Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dee’s Luv Parcel, Tag&Award & My Cute lil’ Necklace!


Hey Sweet peas, I’ve been in an exceptionally good mood these past few days cause I’ve received my very first swap aka love package from Dee and got an award!

Throughout this fun and relaxing swap,  Dee and I would yack online about cosmetics and stuff , send emails and we really got to know each other! Dee is amazing and sweet and we have such similar taste in cosmetics and her parcel really made me happy as hell!! Just look at me smiling like a monkey!


Ohh… when I opened the box….

IMG_0215  I savored every minute of this!


TADA !! This girl has gotten me so much stuff! THANKS DEE!!



Individual items:

I was so happy to recieve the stuff that I was busy playing with these goodies the whole night!!

*Revlon Creme Eyeshadow and Nails! love Revlon creme eyeshadow so so much… it’s totally amazing as an eyeshadow base!!

IMG_0258 IMG_0266

She threw in some jesse’s girl shimmer pigments!! SO CUTE!


And this was the sweetest gift, cause Dee wrote me a darling note explaining how these specs she spotted in the mall, reminded her of me!! *aww…*  :>


She threw in her HIP cream eyeshadow paint cause I so desperately wanted to try their stuff and was considerate enough to sanitize it! thks Dee.. we germaphobes think alike!


These Loreal HIP DUOs are so pigmented, it’s not funny!! I luv luv  luv them!



I love cover girl so so much but they left Singapore shores a long time ago… I remember my first Cover Girl palette at 14 … it looked exactly the same…. 225 berries and cream


This darlings, is my new HG mascara… Maybelline will be chucked aside for now. Cover Girl lash Blast mascara is so so good. My lashes look thick, black and long with just 2 coats, its unbelievable… very little smudging too.. As u can tell, I’m in love!!


Can’t wait to try this out Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer. Dee raved about this and I can’t resist a good antioxidant moisturizer!


Totally unexpected, she got me physicians formula (PF)  in baked sands… OOOhhh lala … amazing browns and it can be used wet too…. oh my…



I’m still going gaga over the items and so is my Mom-in-law! hahahaha


Here’s 2 eye looks I’ve done with the items above.. it’s just to show you how great brands like Covergirl, Physicians Formula, Loreal and Revlon can be!

* No brush was used at all to blend these colors on my eyes.Just my fingers

*The blue light in my room has washed out alot of the color.. Sigh, the colors looked absolutely beautiful in the mirror to me… I’m going to do something about my idiotic blue room.



In the day, I dun have to rely on my yucky blue light, so using revlon cream eyeshadow, loreal  hip paint, covergirl white E\S and Jesses Girl Shimmer Pigments and coastal scents glitter, here’s an EOTD:




Dee, I’m gonna send u more stuff that u wana try! *muacks*

I was tagged by the petite and charming amynaree to invite you guys over for a virtual dinner party. I’m  a lazy person when it comes to cooking but I like to have fingerfood like cupcakes, muffins and sweet yummy delicious colorful bites around!


If you were going to allow us to spend a night at your home, we'd like to know the following:

1. What books are on your favorite shelf?
Books… hmm…the few I treasure are from Marion Zimmer Bradley(her books are the best things next to beauty magazines!), Robin Hobb , Tolkien, J. R. R. , Anne Rice, David Eddings & Naruto\NaNa Manga

2. What DVDs are on your favorite shelf?
I don’t buy DVDs

3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?
Any cookbook from woman’s weekly, especially their dessert cookbooks..divine

4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests.
I would serve a calorie  ridden cheese baked macaroni with sliced chicken and broccoli, leg of lamb with mint sauce and serve a wicked tiramisu for dessert! Only if my mommy helps me !

5. What will we be drinking that's available?
Coke & Iced Coffee & Cold Water & an assortment of soft drinks! I’m a sugar  and caffine addict ~

**Most importantly though, would be to blast my favourite music …  What’s a dinner party without some music?

Hottest Female Blogger Award

*Oh my oh my… I feel like a hot female blogger… la la la yippie!!…. ** hehehe 

Thank U so so so much Amy for being so generous and sharing this award with me :))

I tag these ladies for the virtual dinner party as well as awarding the hottest female blogger  :


Lisa (Shop N' Chomp )


K(Bihada Diaries)




With Love, Elle





Friendz Century


Got this cutie pearl necklace with the cutest lil miss specky at Bugis area today! She’s totally photogenic!



Li’ll Miss Spectacles is shy!



Below are some products that my brother ( a skincare fanatic) has purchased. The Mario Badescu cucumber cleansing lotion and enzyme cleansing gel have only been used a total of 5 times and looks as good as new. Clinique’s anti bacterial toner has never been touched at all, for no reason whatsoever, I heard this was actually really really good for acne from a friend and the OBAGI products have only been used 3 times each. sigh…I would prefer to sell this to people who are already using these products successfully and just want to restock. I’m letting go of all these babies so if u are interested pls email me at:



IMG_0118 IMG_0119



I got a list of entries I’m working on

a) Acne Skin Care Products

b) Fairy Kei & Kawaii Home Accessories

c) Lee Hyori Makeup Look

d) More EOTDs

Take Care Bellas!:)





Zoe said...

Yay..I'll be waiting for the Lee Hyori Makeup look^^
Dee is so sweet to have sent u all those amazing stuff^^I solove the mascara eventhough I only saw it from pictures^^;
Ur Eotds are really so beautiful , u always do such pretty EOTds ..love em~
The necklace looks soooooo cute^^
Thanks for the award hun..*

Blovet Beauty said...

yea.. i'm so lucky to have Dee as my swap buddy. I'm going to try to spoil her silly with my next parcel to her... I love Ms necklace too.. I saw her and just had to buy her.. I was like " oh my shes so cute, oh my, too cuteeeee.." hahaha

...SimMiChikO said...

holy smokes what a gift!! : )

Dee said...

Can you save me those Mario Badescu items? I'd love to buy those. I've been wanting to try out MB for a while and never had the chance. Plus, I'm starting to break out on my forehead - I think its my diet, lol.

OMG, such a cute necklace! Way cuter than anything I could find here! HAH! That last EOTD looks hot! I would so wear something like for clubbing! I'm so happy that your parcel arrived safely and that you enjoyed the items I sent you! I can't wait until you birthday arrives so I can send you more stuff! <3

Blovet Beauty said...

hehehe Simmichiko.. Dee's amazing!! she's a mind reader when it comes to knowing what people want!!hahaha

Dee Sweetie, no problem, i'll reserve both MB items for u. i've even gotten the hair curler stuff for u already!I think u'll rock that EOTD look !!
I'm working on a header with Ms specky in it cause she's too damn cute! Arghghhh... dee I don't want to grow older but I want to get more stuff from U! I am a greedy monster and u are like Ms Santa to me!!

amynaree said...

I love your new banner and layout, its soooo cute!!!

Swapping is so much fun, you get to try great products plus get to know people better ^ ^ We should swap some time in the future (lol i'm such a swapaholic)

I love CG Lash Blast and the Revlon Creme Shadows, they are both awesome. You should try CG Lash Blast Luxe it's my fav too, it's the same thing as Lash Blast but it has hints of shimmer (for when you feel a little glam!)

Your dinner party menu sounds yummy, i'll be over in a heart beat!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Your lil miss specky necklace is adorable, Lane! I see you have changed your banner to include it. super cute! *^_^* Thank you for the awesome award, sweets! Oh, and I am totes going over there for mac and cheese and tiramisu! :) I totally love that big smile on your face! That is one awesome swap/love pack you received! Your EOTDs are gorgeous!

Dee said...

Who can resist a love parcels right? HAHAHAHA. You should give me chance to design something for you babes. I haven't touched photoshop since I've made my layout for my PS site. I would to make something for you<3

I don't want to grow older either. I hate it when people ask me for my age, ha! Sucks we're so far apart. I'd shop with you everyday, lol.

Beauty Snap said...

Aw love your love pack :D
I like your new necklace, I see you used it for your banner. It's so cute!
And keep the EOTDs coming, I love them too!!

AtelierGal said...

Aah! I've been lemming for the Revlon & Loreal eyeshadows too! *envies*

I wanted to get MB strawberry peel sometime back, but it smells bad. Not sure if it's because opened too long in the store, or its just like that lol~

I actually got another survey meant to post it up today but will do yours first or maybe post up both? Wait & See~

With Love, Elle said...

oo what a great swap! i can feel your excitement even tho we're miles away! tee hee!
i luv ur day EOTD wif the gold glitters, u have luvly eyes! aw u like fantasy books eh? me too!
congrats on ya award, u r truly hottest! thz for passing it! xoxo elle

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for the tag! :) I'm really loving your second EOTD with the Jesse's Girl pigments. It's so gorgeous and you got a great package! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Oh my AMy, I can just imagine us chomping on a leg of lamb and yacking about the latest cosmetics must haves!! woo HOO! Yes, we should do a swap sometime in the future :)

LISA!! Thanks sweetie! u deserve those awards and that monkey smile is something ppl dun see often on me!

Yes Dee.. didn't want to bug U to design my header cause u got school and all :)
I was reading ur honey and nutmeg thingy and I'm very intrigued. I'm going to try this on my post acne marks and update u on it Miss Dee... U'd be a great shopping buddy!!

Hey MIKA! she's so cute right.. i like cute things, they make me happy

AtelierGal the loreal and revlon items are amazing !!! they really live up to the hype!!!
can't wait to read ur tag!

Elle! U can feel my excitment too!! hahhaah I would have failed if u couldn't! I love fantasy books, it's the only type of books I read.I also read alot of health books.. so reading a book for me is quite rare cause I can't find a fantasy book that really gets me glued to it for days anymore..

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Ahleessa, I think so too! Dee is great! enjoy ur tag and award

adin_22 said...

wow nice swap package.......and BTW>>>I think I'm too late but u got some tag& award from me...

Blair said...

What a nice package from Dee! Those Cover Girl stuff looks amazing!!

And your new header is adorable! *squeals*

I've never seen anyone using blue light... How is it like? My room has yellow light which I hate, it makes my room looks dark and gloomy :(

Blovet Beauty said...

Hi adin, it's never too late & thanks!

Blair!! Squeals along!! U like my amateurish header... Blue light is only good cause it reminds me of the sky and i've had yellow light in my own room b4, it's good for sleeping but it can be dark!! hahaha

Alex said...

you! wow that glittery golden eye make up is sooo pretty!

so much stuffs!!! my eyeball is all over the place... lol

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks Alex :)

Tina Marie said...

Oh wow you have so many great stuff. I love all the eyeshadows! Have fun with them. (:

FriendzCentury said...

Your necklace is ever so adorable.
Thanks for the tag I look forward to coming over and trying out your leg of lamb and some Fabulous tiramisu.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

You always do the best post :) very interesting!!!
You're so lucky those gifts are very nice!!! and the necklace is so cute!!! :)

Dee said...

Hey Laney!
I just read your comment. I use it mainly for scars, but if you have acne, you can add a little of cinnamon to the mix and that should help with swelling and redness a bit. (:

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks Frenz!! I can't wait for ur party menu too!

Hey Ena, she's super adorable, but ur little pork bun wins is even cuter!

Hey Dee!! I bought some nutmeg at the supermarket. Can't wait to try it out!!

sesame said...

I hope I'm not late for dinner! Supper can too! ;) Thanks for the hot female award.

The necklace is SOOOOO CUTE! I likey! And I'm definitely looking forward to your Lee Hyori Makeup look!