Monday, October 5, 2009

Cute Japanese Home Accessories & Shoes & Fairy Kei Makeup!

Are u ready for some
Sometimes, I bump into sites( eg: La Carmina & http://www.polyvore.com/) that totally inspire me and make me squeal with delight~!  I’ve been on the look out for kitchen accessories  and was in total heavenly bliss when I saw these!!!

Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty Toaster - KT5211

Hello Kitty Measuring Spoon Set: Kitchen

Hello Kitty Measuring Spoon Set: Kitchen

Tovolo Blue Rocket Pop Molds
From Tovolo

Tovolo Blue Rocket Pop Molds

Hello Kitty 3-qt. Popcorn Popper - KT5230

Hello Kitty 3-qt. Popcorn Popper - KT5230

Nostalgia CCM505 Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia  CCM505 Cotton Candy Maker

**SHOES I’m Loving* *

London Underground Women's Oats 'n Barley BootIrregular Choice Women's Button Up Ankle Boot

Irregular Choice Women's Mary- Kate Pump

Pictures taken from:

~**FAIRY KEI**~ 

I love all things  cute and fairytale-ish! lalala………                                A fairytale world for me is a place of escapism and utter happiness… hehehe…I was totally inspired by these sugar coated images and hope u like my Fairy Kei inspired FOTD:) **
16-1.jpg image by prizoner2
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*Here’s my FAIRY
NYX Falsies, Regular Falsies, Etude House Sexy Eyes Eyeshadow Quad, Mac eyeliner in Fascinating, light coat of mascara,random golden brown eyeshadow (brows), Clear Lip Gloss, a light light pink blush if u want fairy like cheeks!!! 

Next up, Lee Hyori Inspired Makeup … this one is all about smokey smokin’ eyes!!
Untitled-1 copy


AtelierGal said...

Kawaii~ the lashes really went along with the dress-up^^

I must be the only gal who don't like Hello Kitty, not that I hate her, just that too cute for me. I adore Donald Duck though^^:

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I love those HELLO KITTY stuff they're soo cute!!! :) you did a very good job with the FAIRY KEI INSPIRED Makeup Look love that flower :)

With Love, Elle said...

wow u can seriously be a gr8 looking fairy!
xoxo elle
ps: tag u!

Blair said...

Those HK kitchen appliances are cho kawaii!

This is the first time I've heard of Fairy Kei! I like your outfit and makeup!!!

Sweetie, do you always do FOTDs/EOTDs at night? Can you give me some photography tips? My eye makeup never turns up in photos in daylight and I know that my yellow light will make it look worse haha!

FriendzCentury said...

Very Kawaii look indeed!!

adin_22 said...

everything is sooo kawaii......

Dee said...

I'm not a fan of HK, but I love that toaster! HAHA! That popcorn machine looks so adorable too. I would use it everyday, ha! You look gorgeous babe! You wearing all those accessories make me want to close my ear gauges and wear earrings again, lol. You look beautiful<3333

amynaree said...

Wow you look super adorable! I love the fairy look and your lashes are to die for :) If only I was brave ad bold enough to dress like that everyday hehe

Thanks for the mag scans those outfits are so cute, I really want to dress up like that for halloween or something but it will take me awhile to gather up all the kawaii goods. I'm loving the color of your eyes, very cute but ice cold at the same time.

I wish my house was full of cuteness and hello kitty appliances as well! They even make a hello kitty sexy toy haha O__o

Fifi said...

OMG. those shoes! <3<3

you look adorable && the eyelashes are sickk. you're so talented! :D

Blair said...

SG has Castledew? That CP request might come faster than you think hahaa ;p

Bunnie said...

EEEEE!!! I LOVE the hello kitty toaster!!! I love hello kitty. I saw it in a store but I couldn't really justify buying it. I love those pink studded heels as well. Definitely some eye candy going on here! :) I've added you to my list of daily reads! Come hop this way too!


tokyostargirl said...

Oh my! The HK stuff is so cute! I was never a big HK lover til I moved to Japan! =)

Love your fairy look!

freshelle said...

omg hello kitty toaster! that's super cute. i want ittt!! hahaha i love hello kitty.
great blog you have here ! i'm a new follower - looking forward to your future posts!

Angela said...

OMG....those are the cutest things. Ive actually seen that HK toaster before....LOL

and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

Amanda K said...

Those look adorable. I love Hello kitty!
Your FAIRY KEI INSPIRED Makeup Look is lovely as well. =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I am always ready for cute eyecandy!!! I have those Tovolo rocket molds...hee hee. I want the pink pumps! And you look so adorable in your FOTD. :)

Gaby said...

OMG I want a cotton candy maker, too!

I'm following your blog (=

La coruna said...

love love hello kitty....
n u'r so fairy key....
really pretty on u...good job...=)

Blovet Beauty said...

AtelierGal, i used to hate HK when I was a young girl and ultra tomboyish... but now I am too girlie for my own good and Hk is really cute.. DD is cool too!

Thks SD,Frenz Century, Adin _22 and Ms Elle.. me working on ur tags sooN!! thank U thank U!

hmm Blair, I like to use my white table light together with the natural light in the mornings to take my pictures. it gives the most flattering finish. if i do them at night, i use the white table lamp and off my flash with macro mode...tats all :0 easy

Thanks DEE! If u ever do take out ur gauges,lemme know, I'll get u some earrings!! hehehe :))

AMY sweetie, u are so much cuter than me.. I'm oldie! hahaha I just realised tat all the beauty gurus are starting to do Halloween look.. I didn't plan on doing one, but I guess this Fairy look could be an idea for some?? hehehe

FIFI sweetie, thk U!

Bunnie, wat is ur website? ><

Tokyostargal & Freshelle, thanks for popping by!!

Zoe said...

I really want one of those Cotton Candy makers, u look soooooooooooo kawaii with the Kei inspired makeup, I so love ur lashes..so pretty~I thinku shpuld do more Kei inspired makeups reminds me of the girls in the fairy tales^^

Blovet Beauty said...

Angela , Amanda K -- aren't hello kitty stuff da bomb... they are so kawaii.. too bad Mr Blovetbeauty will absolutely protest to a HK kitchen!! hahahaha

Lisa, U have the Tovolo rocket molds!!! no way!!! I want one too... hehehe~~

Gaby Thanks

La Coruna sweetie,thks :) means alot to me!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Zoe, U would definitely be able to pull it off... u have that fairy tale quality.. I'm getting old and jaded. hahahhha