like it!!!

Thanks Lisa and Beauty Snap.... I will definitely try to do more FOTD/EOTD... Sometimes its a hit and sometimes, it totally sucks! hehee... thanks for the encouragment!

Ms Sassy,THK U!

ZOEE !! I did the look for u so it means tons to me that u like it!!
Thanks to u, I'm watching all of T-Ara videos now!!

With Love, Elle said...

luv how u blend the pink on your EOTD! and nice lashes! i envy your nice lower lashes coz i can never do them, i always get mascara on my skin >.< hope to see more FOTDs! xoxo, elle

eki said...

waa great look!! you are way kawaii than CL! :D but I do heart her hair ;3

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Elle, try putting a card under ur eye, than applying mascara... helps with the smudges! Glad u liked my FOTD :)

Hi Eki, thks for dropping by !! CL has such cute fringe:)

MilknCookiie said...

Yay! I love 2NE1 and I love the fact that you did a tutorial on CL's make up instead of Park Bom. There are already quite a few Park Bom tutorials out there so this is nice for a change. ^^

♥ Milk

Blovet Beauty said...

Milk sweetie... Well, CL is my fav member ! Park Bom makeup is not so much my style so... it's great u enjoyed my version of CL! hehe

FriendzCentury said...

You've created some FABULOUS looks with the pink shades you used.

Blovet Beauty said...

Thanks Friendz!

Luna said...

That's a really lovely Pink look! I can't carry of pink as it makes me look bruised.. lol..