Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ergo Proxy (エルゴプラクシー, Erugo Purakushī?) is a science fiction suspense anime television series

In an interview,[1] Dai Satō describes the project:

It is set in the future. A group of robots become infected with something called the Kojiro [sic] virus, and become aware of their own existence. So these robots, which had been tools of humans, decide to go on an adventure to search for themselves. They have to decide whether the virus that infected them created their identity, or whether they gained their identity through their travels. This question is meant to represent our own debate over whether we become who we are because of our environment, or because of things that are inherent in us. The robots are all named after philosophers: Derrida and Lacan and Husserl [sic].

Taken from Wikipedia :)

This is a real dark anime which took some getting into. It’s very sci fi,very futuristic and has a real doomsday feeling to it. Don’t watch it if you are already blue. Well, you can watch it if you are blue but like DARK, futuristic anime…. :)

Re-l Mayer was the one character that made me sit through this anime, cause I am more of a samurai and ninja anime lover. She’s stunning in black and her eyes are a grayish blue shade. I knew I had to recreate her captivating eyes.


I did 2 versions, one was a blue tone smoked out eye and the other was a cool grey gradual Smokey eye.


Re-l Mayer Smokey Greys: my personal favourite


I was tearing pretty bad. This always happens when I use alot of matte eyeshadows,tats why my inner tear duct looks moist. I wish my eyes looked like this everyday,minus the tearing please. I used Sephora’s Matte Grey + a light purple blue mix from coastal scents 88 palette ,Mac’s Feline and Etude House  purple eyeliner.


IMG_1001  IMG_0996



Re-l Mayer Smokey Blues:







I’m loving how realistic and natural looking Revlon’s Runway Collection Nails are. Dee sent this to me and I love it. Application was easy as 1,2,3. The nail design is classy and fits my tiny nails just lovely. WOW. Revlon has the best fake nails around!

I’ve tried a few before and the nail size was either too big or the glue was really crappy.

Revlon’s are perfect!

IMG_1116 IMG_1095

Hope u all are having a great weekend :)

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ChuChu~ said...

aaaw i like both versions! thr grey tone looks interesting! and i love your lenses.. i want some too v.v

Blovet Beauty said...

yea, I am currently using the MAXI Eyes... Do they sell circle lenses in germany Chu?? I never did check when I was over there..

Blovet Beauty said...

u can check out the lenses i am using here:
very comfy to wear!

Blair said...

I love your smokey eyes!!! I'm not skillful enough to use such dark colours yet! :[

Eh, brow tutorial from me? I was going to ask you for one! I have the same problem as you plus I have a bald spot on my left brow lol

Blovet Beauty said...

u have a bald spot which I can't see at all!! plus ur brows looks natural and groomed, not like mine, i'm a mess!! lol!

Luna said...

beautiful!! major love both blues, but the greyish one is really hot!! I'm gg to check out tt anime! =)

Blovet Beauty said...

hehehe... glad u think so too Luna... :) grey always seems to be my most fav shade !!

...SimMiChikO said...

ohh lala! it's so dramatically sexy!

Anna said...

the first version is lovelyyy
the blues make your eyes look really white.
what mascara did you use ?

Dee said...

Your eyes looks exactly like hers witht he grey smokey look! Re-l Mayer looks like a cool character. I haven't watched this anime yet, but after seeing Re-l's picture, I'm very intrigued. Nice EOTD babe! I'm glad you like the nails! (:

Bunnie said...

Ooo that eye make up looks SUPER hot. It's so seductive and sultry! You do it so well. I suck at doing eye make up like that! Bah! Come make me pretty!!! :)


Mermaid said...

I love you for doing this. <3

aniiita89 said...

soooo pretttttty : )

Gaby said...

OMG your lashes are amazing on those pictures!

ABout the Volum' Express... did you apply two coats of it? Because for me, no mascara works if I don't apply two coats -_-

Fifi said...

Uber pretty! I love the eyemakeup!
And I don't think Revlon here carries the fake nails. Bummer :(

Nanzy said...

Hey there pretty, LOVING this smoked out bluish grey look, your contact makes it look even better. great job!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow your eyes look amazing!! :) I love version 1 actually :) looks very nice!!

Beauty Snap said...

Wow I love these looks!!! I have those fake nails too. Btw did you use a white/grey matte color around your eyes to imitate that grayish anime face color the character has (in the first pic) or maybe that is your natural skin color? Perhaps the picture coloring was a bit cool? Haha anyways I love them!! Hope you post more of these eye looks~

☆Anastacia☆ said...

The smokey eyes looks cool! The contacts too :P
I like your fake nails! Looks like real :)

AtelierGal said...

The nails are indeed pretty...I never really like fake ones because I've heard complications that might spoil our nails, I think...

But I might buy those Revlon ones, though I've no place to be to flaunt them :/

Loving the eye makeup. I've been dabbling with green & purple but my camera sucks - so no pix

Toothfairynotes said...

Lovely nails with the dark ends!


Blovet Beauty said...

thanks for all ur comments babes!!
I used 2 mascaras for this look - maybelline volume express and cover girl lash blast.
I also used the whiter shades on the 88 palettes around my eye area for a brighter eye area :)

Ahleessa said...

The girl in the anime is hot! I should watch the anime now that you mention it... hehe~ You did a great imitation of the girl. :)

e.motion in motion said...

Love the look!! It's so sultry (;

amynaree said...

i'm loving this! there's something about Smokey blue grey that is so intriguing!

stellarvixen said...

i dig this anime too! Pino is soo cute..
WOW you did an amazing attempt to re-create relMayer blueish grey look! i luv luv it~~

aww i dun hav a matte grey & neon blue eyeshadow
again your eyes are so very mesmerizing!

Zoe said...

Wow..u did a great job, I love ur eyes, they always look sopretty with every color and u r so talented^^

FriendzCentury said...

Absolutely Gorgeous EOTD!!