Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blair’s Love Parcel & LEE HYORI Inspired FOTD!


It’s a very very hectic time of yr- so btw working and squeezing in time to do EOTD\FOTD and spending time with Mr BlovetBeauty, time seems to have been running very short for me lately….I apologize for the lack of replies on the comment side but I have read them all and will reply! Your sweet comments really lift my spirits and get me through the day :)

On the topic of HAPPINESS -

Lovely ^^ Blair sent me an early Birthday Gift Package!!! I ‘ve been wanting to write about this cause I'm in love with the items she sent to me! She’s a mind reader!

 Gorgeous Blair sent me Faceshop skincare products, sweets(sugar addicts dream), Rimmel products, Lavender Lip Balm, Silica,Majo Majo Honey lip Balm and samples! The best part of it all was that she had these cute little post it notes on some products telling me it was her favourite, it really felt like she was there running through all the gifts to me! Blair thank you for being remembering my birthday & I’m touched ^^ Ear 2 Ear *SMILES*




I’ve never used a Face Shop product before so I decided to just go ahead and try it. Than I noticed a really subtle pink glow on my cheeks after using it and no reactions whatsoever. Now I’m a FS Soft Peeling Gommage addict! This product seems to be even better than my Olay Thermal Exfoliator! I highly recommend this peeps!


Oh wow!! A Clear Big Bag  of Goodies::


But first, gotta satisfy my sweet tooth! Yummy …


I spotted this Uber pInk, super cute hairband!!! I wore it the day I got it…This would have been perfect for my fairy kei look too!!


Fits me too!!!


Can u see the personalized note that Blair wrote on the back of this lovely Rose & Apothecary Lavender lip balm? This stuff smells really good and potent! I’m gonna start using this as my lip balm.. totally refreshing





Rimmel Eyeshadow Duo was easy to apply and the colors are so wearable. I do have tons of dark and bright colors and very little neutral shades. Dee and Blair have both helped me in the neutral color department! Thanks!!   


IMG_0473 IMG_0476

Wow.. this is a very moisturizing lipstick. Its not too sheer and it gives me kissable pout!

Majo Majo Honey Pump Gloss RD449


Lip Heaven. Aren’t these colors gorgeous! I already have some looks in mind where I’ll be using these…


Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation and Etude House Speedy Total Mineral Base Samples:


Thanks Blair!!



Lee Hyori is rarely seen without her dark accented eyes and nude pink lips. 

I noticed that her mouth is perpetually open in all her shots ^^ it’s crazy.. I totally couldn’t open my mouth for more than 5 of my own shots!! I had to try really hard for this FOTD!! hahaha .. it just goes to show, that I am an average girl and makeup can only work so much wonders…hahaha

If anything, hope u enjoy this foxy siren’s pictures.



Wow, Lee Hyori has such tiny longish face shape, really sharp nose, small mouth and her features are completely different from mine.  I put on some grey contacts and did a lighter smudgy dark rimmed  eye. The colors used were a mix of pink, black, and cream white to blend it all together. I put on some lip concealor and some pink Jesse Girl’s pigments to recreate her trademark lips.. But this one was  a toughie… Lee Hyori is so damn sexy and beautiful.. 



IMG_0562  IMG_0538   



Recently I’ve run out of facial wash, makeup remover( I finished 2 Sana Makeup remover in 2 months, bought the MUJI makeup remover but it removed only 60% of my eye makeup, not a good oil cleanser at all IMHO …) Why must everything run out at the same time?? Especially when I’m feeling a little under the weather lately. U guys take care k :)

Untitled-1 copy


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi hun, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. :) Yay to b-day goodies and what an awesome Lee Hyori FOTD! Those contact lenses are amazing on you.

P.S Thank you for your YSL thoughts! Hope it works for me.

Zoe said...

Hi..hi...Blair is such a sweetheart to send u all that nice stuff**
I so love the Lee Hyori look, u look so sexy with this look and I agree with Lisa I love ur lenses too^^..
I hope u'll feel better soon, take care*

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow that's a very sexy look on your love that shimmery feeling :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Thanks Lisa! seriously though I love YSL .
These contacts are actually super cheap and comfortable, but I wish the grey was more greyish... its a little too dark for my liking..

ZOE sweetie!! This look was for U so I'm glad u like it!!! U should try the fairy look cause I think u would look amazing...!!

SD sweetie, thanks :))

Yumeko said...

happy early birthday to you!

FriendzCentury said...

What a great early birthday love package from Blair. The Lee Hyori FOTD looks fab on you, do get well soon sweets.

With Love, Elle said...

happy birthday! i luv nude lippys!
xoxo elle

stellarvixen said...

whoaa so much llove from blair!!
cool.happy birthday babe!!

i luv your LOTD..did a great job...
me liking your dewy finishing

Blair said...

Love your take on Hyori's makeup!!!

My package is a lil early~ Almost a month haha!

Nanzy said...

Sexy!!!!!!! love how glowing your skin is =)

sesame said...

The last FOTD is close to Lee Hyori!

You don't like the Muji cleanser? You bought the one for sensitive skin or normal one? I wonder if the normal one will work better for those who wear more makeup.

MilknCookiie said...

I'm also aware of how Hyori almost ALWAYS have her mouth open on pictures. Maybe because it looks sexy? xD Great look and lovely early bday presents! ♥

★ Cookiie

Karen said...
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Karen said...

I hope you had a lovely Birthday Lane- and best wishes to you for a fantastic year with many many more to follow =)

Oh, too bad we don't sell the brand "Face Shop" here! I love the Olay thermal mask and having something better than that would be great!

I've actually never heard of Lee Hyori (I'm sort of out of touch with Asian models/actresses because there's just not a lot of press about it here) but she's beautiful and I love the sultry sexy look you came up with! =)

M said...

i love your inspired look! very hawwwt

Anonymous said...

Hello, I lurve ur lenses.

Was wondering which brand r u wearing? any recommendation? =D.

Thx dear

amynaree said...

Hello! Happy be-lated bday, when was your bday hun? I see your a scorpio.. i'm a leo ..leos + scorpio = fierceness!

Blair is such a sweetie, she got you so much goodies!! I love your Lee Hyori inspired look, you are a sexy mama! :)

Ahleessa said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you have a nice one! :)

I always thought and still do think Lee, Hyori is hot. There are other pictures out there she's not wearing smokey makeup. She still looks good natural.

You wrote you use to have a dog. What happened? :(

CHEECHUN™ said...

You did a great recreation! I love her & she is soooo sexy.

Love the birthday gifts. I'm so tempted to get Face Shop products now because i've seen so many bloggers rant and rave great things about it!

Luna said...

Great presents!! I'm in love with hairbands too!! I blame Gossip Girl.. lol..

And you look really good in Lee Hyori makeup!! I deeply envy your mad eye-lining skills.. lol..

Bunnie said...

AWWW I love presents!! The hairband completely suits you!
Lee Hyori is SO gorgeous. AH! I'm so jealous. :)


Dee said...

That first picture of you looks like a editorial from a mag! I love your features babe! You can go cute and sexy, I love this EOTD. Hyori's so beautiful - she never ages! I wish you a happy early birthday too! I can't wait to send your bday love package!

ChuChu~ said...

hey the make up looks very cool! i like hyori lee *_*

ChuChu~ said...

hey haha cool. did u learn german? thanks for your comment and thank you for following my blog. I'm sorry if theres nothing yet in english but i will work on that! sumtimes its so difficult to keep a blog in two languages.>3<

yeah g is the best and my favourite i love his new style ^^;

Blovet Beauty said...

sesame : I bought the normal muji cleanser but it didnt clean off my makeup .... i think u are right, people who wear light makeup can use it but not me.. anyhow, it does a fabulous job of cleaning my brushes!

Ahleessa : I had a dog once but we shifted house and it was against regulation to keep dogs so we gave her to someone who wanted her.. she passed away last yr :(

Chu chu: ya, I stayed in Munich for a yr and took up lessons but it is not an easy language to pick up.
Ich kann nur ein bisschen Detusch sprehen.
U gotta teach me more !!

Cheechun: face shop stuff is really pretty good. I am impressed.

Dee: can't wait!! U shld look foward to ur bday gift as well.
For u who asked, I am wearing MAXI LENs

To all who asked, my birthday is next month 3rd November :0 One yr wiser and I appreciate all ur well wishes. Blair was too sweet to send me such an early birthday gift

FashionFactory said...

Wow this look is really pretty and wow the lip stick looks really glossy.