Sunday, September 20, 2009

Japanese Magazine Scans & Mr ELMO & VivaBella Giveaway!


{ Does this giveaway look amazing or what }


Viva Woman is having a September VIVABELLA  GIVEAWAY!! She’s super generous and the items look so cute & amazing!!

Vintage Accessories from Betsy Love, GEO Circle Lense by Asian Fashion City and Cute Earphones Wire Winders from Cotton Candy!

This giveaway is really fun to enter so zip on over to Viva Bella’s Blog!!!






Where’s Elmo? 



Elmo pissing off shop assistant GIANT Pet Lizard!


Elmo running for his life !



Elmo waiting for his Matcha Latte  &  some Japanese Food…. …



Meanwhile Starving Elmo chews grills !


IMG_9239 Greedy Elmo sees & wants my organic Japanese food :D

Overall, Mr Elmo enjoyed Tokyo as much as we did and he’s now happily adapted back to Hot Sunny S’pore :)


My sister is cute, especially in pictures :)





IMG_9797 IMG_9785 IMG_9786   IMG_9789  IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9793  IMG_9795 IMG_9796




Models from this magazine were spotting really fashionable, loose, soft waves.. Nothing too affected such as perfectly sculpted  curls, just SEXY BED HAIR. I’m quite a fan of this hairstyle!!

IMG_9069 IMG_9072 IMG_9073 IMG_9075 IMG_9077

Below are 3 of my favourite shots in the magazine. Notice they have G-Dragon platinum blonde hair! My dream would be to do some makeup style that look similar to these in future.

IMG_9078 IMG_9080 IMG_9081

Trying to mimic this Bed Head in Japan!






Japanese Men’s Magazine Rocks. Especially Street Jack!! This magazine kept me entertained throughout my flight and I was kinda stunned tat it was so easy on the eyes. A lot of their featured clothes , bags, shoes & CAPS were so COOL!

Never have I been in such a country where the majority of the Male population looks so fashionable and seriously SUGOI!

 IMG_9478 IMG_9479 IMG_9480 IMG_9481

IMG_9484IMG_9482   IMG_9483  IMG_9464 IMG_9465 IMG_9485

IMG_9466 IMG_9467 IMG_9468 IMG_9469 IMG_9470

IMG_9472IMG_9471   IMG_9474 IMG_9475 




Blair said...

The pictures of Elmo in JP are super adorable! It reminds me of myself in Europe, I used to bring Marie (from Aristocats) out for pictures :) I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who does this! Hahaa!

I LOVE the soft waves.. Can you recreate them with a tutorial? Or are there any tutorials in youtube that you like that feature this? I want my fluffy lion mane to look sexy too!

Is that lizard real? Me super scared!!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

hahahaha.... that lizard is fake but it scared me too!! I was like , WHAO!! but Elmo was brave enough to go near it... hahaha
One day, Marie should meet Mr ELMO, I'm sure they will get along fine. I'll muff Mr Elmo!!hehehe... I'm such a kid!

Those soft waves are gorgeous right Blair!! I'm still experimenting with those pink soft leave in curlers for this look! Will try to find some vids for U!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Wow, thank u so much for the mag scans....LOVES IT! :) Looks like you girls and Mr. Elmo had a blast in Japan! Your bed head look is so cute. :)

amynaree said...

thanks for the heads up on the awesome giveaway!!

lol @ Elmo, awesome pics!!!

thnx for the mag scans, i luv japanese make up and style... i like your hair very flowy :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Lisa, Glad u like the mag stuff :)) I slept with pleats in my hair but the effect kinda wore off with time. I'm trying to find a more lasting method to waxy smexy bed hair!! hahaha

Hey AMy, glad u enjoyed the mag pics too :) loved ur park bom fotd... u seriously look like herrr !

PinkyKathy said...

thanks for the Jap mag scan. I love it!!! coz i can't find it in Florida hehehe ^__^

Anyway, I just have my blogsale please feel free to visit anytime. :)


Dee said...

You can so pull off those fiesty looks babe! I can't wait to see them! Weird thing is, one of the HIP shadow I sent you has a light blue similar to the pic of the model in the green dress, haha. Those boys are so fashionable. Awesome post!<3

Blovet Beauty said...
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MilknCookiie said...

Your Elmo pictures are so cute. ♥ xD The GD blonde seems so extreme, I wish I could pull that off~ Thanks for the scans!

★ Cookiie

Blovet Beauty said...

Thanks Cookiie! Glad u enjoyed the magazine pictures.. I had to share the eye candy!

Blovet Beauty said...

No probs kathy! cute sale going on there :)

Dee sweetie, those looks are just fab aren't they! i think ur latest EOTD looks are super hot and i'm going to try to achieve it too.. too bad my eyes are much smaller than urs!! CAn't wait to recieve the goodies DEE!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Yep, that is a coincidence! :) Enjoy the award I gave you...I look forward to seeing your 6 facts!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks so so much for the award sweetie:)) I'm gonna have to think really hard for something interesting abt me... hahaha..

Dee said...

Trust me, if you tried my EOTD, you'd definitely look 10x hotter! I love your face! It can look sweet and editorial at the same time. Sometimes I wish I look more asian, lol.

AtelierGal said...

Aww.... Elmo is super kawaii~ He's my fave from Sesame Street. Hopefully he can 'tahan' our weather