Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LV Invite, AWARD & Ga In Inspired Smokey Eyes

A very sweet Dr L invited me to Louis Vuitton’s Mid- Afternoon lunch. The newly opened LV Boutique is located at the Exquisite Ion Orchard and is the largest LV boutique in South East Asia.
I’ve not had a chance to visit Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ion Orchard, so I am curious about the new  boutique layout and design. 
I’m pretty sure though that the boutique is gorgeous and it’s going to be one classy event.
Only thing is that I have to clear up my schedule from 3 to 5 in the afternoon and all my friends are working at that time. I’m still contemplating whether I should go due to the timing and I don’t want to go alone :(

Shop N’ Chomp aka Lisa &  adin_22 awarded me with the “ Gorgeous Blogger Award.” Isn’t it the cutest award!! Thank you Lisa & Adin. * Muacks*
Part of the award requires me to state 6 interesting facts. I think I’m boring cause I took 2 long days to come up with these facts ! I ended up asking my hubby for help:
1) I LUV ANIME, it got me into loving all things Japanese
2) The one character I adore the most is NARUTO because he’s so sweet and thinks the best of everyone :)
3) I LUV SAMURAIS – films, anime, documentaries…. and recently I saw a pencil sketched samurai in a Japanese shop and it was love at first sight.
4) I’m an oldies music fan.
My favourites are the beatles, the temptations, the monkeys, Beach Boys, u get the drift.
5) I am 100% Chinese but I don’t speak it much. Only for work.  I’m too used to speaking and writting in English and when I do speak in chinese, I get laughed at :P hee hee…
6) People can’t tell that I’m part of my family. The only one I resemble is my late great grandmother . We share a very big  high forehead.. hehe

Blogger Babes I pass this award to are :
* M
* K
I hope I haven’t left anyone out :)


Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls is Hot Stuff! Her short sassy hair totally goes with her petite face and she has a really sexy vibe!


Ga In was my eye inspiration for today:
IMG_9808 copy
She has that fish tail at the corners of her eyes which I totally left out. Oops ><  .. hehe night night babes
Untitled-1 copy


Blair said...

Oooh, go go go! But you're right, going alone is never fun :(

Really? I love watching anime too! :) Which ones are you favourite?

Smokey eyes... me likey!

Blovet Beauty said...

yea... if only u lived in spore babes, i would drag u with me!!

Naruto, bleach,full metal alchemist, hunter x hunter, R Kenshin, samurai champloo, KIBA, samurai 7.... too many

Blovet Beauty said...

which anime do u luv watching Blair??

Dee said...

If I was in Spore, I would so go if I was invited. I love LV! You can't bring your hubby with you hun? Or does is his schedule cramped too? Shame, I think you'd have so much fun! You look beautiful with smokey eyes!

I was going to cut my hair like Ga In, but my hair is curly, so I would have to straighten it everyday, haha. Thanks so much for the award dear, I really appreciate it! I love Anime too!

amynaree said...

Ooooh sexy sexy! love that eye make up, looks great on you! Girl, I think you would be totally hot with her hair style. It's funny because I have straight hair but I like to curl it every day haha

The LV event sounds fun, but yea I wouldn't want to go alone either.

Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on ^__*

OMG i love anime too and naruto is also one of my favs, although i did kind of liked sasuke in the beginning before he turned all evil!! i think naruto should get with hinata, she's so cute lol

Thanh said...

Ohh i love the eye make up! I'd kill to have your eyes x).

Congrats ^^~

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Dee! My hubby is working too on friday. He was like " go , go " and I'm like, no one can make it! and my frens are like" we've gotta work u know"... sigh.. Why aren't u guys in Singapore ??? we'd have a blast!I would love to read 6 interesting stuff abt u too :)

AMy!! Actually I've been toying with having short hair for the longest of times but everytime I cut my hair, I can't stand not feeling hair at my back or shoulders!! so I grow it out impatiently :) Anyway, I have a big face so her hair style suits ppl with small petite face like urs...
U're right! NARUTO is so blind to Hinata... Sometimes, he acts too blur for his own gd and only has his eyes on Sakura...

kakashi has such a sexy voice

Shikamaru is so damn cool

Gaara's eyeliner rocks!!

Omg, I could go on about Naruto!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Thanh, Thks :)

Shopn'Chomp said...

I'd kill for an invite like that! Def go...drag a family member if you have to. ;)

You are so not boring. What a great list of facts! You look way too young to love oldies music but I do have to agree with you on the Beach Boys. :) You did a fab job on your EOTD!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Lisa, I am trying to blackmail my brother into going but he's like " what did uu sayyy, i can't hear u..." sigh...
My mom always says I was born an old woman...I like to think of myself as a vintage item. hahahah

AtelierGal said...

Wow! Getting an invite to a LV event is big! I don't own any high-brand stuff though. With that kind of money, I would spend on books :D
And I don't walk in to those boutiques b'cos they will give you that "sure won't buy" look!

You did a great job with that look, I've seen her in that MV before, really pretty eye makeup.
I'll probably look like a panda T.T

Blovet Beauty said...

Well sweetie, I have a speedy bag which was bought in Paris and that bag brings back so many memories for me. One is enough to last a lifetime :) great tat u liked the eye makeup!

AtelierGal said...

she look so terrible without makeup, totally another person! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT5igpjQRX4

With Love, Elle said...

oh u must go to the LV opening! do it for your blog fans (like me!) i'll be spiritually with ya on that nite tee hee, share with us the experience ok! perhaps they have freebies???

ooo luv ur EOTD, luv the 2nd pic with nude lips (me big fan of nude lippies :D)

OMG thank you so much for passing me my 1st award! gosh i really feel so honoured!
hugs xoxo elle

Blovet Beauty said...

hahaha... i watched that you tube video already.. she looks like herself with makeup i guess!! hahaha

hey Elle,I hope u enjoy ur first award!! its so cute right? I heard the freebies are gonna be excellent and Iln still trying to get my hubby to accompany me ... *cross my fingers*

MilknCookiie said...

I also have a very [s]big[/s] high forehead, but somehow I feel like I'm the only one from the family. ^^;;

Thank you for this award bb, we really appreciate it! ♥

★ Cookiie

Dee said...

Aww, totally sucks! You and your hubby would've had a nice time together. Seriously, I'd take that day off just to go with you, ahah.

I'm not that interesting, but I'll try to find something, lol. Ohh, I read your comment about Kakashi. He indeed, has a sexy voice, hahaha. I guess I'm not the only one who crushes on some anime guys? *isanerd* HAHAHAHAHHA.

Yumeko said...

aww bring me along to the event XD i loove LV insanely hahahaha

yes i love Ga In's look
she should have that hairstyle permanently

sesame said...

Wow, that eye makeup is gorgeous! You have such talent girl!

eki said...

thank you for the award! :D that so nice you got a invitation to LV X3
your look for Ga In is right on! :D

Zoe said...

Thanks so much for the award, I love anime too^^
U look so sexy with the Ga In look..u r really good in make up..requesting Lee Hyori's make up^^