Wednesday, September 16, 2009




The Frivolous



The Hair

I got these rollers instead of the strawberry ones… cause it looked so pink and besides I can get the strawberry ones in S’pore. I love these rollers, super easy to use, cute pink color and very comfy on the head!!

Oh and that’s a blue comb for my dry and frizzy hair :P It doesn’t really work that well :(





I am obsessed with bows, ribbons and cool looking hair bands. OMG… My mom, sis and I discovered so much wonderful stuff and too many ultra cool and super cute shops at HARAJUKU!


When I look back on my trip, I think I enjoyed shopping immensely at  Harajuku, Daikanyama and Nakameguro!



Blair’s Sweets Sweets Palette, Sana concealor, Urban Decay (…etc etc…



I LOVE U ELMO. U are my perfect model:)


I’m actually a big fan of CAREBEARS and ELMO cause they remind me of my childhood and I used to watch carebear every single day. I resemble grumpy bear in the mornings… muahahah! 

Sana concealor( Light Beige)  takes some getting used to. I experienced no nasty reactions whatsoever and it was really smooth upon application. Only thing is that u have to apply it really really fast or it looks patchy when it dries. It has a very smooth , almost base like finish and I wasn’t used to how it felt. However, I like the coverage, it’s natural looking.



Thanks to Dee for getting me addicted to these Lavshuca palettes! They look so pretty and the color payoff is so sweet !! I’ll do some looks with these palettes too! I got GN1(for Dee!), BR2 and PU2.


I saw Urban Decay in THE LOFT but I didn’t see the book of shadows!! Since I am always on the look out for an excellent Black Eyeshadow, I just had to get this matte black color from urban decay. I forgot the name.  Isn’t the packaging cool?!


IMG_9402 IMG_9411

I grabbed their eyebrow pencil(Brilliant Blonde) which came with a wax sealant on one end. It’s a little too light for me but the eyebrow pencil applies really smoothly. The wax portion isn’t something for everyday use, maybe only during sweaty events. Be careful with this wax sealant, once it’s on , it’s on… …


  IMG_8973  IMG_8974

IMG_8976 IMG_8975

Bottom False Eyelashes. These are a perfect length for my eyes and have an invisible band! yippie!




I’m gunning for Ray Bans Glasses when I’ve saved enough . Meanwhile, I found these at UENO and loved them to bits! My mommy has one too, in black. Only thing I don’t like about this is that the lenses suck, so I’ve got to change them!


Got a candy doll lip eraser and NYX Black Label Lipstick in Nude. I like the color so much but it  looks so awful with my dry lips. I guess I really have to exfoliate my lips, apply lip balm, lip eraser and than this nude lipstick can sit nicely …




Pardon the color of this picture, the lighting in my room is currently : BLUE. Yup, my hubby fixed a blue light while I was in Japan. He says it will turn white.  hmm…  Oh , it was his birthday just a few days ago , so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN BABY, I know u read my blog too! hehe


Hehe… I went crazy for DHC but I had to control myself. My sister was on the verge of killing me cause all I did was “OOhh” and “AAAhhh” at all the drugstores…. I’m sorry.. A makeup and skincare addict will always be a pain in the ass in JAPAN!


Bought this SANA Face Soap. I really like this range so I thought I would try this. Haven’t seen this in Watson or maybe I’m just blind. I do intend to try SANA  UV base in future too!

Yea,  I think alot of people have given rave reviews for DHC ACEROLA LOTION. Should be really good. Thinking of giving this to my brother to use. Yes, I have a handsome, single, younger brother:P

 IMG_9353 I had to get myself a Vitacreme B12! ENA has done an awesome review on this…

IMG_9356 I am dedicated to finding a cheaper , higher quality Sunblock, cause Dr Secrets is kinda expensive for such a small bottle! I’ll be testing DHC and Ettusais as u can see !



I love my SANA OIL CLEANSER, but this bottle was pretty cheap and I liked the color of it! hahaha… I will update on HIPITCH Deep Cleansing ( A VERY SILLY NAME for an oil remover!)


PICTURES in Matsumoto Kiyoshi

If this chain ever comes to Singapore, I will give all my credit  cards to my hubby for safe keeping… serious  ><

Cosmetics Galore

Japanese Lippies!!! YUMMY!


My Favourite LIQUID Eyeliner Brand: EXCEL!

 IMG_8734 IMG_8733IMG_8732

COFFRET D’OR & Shiseido Maquillage


Saw MAX FACTOR there… but didn’t buy anything… Although I did like their foundations a long time ago and I absolutely hate their mascaras, cause it makes my lashes look clumpy, short and droopy!! No no no!


Shampoo Galore



I was mighty ambitious and wanted to squeeze in pages from some of my favourite Japanese Magazines, but this post is so long already… and I feel like I’ve been writting 4ever.

I really love SHEL’TTER for the street fashion( its so cool), popteen(great makeup tutorials) and JACK STREET( cool men’s style!).. I think I will save pictures from these magazines and more for the next post.




IMG_9561 IMG_9463

Excuse the messy Hotel Room….

IMG_9298 Untitled-1 copy


AtelierGal said...

The Elmos are so kawaii!!! What do you mean they bite?

Blair said...

I'm ooohing and aaahing over your post! I seriously don't know which part to comment hahaa~

I gave my strawberry sponge curlers to my mummy, they did nothing for me :(

You have great taste in headbands! I love them all!

I used to love watching Care Bears too but I don't think I understood what was going on, I was too young hahaa

I want me some Lavshuca and Urban Decay too! *envious* heheee

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr Blovet Beauty!

Please review Vitacreme B12? I kept seeing it around the blogosphere!

Matsukiyo = heaven! Love the pics!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

i know~! if u press their stomach, their mouths open!

Blovet Beauty said...

Blair!! hahaha u tickle me... I know I know I know.. I think when u do step into Matsumoto Kiyoshi load an entire basket or 2 with a heap full of stuff!
I had to exercise a ginormous amt of willpower in there!
U know Blair, I wana review so much stuff too! Thankfully, my skin reacts pretty fast to creams and what not, so I'll know soon if a cream is a keeper or a dumper.
HAHAHAH MR BLOVET BEAUTY!!! GOT to let him hear that!!! muhahaha

With Love, Elle said...

can i hug ur elmo? i promise to giv u bek! ^^ luv the way u put him in the photo, he looks like holding the stuffs for u! oh my, how long did u spend in japan shops? i would so put up a tent there for a week! xoxo elle

Blovet Beauty said...

Blair, I'm sticking to my 2 months no buy and I think all this stuff and Dee's swap is going to tide me through my first ever, makeup diet! hahaha when u are through with ur no buy, do try urban decay and lavshuca, their color payoff is lovely!

Blovet Beauty said...

Elle sweetie, I spent 5 days there but it wasn't enougH! I walked into a Drugstore every day that I was therE!! and ELMO IS SO CUTE!!! My sister and I did an ELMO series of pictures... I will show u guys on the next post.. he is so cute right!!! U can HUG HIM, he's adorable!

La coruna said...

oh my gosh....*wink*
your haul make me so jealous . . . . .

if i see all the kawaii thing
i just want to put them into my basket....lol...

Blovet Beauty said...

well I'm going on a 2 month no buy so i feel like my haul makes up for it!! hehehe Kawaii stuff are so hard to resist!

Dee said...

I can't wait for you to do looks with those palettes! I'm glad you got a lot of stuff before you go on your No-Buy. I think its going to be difficult. You must tell how you get through the temptation, lol. If I could find the nearest Japan Town here, I'd go there everyday, haha. I've been hearing great things about Vitacreme B12 too! And you got Ettusais! I like that brand. I can't wait to read your future reviews!<3333

FriendzCentury said...

Wow, so many goodies shown all in one post, Japan most definitely have THE best drugstores, thanks for sharing all your great pics with us, and I look forward to seeing your looks with the new palettes you've purchased.

CHEECHUN™ said...

Love this haul. So jealous - i wish i could just go to Japan like that but plane tickets are wayyyyyyyyyy to expensive!

Can't wait for the reviews! Maybe i'll ask my relatives there to send me some products!

amynaree said...

awesome haul!! you got so much goodies :) i would totally be like a kid in a candy store shopping in japan, everything looks so good i'll probably end up buying them all and be totally poor!

i'm loving the glasses, they are so chic and i spot dhc acerola! i love their acerola line :)

Yumeko said...

looks like u had tons of fun!!

its odd but it always seems other ppl take way better pictures of japan than me..even though i am from japan and live here XD
i guess i dont know what interests ppl XD

Shopn'Chomp said...

I miss Japan! Your haul is a-mazing, sweetie. :D Carebears and Elmo are adorable...hee hee. Lurve your outfit!! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

hey Dee I agree with u! its gonna be tough with this no-buy but I have too much stuff to play with still!can't wait to review the ettusias and DHC stuff too..:)

Frendz, I totally agree.

Chee, how about the budget airlines? the service is actually pretty good! hehehe.. But Japan isn't cheap, I had to save up for this trip too :)

Hey Amy, yup! Glad u liked my glasses.... I was searching for other products in the acerola line but managed to grab hold of this lotion only... :( other than that, shopping is wicked there!!!

Yumeko sweetie, ur post always have products that leave me in awe! U are really lucky to stay in JAPAN- I would be super broke if I lived there!!

THanks LISA! Elmos and carebears are so dang cute:))

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow this is a huge haul hehe :) your pictures are making me wanting to go back there this second...

Well DOne with all those shopping, so admire you, I just spotted your Sana consealer it's the Crocodile one, I've got the bear one I wonder what's the difference, mine is a yellow gel what about yours?

Blair said...

Did you tell him about the Mr Blovet Beauty thing? What was his response? I don't know his name, so the only thing that I could think of is that hahaa~

Meeep! Wait for my package to arrive first before you get anything from Rimmel!

Fifi said...

oh my. what a great haul. wonder when i can go to japan...
you look so cute in that outfit. i love the stripe shirt!

I used to believe that elmo was my husband. we all love him :)

MilknCookiie said...

Wow what a haul! I envy! I got that Hipitch deep cleansing oil too, I love it. :D I really want to try out the cow brand one, since it was said the be the best one on some website.

Thanks for following btw! Following you back. ^^

★ Cookiie

Blovet Beauty said...

ENA! errr... I actually wanted to get the BEAR ONE but I knew I could actually find it in SaSa over here in Spore... the Crocodile one is a light beige color and seems to give nice natural coverage:) Mr crocodile has a velvety feel to it too...

BLAIR!!! pls dun get me too muCh Stuff!!! I sent out ur little something something today and I hope u are not going to think it's so miserable ><

MR BB was laughed his head off when I told him about his new name. I really wish I could put a picture of him up but he'd flip...

FIFI sweetie, ELMO is hot stuff! :)

HI MilkNcookiie, its so gd to hear that hip ITCH cleansing oil is good.. I've not been let down by those cleansing oils that I've picked up from Japan( shiseido & DHC !)There's a COW brand too??!Pls do a review if u get it!

...SimMiChikO said...

thanks for posting this haul! i'm currently in taiwan for vacay so i'm gonna keep an eye out for some of the stuff you posted! the elmos are soOOOOoOOOOooo adorable...haha! incorporating them into the makeup pix definitely put a smile on my face! : )

MakeupJunkee said...

wow, I am drooling over your entire haul. I wish I got the chance to go to Japan and shop like you do. Great haul.

Beauty Snap said...

Wow amazing!!! I miss Japan now... LOL I was sooo lazy to post all the stuff I bought in Japan.. I still have this huge eco bag full of crap I bought there -_-;
Thanks for posting this.. reminds me to clean out my things. I bought those Lavshuca palettes too!!

Blovet Beauty said...

hey ms makeupjunkee, i'm glad u enjoyed my haul!

hey ms beautysnap - just looking at all the pictures made me real tired!! but i had to sort them out and its such a waste to keep 'em! Lavshuca is really fantastic isn't it!!

eki said...

HI Hun! wow what a haul!! I love supermild too anything shiseido hair products are good! I hope you had great time there :D its about time I go back there too X3

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Eki, Shiseido Hair stuff is really good. japan is Bliss for me :)

may said...

Hey there, I'm wondering if you have done a review on HiPitch Deep Cleansing Oil? How's it yeah? :D

Blovet Beauty said...

i have been using it , very sparingly, cause it is excellent.. has a gingerly scent to it.. excellent stuff

May said...

I see I see.. Thanks alot :)

DarkyBerryish said...

Lovely products and awesome pictures!! *-*