Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CORTRY Hydration Mask Review

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Okie…  so I’m on a MASK frenzy lately as my skin has been feeling very blah. I’m pretty positive that it’s due to stress.

My sister in law did rave about Cortry Face  Mask some time ago  so I got one during lunch at Guardian for 2SGD ( really cheap!)Here’s my thoughts on this all natural herbal treatment.


*I love taking pictures with mask, it hides all my imperfections*





This intensive hydrating mask contains intensive herbal essence extracted from precious Chinese herbs that aids active deep penetration and hydration, infusing the skin with daily loss of moisture. This special Chinese herbal formula is specially formulated for Asian Skin. It deeply penetrates and helps revitalize, repair and satisfy skin thirst , keeping the skin supple and completely moisturized.



Use warm water to clean skin b4 using Cortry Hydrating Face Mask. You can lightly tap the mask for it be smoothened on your skin. After 15 minuted remove mask and cleanse skin.

Recommended Usage

Week 1: Daily usage

Week 2: Alternate Day Usage

Week 3: Usage twice a week

* Ingredients:

Codonpsis Pilosula Nannf, Aloe, Green Tea, Sweet Almond, Lucid Ganoderma FUNGUS, Pearl Powder, Water and Sodium Benzoate.


What it did for me?

This Cortry Starter Pack contains 2 mask, one neck mask and one face mask.

I slapped on Cortry’s  Face Mask for 15 minutes exactly and I must say that the mask was a strange brown color ( totally weird) and a little  funky smelling. I did not expect it to be super herbal but at least I know that the brown color was most likely coming from the Active Herbal Ingredient Ling Zhi.

After 15 Minutes, my face felt seriously moisturized. My skin felt like it had been soaked in a herbal bath and the after feeling kinda left me with mixed feelings. The mask made me feel like my skin had been totally moisture deprived.

Towards the end of 15 minutes, I was desperate to get the  ill fitting mask off my face only because of the funky herbal smell. It reminded me of the black Chinese Tonic ( holds nose) that my dad used to brew.

Afterwards, my skin looked very plump, very moisturized without any oily film and very relaxed. Yea, I know it’s a bit strange to say that my skin looks relaxed but it seriously looked like I had gotten a good night’s rest and there was a mild brightening effect too ( I suspect that this is the effect of the pearl powder ingredient). Another plus is that my red post acne scars looked less inflamed.

Ingredients wise, I am quite a fan. It’s not packed full of a thousand different ingredients but I know that it contains a few potent ones such as pearl powder, green tea and Ling Zhi,which is one of the most effective Chinese herbs around.

~A little info on Herbal Ingredient LINGZHI~

Ling Zhi Health benefits:

Aids in strengthening of immune system, chronic bronchitis & Asthma, Diabetes, etc… & Boost Beauty Benefits:

Lingzhi retains and regulates water in the skin and helps maintain the skin's elasticity, keeping the skin hydrated and smooth. It also helps to inhibit the formation and deposit of melanin in skin. Today, Lingzhi beauty care products are becoming new stars in the cosmetic industry. By adding Lingzhi into the bath, not only can skin be kept smooth but it can also help prevent bacterial infections.

Would I repurchase?

This is a mask I love and hate.

I would repurchase for the brightening and moisturising effectiveness. Plus the fact that it made my skin very supple. The mask has a lovely oriental packaging that gives no indication of it’s very affordable price. 

 IMG_1782 IMG_1779

I would not repurchase because it’s stinky, brown in color and it's too small for my face :( I am actually pretty particular about the packaging and actual look of a product…….Oh and I actually left the used mask on a piece of paper and it stained the paper brown too.. Kinda repulsive for a clean freak like me… hahaha


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Blair said...

Sweetie, should I get it?

Zoe said...

I have never heard of this mask before,I agree on the packaging it's really pretty..Thanks for the review I love how u said that u both love and hate it ^^;

heartbreaker said...

eeee,hate chinese herb smell.lol.but i might try for its plumping goodness.

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Blair.. maybe u should get it. cause it's real cheap and it works really well at lightening the skin tone and reducing redness. Just don't know if u can take the smell ?!?

Hey Zoe, yea, I am contemplating if I should buy the whole boz and try it everyday and see if it lightens my acne scars. maybe I might get used to the "herbal-ness"... hehe

Hey Heartbreaker, yea, at 2 bucks, it plumps really well IMHO.

amynaree said...

oh no! i hate bad smelling masks lol it's part of my whole mask experience ritual where i breathe in the nice fumes haha

this mask does seem to work well though, so i would like to give it a try once...after all they do say that bad things are usually good for you right? so bad smell = good? ^__^

adin_22 said...

that's good if it improves your skin for a cheap price...thanks for introducing this prooduct to us...:D

Blovet Beauty said...

hey Amy! yea... i was smelling a really pungent herbal, medicinal.. err... maybe it's just me!!
hehehe this mask is just like chinese tonic. taste yucky but great for health!
do you have this mask over there sweetie?

Hey Adin,
No probs.. I am just wondering if this mask is widely avaliable??

Dina (XYYan) said...

it's quite hard to decide, either the great effect or the bad smell...

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

I'll put the funkiest smelling things on my skin if that means I'm gonna get good results. So might be worth a try for me. But dammit I live in the USA. I think my next international vacation needs to be in Singapore just so I can do a massive haul!


Dee said...

I totally agree with you on packaging and the look of a product. I'm like that too. It looks like it works well. Amazing you got this for 2 sgd! Thanks for the review babe!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Dina, I totally agree. I think I'm gonna have to distract myself from the smell of this mask. why can't it smell good and work well and be cheap?? hahaha

Hey Clearly Beautiful!Hongkong and japan are other places in Asia that you can do amazing amazing hauls at! U will love the masks and all the skin care products that are available here!

Dee sweetie!! I would have sent u one for ur birthday but i just got it today and decided to try it out at night!! aww... maybe christmas :) I guess u dun mind the smell :>

Dina (XYYan) said...

yeah, why can't it all be good... lol..
btw, do you have both of the mascaras? and i agree on the scent.. i can't stop smiling when i smell the nice scent of the YSL mascara.. it's just really nice..

Blovet Beauty said...

I have CG and love it for creating intense thick black lashes. YSL I tested at the counters and love the lift my lashes get. I am a big fan of YSL packaging. i used to get tons of sample lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations from my mother in law's frend who worked at YSL spore :)

Nanzy said...

It sounds good =) you look so cute with the mask on too hahaha

Toothfairy said...

looks good! I don't use masks that much, so far, I've only tried one from my beauty diary, I still have 9 or so left to try haha!


Karen said...

Great review ;) Too bad it left your skin feeling moisture deprived & that it didn't smell very appealing. I have to agree that smell is very important when it comes to products used in my skin care routine.

Uinisan said...

man it's really too bad that I don't get to do any mask of any sort for awhile till my skin clears up...jus in case the ingredients sets off the acne side of things again... sighz~~~~

But I still enjoying reading about what's available and how they work for people :) Thanks sweety

Luna said...

ewww.. I'll skip this then.. can't stand weird herbal smells.. urgh..

tris1978ton said...

LOL. Guess the odor is important. I don't think this mask exists in the U.S anyway, but thanks for the reveiw!

Blovet Beauty said...

i was thinking about getting a box today but i totally remembered the smell and couldn't buy it.. *_*

~Lisa said...

Great review! I've been wanting to try cloth masks for a LONG LONG time but I never see them in Toronto.

And I HATE Chinese Herbal scents too! My dad brews them and drinks it too...EWW