Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Awesome Girl & Over The TOP Award!

Things haven’t been going my way lately and to be dead honest, I’m really fustrated with the world. All I want to do sometimes is dig a hole, bring my laptop and watch all the naruto, smallville, project runway and bleach episodes, and throw my handphone into the deepest depths of the ocean.

It’s seriously at times like these that getting an award or tag can brighten my day and help take my mind off worldly affairs. 

Sassy J'adore

With Love, Elle 


Bihada Diaries

are really gorgeous beauty bloggers who tagged me for the Awesome Girl and Over the Top Awards :))I know alot of you already read their blogs but if u haven’t, u should pop on over and have a read! I really enjoy these blogs :)

PArt of this Awesome Girl Award requires that I include 10 facts about me.. I am pretty bland so I have to warn u that  it can get boring… hahaha

1)The only form of exercise I like is brisk walking

2)I wanted a pet Iguana when I was 14

3)I had bad asthma

4)I love YSL Lipsticks

5)I love ANNA SUI packaging alot

6)I love SHU UEMURA ( tried their brow pencil, eyeshadows, concealors, foundations, cleansing oils, mascara, curler) just love their products.

7)Putting on makeup helps me relax and de stress :)

8)I bring a pack of tissue when I go makeup hunting cause the back of my hand usually looks like a multi colored , crazy rainbow!

9)I can spend hour after after makeup shopping

10) I am a you tube beauty video addict

NEXT UP is the "Over the Top Award"...These awards make me happy and I always end up smiling like an idoit in front of my computer!! hehehe…

  I have to answer the following questions with one word and tag other bloggers :)

Where's your cell phone: Bag

Your hair: Fine

Your mother: Intelligent

Your father:  Eccentric

Favorite Food: Rice

Dream last night:  none

Favorite drink: COKE

What room are you: Bedroom

Hobby: Shopping

Fear: Heights

Where were you last night:  out

Something that you aren't: Meticulous

Muffins: raisin

Wish list item:on the left column of my blog

Where did you grow up: s’pore

What are you wearing: top & jeans

Your pets: none

Friends: companionship

Something you're not wearing: necklace

Favorite store: topshop

Favorite color: pink

Last time you laughed: today

Your best friend: hubby

Place you go to over and over: town

Person who emails you regularly: work

Favorite place to eat: home

I am tagging these lovely ladies who each have a unique take on beauty and whose blogs I enjoy reading :)Actually 10 isn’t enough. I read too many good blogs that I sometimes can’t keep track ! i definitely tag, the 4  lovelies who have tagg me, back and these sweeties below:

Amy Naree 


Atelier Girl

Ahleessa 4 Realz







Friendz Century



Shop N’ Chomp

Beauty Snap

e.motion in motion

Chee Chun

Make me Blushhh





Blair said...

I'm feeling stressed too :[ I hope you feel better soon, dearie :)

High five on #8! I whip my wet wipes out when I go near Watsons or Guardian!

Blovet Beauty said...

finally someone who relates to me!i usually get a weird look from whoever is with me at watsons... or a big sigh when they see me take out a tissue pack! hahaha

Blair said...

What? Why?!!

We should totally go shopping together:
1. spy pics
2. wet wipes/tissue pack thingy
3. check mirror often (do you do this?)


Btw, I love Project Runway! The girls are totally dominating this season~

Blovet Beauty said...

cause no one can stand my watson and guardian obsession. its like a disease. i can't just walk past them. I have to walk into them and than I can walk past them in peace. hahaah. omg. we would be like those girls acting crazy over all the cosmetics !! hahahaha yea i check for smudges alot and make sure I dun have anything unsightly on my face!!

I am kinda vouching for althea. i like her designs :)

Fifi said...

Ah I'm stressed with school, I just try not to think about it too much. I hope you feel better soon.

Pet Iguana! lol~ that's too cute.
Thanks for the award <3<3

adin_22 said...

awww...I hope you feel better....and congrats on the awards....

amynaree said...

awww after the storm there's always a beautiful rainbow so things will surely look up for you soon ! ^__^ when i'm stressed i just want to sleep and do marathons as well... I love naruto and project runway too, but since they switched to another network i haven't really had a chance to catch all the episodes properly ... i'm so behind on naruto it's not even funny~!

thanks for passing on the award, i spend hours shopping too, even at like regular drugstores i just take my sweet time looking at all the skin and bath products haha so my bf doesn't like to come with me because he knows i'm just going to browse forever!

Toothfairynotes said...

hahahaha how is your father eccentric... you should do a post about that :)


Sassy J'adore said...

I'm like the opposite of u when I put on makeup. It actully stresses me out. It's probably because I'm always in a rush to head out or just don't know what look I want to go for. lol.

AtelierGal said...

you wanted an iguana?! :O
I have never harbored any thought of owning a scaly reptile in my home... creepy lol

Getting any soon?

Luna said...

Let me pack my manga (bleach included) and I'll join you in that hole.. lol..

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thank you for the award :) I'm looking forward of doing this one hehe :)

Beauty Snap said...

Thank you for the tag!! I have a bunch to do, hope to do this one soon :D

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for the tag! :) I'll try to do this as soon as possible, but I can't promise you anything... lol~ I'm kind of lazy. :X

I agree we Asians love rice... wheee~ :)

Zoe said...

Hi hun..I hope things are getting better for u ..cheer up..though I have the same problem as u ..ha ha ha BUT at least u have a hubby to cheer u up..no?BUT I DON'T ..T T...
anyways...Congratz on the awards and thanks for passing them on to me, u r such a sweetie^^
By the way...since recently I so love the Korean girl group T-ARA, I would like to request a tutorial of their makeup, pls choose any member that u like^^ha ha ha..thanks in advance*

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey sweeties, thanks for all the sweet comments :)

FIFI sweetie:we are little balls of stress. I am trying to take it easy by venting it all out and just saying how i really feel. i think ppl can't stand it but I rather say it than bottle it inside. ya know :)

ADIn: hope u enjoy it

AMy, u are so sweet. Things will look up soon ! keeping my chin up :)my hubby doesn't even bother coming along shopping with me. Shopping is a lonely experience sometimes cause my working hours are a little eratic too.. hahaha but it allows me to buy more stuff :>

toothfairynotes sweetie, I would need to write a novel about my dad one day. A real rags to riches story. He's amazing in so many ways

Sassy, for a girl who doesn't doesn't have an idea of wat to put on, u sure look hot girl!

AtelierGal, i am still thinking of getting one as a pet. they are cool pets.hahaha

LUna, I laughed my head off at ur comments!!! U and BLEACH are most welcome, make urself comfortable pls!!

Ena and Mika, can't wait to read more abt u 2!

Ahleessa, I love my rice too. The older I grow the more I love asian food. When I was younger I couldn't live without western food but now I'm loving my rice

Zoe, Thanks for the cheer up. I think I'm gonna be stuck in this for a while ...but u are right, i have a lovely hubby :)Ohh.. Thanks for the request, I am having a brain drain right now as to what to blog about!! hahaha

Alex said...

What room are you: Bedroom

I SECOND that!


Thanh said...

Congratulations beautiful!

xLovelyMakeupx said...

you have an awesome blog!!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yay to coke and the color pink!! *^_^* Thanks for the tag, hun! I just did both recently so check it out when you get a chance. :)

Karen said...

Me too - walking for brisk walking is the only form of exercise I really enjoy. It helps me to relax and focus a bit!

I can spend hours shopping for makeup too! I don't bring kleenex along but I just try to make sure that if I plan on getting makeup that day, to not wear any white or light coloured sleeved shirts to avoid makeup stains on them. Perfume shopping is the worst for me because I smell like 20 different things and can't keep track myself!

sesame said...

Hope you'll be feeling peppy again soon. And thanks for the tag! That's quite a lot to answer... :p

Blovet Beauty said...

thanks thanh, alex and Lovely makeup!!

Hey Lisa, i love coke. instant pick me up!

Hey Karen, I always fall into the trap of telling myself I am going to wipe off my cosmetics later and end up getting it on my clothes and worse still, my face!!! hahaha

Sesame, hehehe... well dun have to do the tag but I hope u can just accept the award!

FriendzCentury said...

Hope all's well sweets and thank you for the tag. A big yay to coke and tissues/wet wipes when I go cosmetic shopping in Watsons LOL!

With Love, Elle said...

u want an iguana??? serious??? how abt a cameleon? im fascinated with reptiles too! i wont miss that section if im in the zoo! but im kinda scared to have a pet iguana tee hee~

xoxo elle

Blovet Beauty said...

Heya ms Friendz!! I can't live without my makeup wipes too:)

Heya Elle, I wouldn't mind a cameleon!!! but I've touched and handled an iguana b4 so I think I would prefer it to a cameleon... one thing about reptiles, they are easy to clean up after and they just look so cool, calm and collected, very unlike me :)