Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wavy Sexy Soft Curls Tutorials & Makeup Palettes



1) bubzbeauty – Soft Round Wavy Hair. Love the soft waves she managed to achieve using the technique she demonstrated! Nice!!


2) itsjudytime –Using the traditional CURLING IRON to achieve loose waves. The bigger the curling iron diameter, the bigger and looser ur hair curls will be… But I do find that big loose curls shows best with longer hair.


3) lollipop26 – I think she uses a GHD Straightener for this wavy hair look. I like how messy it looks towards the end and the effect is really great for people with Medium Length Hair!

Hope these videos help Blair!




I had a sweet request from an aspiring makeup artist on some eye shadow palette recommendations . I list 5 of them and they are all great in their own unique ways. It really depends on the type of  look you want to achieve so, here goes:


1) NYX

Zip on over to Dee’s blog… She does a great review on this NYX palette. The colors are so gorgeous together and everything about this palette is SEXY! Can’t go wrong with NYX assortment of Eye Colors!

2) Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette – Matte or Shimmer

There are plenty of reviews for this palette on you tube and beauty blogs. I think to use these colors effectively, you need an eye primer.  For the Matte Palette, blending will require some work as compared to the shimmer palette. However, I have read that the shimmer palettes aren’t as pigmented or intense as the Matte ones. Overall, I think this palette is useful if you have a ton of Matte Eye looks to create.

Coastal Scents: 88 Piece Makeup Palette - photoAlso, another tip for budding makeup artist is that coastal scents makes a variety of pretty decent palettes. Get those with the blushers as this can prove to be very handy when you want to minimise the amount of makeup u lug around..

Try to gun for their neutral/warm palettes too. They are very gorgeous and even better than the 88 color palette IMHO :) This palette is so so useful for bridal looks, makeovers and special occasions…

3) Manly 120 Eyeshadow Palette

My all time favourite eye shadow palette. This palette is uber value for $$. Let me sneak in a You tube Video from one of my Favourite Japanese You Tube Makeup Gurus - manwomanfilm!

She is so talented and almost all of her eccentric and brilliant looks are recreated with 120 Manly palette.

I purchased my palette on ebay and have gotten other makeup artists to test this out as well . They love and prefer it to the 88 coastal scents palette. So do I actually :P

* So easy to blend

* Colors show up great on pictures

* A wide assortment of bright, vivid colors

* Very little fallout, no irritation to eyes

* Primer is optional ( use it for an even more intense look)

http://www.vanityclinic.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/dsc_0935cr.jpg4) Bee luscious

I am lusting over this palette. It comes with 4 blushers too and 2 lipsticks!! The color payoff is mad beautiful, watch the you tube video for a great review!



5) Ben Nye Lumiere Grande

These make excellent eye base and really help eyeshadow color to pop!! love these!


Anyone have any other makeup palettes tat u are gaga over??




amynaree said...

thanks for all the links to the youtube gurus!!!

i am drooling over all those colorful palettes!! i've been wanting to get some coastal scent, bee luscious, and yaby palettes but i keep spending my money on other things haha

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hi Lane, I loved all the vids you posted! I currently have the CS 88 shimmer palette but now I'm intrigued by Manly.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for sharing these are great hair styling tips

Blovet Beauty said...

AMy! I just googled YABY palettes and they look so cute:) The shimmer colors look especially gorgeous! this is a palette tat I'm eyeing now!! hahaha

Lisa, Manly Palette is really great!! I'm a big big fan!!! hahaha... Have u done any review on ur shimmer palette sweetie? i'm curious abt wat u think abt it!

Hey Ena! No probs sweetie

With Love, Elle said...

i luv manwomanfilm! she always brightens my day whenever i watch her! ^_^ and i also like to follow bubzbeauty for all her hairdo coz its easy (she was mentioned in Elle mag!) xoxo elle

Blovet Beauty said...

hey Elle, I didn't know bubzbeauty was mentioned in ur magazine.. kid kid... but its really amazing how popular she is! manwomanfilm is such a hilarious and interesting character... she's so cool.

AtelierGal said...

These days I always forget to apply primer, but my eyeshadows last for about 5-6 hours.

I've been lemming for the Ben Nye palettes

♥akisa♥ said...

I like your post on the palettes!! As tempting as it looks, I'm not really into large sized palettes unless I ever do makeup for other people one day, haha.. you can't bring it with you anywhere!! Still, I'm going to check out the prices of these palettes, haha.

eclecticsatire said...

Oooo thanks for the info on various makeup palettes. Haha, I am tempted to get the Manly one now.

I have the Ben Nye Lumiere Grande palette. OMGosh, it is really an awesome palette and totally worth the $$$. It is uber intense and long-lasting. :)


LMX said...

Thank you =) I also have the Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Palette too! Love how pigmented Ben Nye colors are =D

Blovet Beauty said...

yea atelier babe, I want the ben nye palettet too.. I heard the manly 24 palette is pretty good substitute for BN

Akisa, yea I agree,if u are a makeup artist, it makes good dollar sense. If you're a makeup nut like me, u'd prefer to bring out all ur loose eyeshadow and lip gloss... imagine lugging out a palette just to touch up..

hey eclecticsatire, thanks to u, I'm think I'll save up and wait till this no buy is over to get the ben nye palette!!

Blair said...

Thank you so much Laney! *muahh* I'm going to try them out :)

I watch manwomanfilm's videos too! Sometimes, she uses stuff from Daiso. It made me very intrigued~ Do you own any Daiso cosmetics?

Shopn'Chomp said...

I am not the best at reviews but I did a post a long time ago on it. However I have not played with it for a while now. :( I have been so lazy in the e/s department.

Btw, the DHC offer is currently only open to U.S residents. :( I forgot to add that part in. So sorry about that, hun. I have just updated my post.

Blovet Beauty said...

LMX... everyone seems to love Ben Nye :)

Hope it helps Blair! I had some daiso lashes which didnt work for me at all... and eyebrow pencil... and some nail polishes.. are there any particular Daiso cosmetic to look out for?

Lisa, now I can go look up ur review :) I wana be a US resident too :P Sometimes I wonder why there aren't any great offers in Singapore :(

Blair said...

Blushers! They're highly ranked in cosme.net since forever~

M said...

i've always been hesitant to purchase these palettes in fear that they'll break from shipping =X

Blovet Beauty said...

oh, tat rings a bell Blair... I had 2 frens who used daiso blushers. It gave them very pretty pink cheeks but honestly the only blusher I personally can use till today is still shiseido and MAC.

hey M, I bought 3 manly palettes b4 and it was shipped from HK to Spore and only one color cracked in all 3 palettes.

As for coastal scents, its pretty well packed.. :))

Yumeko said...

woo thanks for sharing all of them!!!


so sweet of you to have gathered all the tutorials into one place! makes life so much easier! :D

love it!

Blovet Beauty said...

No problem Yumeko and Chai!!

Alex said...

haha oh man I've really got so much to learn, lol

regarding your previous post, i'm a big fan of blenda's magazine in the past, but somehow sometime ago i've completely switched to sweet magazine, i can't never get enough of their models and beautiful page presentation. You can go check them out @ kino if you happen to be there~


Alex said...

oh btw i have follow you!~

Blovet Beauty said...

Thanks Alex sweetie :)Another magazine for me to check out while at KINO !

陳珊妮sammi said...
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