Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Beauty Diary at CozyCot HGP & DHC Suncut Q10 SPF50+

Thanks to all beauties who left such  positive words of encouragement in my last post.
To be frank,  I would love to do more FOTD & EOTD but I was always a little hesitant cause I always felt my skills weren’t tat great. I guess practice makes perfect right? Makeup should be about fun, making mistakes and correcting them right! :-)

I’m sure every beauty crazed Singaporean has heard about COZY COT’S Holy Grail Party 2009 due to their intensive advertising efforts. I was really expecting a huge turn up cause big cosmetic brands were sponsoring and you could catch a makeup demonstration and celebrities and what not…
Holy Grail
I also attended this event expecting the attendance of many established  beauty brands and more but there weren’t many booths and the  turn up on the second day wasn’t impressive. I took a grand total of 8 shots  and 2 were kinda blur and pointless so here are the remaining 6…
IMG_0057 IMG_0050  IMG_0056IMG_0052  IMG_0054 IMG_0055 
The best booth in the Cozy Cot Holy Grail Thingy was MY BEAUTY DIARY. They were having some promotions for it and this brand was pretty well reviewed by a few of my favourite bloggers… So , I got a pack of three:

My Beauty Diary Face Mask Review:

1)Bulgarian White Rose Mask – For Whitening and Soothing
* I’m saving this mask as part of my giveaway :)
2)Aloe Vera – For Moisturising and Smoothing
3) Black Pearl – Whitening and Nourishing

I tried the Black Pearl Mask for whitening and Nourishing.
Out of the pack:
My Diary Mask Time:
After 40 Minutes:
IMG_0091 IMG_0108
*same lighting and no color correction was done to these pics

My skin was looking kinda lack lustre and tired today so I decided to slap on the whitening and nourishing black pearl mask.
I loved the smell so much..
Initially, I felt a mild biting sensation all over my face (especially on a blemish spot). When I read the back of the packaging, I noticed they listed Natural Vitamin C extracts such as pineapple, lime, cucumber  and I instantly felt a bit more relieved cause it’s perfectly normal  for Vit C to sting a little  :)
My skin is super sensitive so I have to be careful when it comes to the type of masks I use. Overly nourishing ones spells zits and some whitening ones have given me rashes.. My beauty diary black pearl mask was exeptional!
It  lightened, tightened and even “lifted” my skin. I can’t describe my excitement towards this amazing mask. My skin looked more refined and tight , without any dryness or any reaction!
The lady at the booth informed me that Watson would be selling this brand of mask soon! I’m going to get more and treat my skin to a mask more often, it felt so relaxing :))
I give this 5 stars out of 5 stars!

DHC Suncut Q10 SPF 50+ Review:
How long have I used it:
I’ve been trying the DHC Suncut Q10 SPF 50+ for 2 weeks now and I think it’s pretty safe to give a short review on this baby:
It’s a white colored, thin and runny consistency sunblock lotion. If you have ever used a thick, creamy sunblock like me previously, this thin, easy to spread formula would be a welcomed change.
Why I like it:
Spreads like a dream, no clogged pores, no sticky feeling, very little smell, I didn’t get darker after being out in the sun :)
What I didn’t like about it:
My skin took some time to get used to this product. There were no clogged pores but there was some small red zits. I usually get these types from minor irritation. My skin got used to this sunblock only after a week. This sunblock can leave a white cast, so I had to blend it into my skin very well. I’m used to this cause I’ve been using Dr Secrets sunblock that has a strong whitish cast and is very thick in consistency.
I give this 4 stars out of 5 stars!

This week I’ll be posting alot more skincare related entries, it’s been long overdue :P
Okie, can’t wait to hear from u guys on ur favourite masks!


Blair said...

My Scheming Beauty and Chuncaini! Cheap and effective hehee~

Blair said...

Never reviewed them, sorry! I just finished my supply of My Scheming Beauty masks... and I don't know if you'd be disgusted or something else with the flavour of the mask that I love from Chuncaini.

Blovet Beauty said...

i'm gonna look up on these mask...!

Blovet Beauty said...

SAKE-KOJIC EXTRACT,GRAPE SEED EXTRACT & SAKURA WHITENING MASK look amazing from my scheming beauty masks

Karen said...

Wow, the mask makes a noticeable difference in your skin - it skin looks really nice and glowing after =)
I don't think we carry DHC Suncut brand where I am, but I'm using MAC's prep + prime face protect SPF50. It's always good to wear sunscreen on your face if you're out in the sun for a while =)

With Love, Elle said...

did u change ur blog template? wow!
xoxo elle

Dee said...

Nice! Shame the event wasn't like how you planned dear. The area and booth kind of remind me of how the Makeup Show or how the IMATS are, but not as hectic, lol. Seems pretty laid back. Ohh, your skin is really nice and glowy! I haven't tried these masks yet, but I might look tinto these. I can't wait to see more of your skkin care posts dear!<3

Shopn'Chomp said...

Thank you for the Cozy Cot pics and yay to your MBD mask haul! :) Funny coincidence: I had just finished putting on the Black Pearl mask when I arrived on your blog! I agree with you that it is a great mask. Thanks also for the DHC Suncut review. I've yet to see this product here.

amynaree said...

Hey girl! I think you have great make up skills..seriously!! I think it's all about sharing and experimenting, I don't think I'm any good either but I try :)

I'm still in the process of experimenting with masks myself, I never used masks before and just barely started not too long ago!! I am on the My Beauty Diary Mask craze but still not sure which one is my fav yet.. I tried Mixed Berry today and like it alot because it smelled so deliciously yummy!

Thanks for the reviews! Can't wait for more skincare stuff ^ ^

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Karen, I agree tat sunblock is super impt!

Elle, I did change it! glad u like it :)

DEE, yea, it was too laid back a beauty show.. it felt more like a sales event than a beauty show! Masks are such relaxing treats :)

AMY!U tried the mixed berries!! I bet it smells really really wonderful too! I'm just wondering why I didn't jump on this my diary mask bandwagon earlier! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Lisa, talk about coincidences... I felt like I had a mini face lift the whole night long after the black pearl... what sunblock are u using Lisa?

Ahleessa said...

I've heard great things about My Beauty Diary Face Masks. Too bad I can't get them here... lol~ Thanks for your review! :)

The apple is a crocheted doll. It just have stuffing, but I guess I could have made it into a box. :/ I didn't think of that at the time... lol~ :X

FriendzCentury said...

I love the MBD masks too, they work pretty well for me so def' 2 thumbs up!!

Thanks for your comment sweets, here's a previous review I did for the MUFE eyeliner:

Blovet Beauty said...

OOhhh.. stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway ahleessa dear... cause I'll be throwing in one of their mask :)I like mr apple alot. if u ever do a crocheted MR ELMO or MR Grumpy Bear, PLS let me know...

Hey Frendz! Thks for the awesone review.. too bad the MUFE eyeliner wasn't as pigmented as i expected it to be :(

sesame said...

Hey, your face is really brighter after using the mask! I thought I saw it at Guardian?

Yeah, don't really think much of the Holy Grail event...attended the last one and decided it's too commercialized for my liking.

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Sesame, i totally agree with u ... this holy grail event was not impressive or fun at all.. It was so boring and completely commercialized.. I much prefer how other countries sell makeup, as a form of creativity or art form. Makeup is taken way too serious and seen as such a cash cow over here... I wish the event was more fun packed and "creative"...
U saw the mask at guardian?? Oh, I went to check out watsons today and didn't see any, wonder if I got it wrong... hmm :)

Zoe said...

I didn't Know that Utt became so famous there too bad he is a gay T T ...
I really want to use My Beauty Diary Face Masks, thanks for the review, ur skin looks so flawless and beautiful~

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey ZOE! Yea... UTT is pretty hot here and its really not a shock even if he is gay cause he's declared himself a bachelor boy... or.... hahahah!!I will try my best to do a lee hyori makeup tutorial... I've been wanting to do a tutorial based on her look for some time now... just never had the time yet sweetie :) thks for asking!

-pwincessgrace- said...

hey i've just started using dhc suncut 50+ and am pleased to find that u have good reviews for it. was just wondering if u need to use a makeup remover before it comes off. it seems like my normal cleanser doesnt get rid of the sunblock so easily. any advice is appreciated! thank u!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hi pwincess, it would be best to cleanse thoroughly with an exfoliating wash or a makeup remover and than wash ur face as normal :)

City0880 said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.