Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JAPAN September ‘09 Part 1* Men* & AWARDS

oh gawd.

I’ve been away for a week now and I’m really missing all ur blogs.

I feel like a major laggard cause I’ve been wanting to change my blog skin, music, pictures, had several requests for looks and skin care( yet to post the skincare entry), had several strange request(which I am ignoring) and best of all, received awards ( thank U beauties – DEE & ZOE) & complements.


From the sassy & charming Dee Sweetie:


From the stylish & creative Zoe Baby:


Breathe… Breathe…. Okay, I’ve got so much to tell  u guys about JAPAN and SKINCARE and JAPANESE MEN and errr… JAPANESE COSMETICS!!!! hehehe… my brain had a major sensory overload during my 2nd trip to Japan :))

Damn… This 5 day vacation has really slowed me down, in a good way. I had only 2 days of internet( 2.5 hours in total) and my computer totally died on me after that… I walked, shopped, ate and people watch.

It got hectic at times cause of the noise and people but we got away and managed to recuperate at the temples or sit at pretty cafes to people watch.

I’ll try to be as organized as I can with this entry cause my mind is still somewhere in Harajuku and Shibuya and I’m finding it very hard to come up with an organised way of describing my trip:





I watched this on the plane and really regretted not being able to watch it on big screen. Lead actor Yôsuke Eguchi is a real hunky dory and a darn good actor! Having studied Japanese History , I  felt like I was getting a samurai based, fantasy infused, action packed light refresher course ! Alot of critics argue that this film is based very loosely on historical events but who cares, I loved the prettiness and the outfits and the actors!


Now, I want to watch Casshern cause it was the same director who worked on GOEMON :


AND KAMUI GAIDEN which stars MR L !


Now why am I talking about Japanese men so much? Cause they really were the highlight of my trip.

I award Japanese Men with :

1. Best Dressers & Most Fashionable

( more so than the uber handsome and stylish German men, jap guys can carry off just about anything)

2. Best Groomed

(their goatees are impeccable and they look so well kept )

3. Most Slim and Slender

(their small frame and height make them the perfect candidate for skinny jeans /baggy stuff/polished work attire/grunge apparal)

Here are some shots I  tried so hard to take. Alot ended up being blur and I only managed to catch their back or side view.. I think some of them even caught me taking their pics  but who cares, they’ll never see me again and besides I really admire their sense of fashion and their style !! Japanese men are gorgeous and truly resemble those manga and anime characters… …

  IMG_9006 IMG_9246 IMG_9180 IMG_9094 IMG_9247IMG_9256IMG_8901IMG_8924

    There were plenty more stylish cool dudes, u have to see it to know what I mean!!!

Anyways, here’s an overview of a majority of  the cosmetics /skincare/hair stuff /wallets that I bought -


My haul is pretty modest cause i spent 1\2 of my budget on home accessories from THE LOFT( AMAZING!!) & FRANC FRANC !

I didn’t buy much cosmetics but invested in more skincare items instead. I was also thinking of buying a coffret dor( very lovely and nicely pigmented colors) or a lunasol palette but decided to keep that money and got clothes instead… I’m on a tight budget… besides I was driving my little sister crazy cause I was obsessed with


Matsumoto Kiyoshi    IMG_8758

Ok. I still have photos to sort and will do a detailed breakdown of  the girly stuff I bought. For now I am in love with Super Mild Shampoo by Shiseido.This shampoo feels creamy not oily on my hair. It doesn’t leave any oily residue and I don’t even have to use conditioner cause it makes my hair super soft and smooth. This shampoo has replaced my Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo (Tsubaki formula although moistuising makes my hair a little oily and gives me small zits on my hairline) .

My biggest regret was not buying 10 bottles and lugging it back. ITS the most amazing shampoo I have used in a long long long while. If any of you guys know where I can find this Singapore, pls let me know, otherwise I am going to beg a JAPANESE SWEETHEART to ship it to me ( i will pay for this stuff willingly!!) … I love this shampoo too much now!!



okay, I gotta sleep now.. super tired and I’ll be back soon with part 2 detailing my haul :)




Dee said...

Sounds like you had a blast babe! I see Lavshuca palettes! LOL. Is that Pu-1? I think you'd look beautiful in those colors hun<3 I'm sure you can buy Lunasol another time love. I'd save and buy clothes instead too! haha.

I'm glad you think I'm sassy babe. Now I can tell my BF he's not the only one who thinks that, hah! Talk to you soon! *hugs*

Dee said...
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Dee said...

Ok, my comment got messed up, lol. I said...

I've watched Casshern and it was that great considering the hype it got. I did specifically like one scene, but that's towards the end, haha. Its very futuristic. (:

AtelierGal said...

Looks like you had a good time! Why is there a green color Elmo? O.O

Hope to try that shampoo someday, I'm using Tsubaki too.

Could you not auto-start the music player? Thanks!

Blovet Beauty said...

Sassy Dee,I got PU2 and BR 2. I like that their palettes are pigmented and really lovely to look at. one coffret dor can get me 2 lavshuca palettes! hahaha... Dee, please recommend more Japanese movies to me.. I really love to watch these films, it's just that I never knew about them!!

Atlier Miss, my sis and I bought all yellow, green, red and blue elmo even..when u press their stomach,they bite! hahaha...

Blair said...

You went gaga for Lavshuca!!! I'm waiting for mine in the mail, my friend got me BU-1 heheee~

Lovely haul, I can't wait to see them in detail!!

And I'm glad that you are back! Missed you loads heheee~ XD

I can only review the Super Sharp Liner; my mummy took the lippie while the e/s palette is for a friend :)

Blovet Beauty said...

HAHAHAHA ! yes I did Blair sweetie!

I missed u TOO!

K said...

Glad you are having fun! Let me know if you need me to ship the shampoo to you! (but beware, shipping from Japan is expensive!!)

Alex said...

I was going like dadadadadadadada through your post! I can feel the excitment man, haha probably your sister will understand you better when she gets older.

And althought I'm not 100% sure, have you try looking through the 2 mini japanese drugstore located in the basement of takashimaya and Isetan Shaw house? They carry a majority of japanese drugstore good, but not sure if they carry the shampoo you wanted.

Alex =)

Blovet Beauty said...

hahaha... K, u are my savior!!! hmm... I checked out some websites for this shampoo and the price was like twice of what I paid for in Japan. Do you know roughly how much it would cost for a bottle to be shipped to Singapore sweetiee??

Blovet Beauty said...

hey alex, thanks for shaw house.. K mentioned that the shipping from japan is expensive and as much as possible I'm going to try to find it from Singapore! thks babes!

Zoe said...

The post about the award to Japanese men made me really laugh, u r so funny ^^;esp:Most slim and slender completely opposite Korean men,lol**

Ur haul looks amazing ..ha ha ha, I wish I could go to Japan one day soon T T

Love ur last picture with ur sister , u 2 look so cute^^

Will be looking forward ur next post: Japanese Men Part 2 ^^

Blair said...

EPL has a bit of good looking guys! I was a bigger fan previously, now I'm in a 'normal fan' category hahaa~

The Lunasol palettes that you chose are gorgeous!

And please review those Lavshuca palettes!

Dee said...

I watch Korean movies more than Japanese. Though if you want, I can make a list for you from both countries. Would you like that?

Haha, that's why I'm liking Lavshuca. I was about to buy coffret d'or then when I saw the prices for Lavshuca, I decided I'm going to buy some of those instead, lol. I'm trying to get my hands on the LE Maquillage palette, so I'm saving up! (:

Shopn'Chomp said...

Love that last pic...so cute! =) I'll need to be on the lookout for that shampoo!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Zoe Sweetie... I can't wait to show u some scans from a jap men's magazine cause the pictures there are much clearer and its easy to see just how fashionable they are!
I thought Korean men were very slim and slender?? hehehe all i think about is G Dragon and Rain!!!

Blair sweetie, hehe,all I can do now is lust over those lunasol palettes cause I'm putting myself on a 2 months no buy which started on 14 september !! I'll review the lavshuca palettes happily:)

Dee sweetie! Could u make a list of great shows. I really dun mind watching either Korean or Japanese!! Thks for recommending lavshuca, it really is a pretty palette:)

Hey Lisa, try the shampoo and if u do, let me know if u love it !!


congrats on the awards!

i loveee japan. you have to miss a place like that! so lucky you got to go there!!!
and yes, i agree with all your points on japanese men! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

thanks Chai~ yea, I was super excited to be in japan ... the land of the bold and beautiful and super uber fashionable... my sister who used to be a dedicated Korean boy lover is now a covert too! shes in love with Jap guys too!hahaha

Dee said...

Sweet! I'll be sure to make a list for you soon dear! I have tons to recommend!<3 And no prob! i knew you would like Lavshuca!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hi hun, hope u like your vit B12 cream! =)

Blovet Beauty said...

Dee, *Awww* I could hug u so tight right now!

Yea Lisa, I hope the b12 cream is gonna smoothen my neck lines too! hahaha

sesame said...

Hey lucky girl! What a nice haul. Everything looks so exciting! Yeah, Japanese men are cute and my all-time favorite is Takuya Kimura!

And you have such nice skin! *envy*

e.motion in motion said...

Aweesomee I wish I could go to Japan xD I wanna watch that movie now! I liked Shinobi heart under blade and this reminds me of it =) Sounds good!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Sesame sweetie!! Takuya is so COOL!!! I love him too.. thks for ur sweet compliment!

Hey Erynn, I enjoyed SHinobi heart under blade too.. it was fun!
I just finished watching SKY OF LOVE... oh gawd.. it was so good , although predictable.. it was heart ranching and I was sob sob sob towards the end...