Saturday, October 31, 2009

The genius of You Tube


I’d  like to believe that YOU TUBE was founded by beauty gurus who needed an avenue to post all their beauty hauls and what not in moment of makeup enlightenment but the simple truth is that it was founded by 3 pretty attractive looking guys( some still say it’s 2 guys and I am totally not sure about this but since Wikipedia stated 3,I’m sticking with it)! Above is Chad and Steve. The third dude is Jawed Karim and from what I see through Google images, he’s not bad looking. Totally unexpected .

This raises another case in point, IT WIZs can be very attractive and good looking. I really love these guys as they have helped me get over my TV Addiction. You Tube has everything a girl would ever need to keep herself occupied and readily informed.

I love you tube cause it has spawned so many amazing beauty gurus like Michelle Phan , Fafinette, binosusume, beautyQQ, manwomanfilm and many others.

I love how you can be surfing for one thing and a great link to something similar pops up and since my attention span is that of a goldfish, I can easily switch videos super fast and I rarely get bored!




This lovely korean lady makes cooking complex Korean Dishes look easy, fun and yummy. I bet it’s not as easy to make though for a klutz like me! All those veggies, yummy!



OLLY MURS. I am such a big fan of his!! His old school singing, dancing and on stage performance is the reason why I have to watch him online every week!


His interviews with celebrities (esp. Jennifer Love Hewitt) & monologues always crack me up.








She’s honest, funny and totally sexy. Amazing hauls too!


My current hot favourite anime is WITCHBLADE & VAMPIRE KNIGHT.  Lots of fun. I check out anime songs and everything anime related on you tube all the time :)



My current favourite music video has to be Miss Shanghai

For all my KPOP, Jap, German, English songs. Lately, I’ve been totally stuck to Park Bom Latest single:

From  Vampire Knight Guilty

Hope you enjoyed this post, it’s beauty related yet not beauty related… hee hee ^_^

If there are any channels you adore, pls comment below! I would love love to know :)

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♥akisa♥ said...

omg, that Korean cooking channel is a god send!! Thank you so much!! People assume being half korean means i'm supposed to know how to cook Korean food but I don't, hahaha.. I guess I can learn it now ~ finally~

Zoe said...

Thanks for all those videos and as Akisa said for that Korean cooking channel , I have another one to share , aeriskitchen's Korean cooking channel is a great one too, I also love Park Bom's song You & I too, love the MV..
And I am also a great fan of Michelle Phan..yay^^did u ever watch the guy who tries to immitate her?he is so funny^^

AtelierGal said...

I login to YT whenever I'm in the mood to cook. Most of the time, the people talk too much that I got annoyed lol

FriendzCentury said...

Thanks for the video recommendations, I spend alot of my time browsing on there too. I particularly like pursebuzz's channel.

Dee said...

I love Maangchi! I watched her on Podcast before she went to Youtube, lol. I've only watched a few of thecurrentcustoms vids and she's pretty cool.

I absolutely adore manwomanfilm, Apropomakeup, BeautyARTStudio, kandeejohnson, makeupgeektv, saarahvictor, iwanted2c1video, WETPAINTmakeupartist, pixiwoo, LetzMakeup, monroemisfitmakeup and JennisseMakeup. There's more, but I can't remember, lol.

I think I already told you I don't like MichellePhan right? LOL. I hate her fans more, they're super mean.

Anna said...

i'm such a youtube addict x_x
i like the channels you listed too XD
beautyqq makes me laugh, especially that... snot face cleanser video or w/e it was LOL

Blair said...

I don't really lurk around YT. I must check your recs out :)

Blair said...

Henry Tianus is available in SG and you can also order from their site:

Blovet Beauty said...

hi sweeties!!
akisa, can't believe i took so long to find her channel.. her korean food looks so yum yum.. i am no chef but i wana try out her dishes!

Zoe! I forced my hubby to watch the guy tat imitated her and it made us laugh so hard!! hehehe... but he's really good at mimicking her in some ways :P

Atelier, you tube is inspirational ... haha

friendz ! I used to watch alot of pursebuzz too.. I do like her older videos alot.. especially her pdt reviews

Dee!! wow u are the You tube guru.. I love everything u listed and I'm always on the hunt for more and more interesting beauty related videos.. I really love watching currentcustoms cause I like how she's just being herself and she's cool.hahaha

Blair!! u have such a sweet cute voice btw :) go check out the maangchi def.. her cooking channel is so fun... thks for the link sweetie

~Lisa said...

Yay! I'm a YouTube addict too! I think my addiction isn't as serious now but I still watch it everyday.

Those guys who created YouTube must've made ALOT of money!! And they're good-looking too. Hey, that just made me realize. Were they the ones who's been causing trouble for some of the gurus?? Like the music copyright and blah de dah.

Anyways, my fav. gurus are MichellePhan, and bubzbeauty. ^.^

And love all the video recommendations! I love the Asian songs XD hehe. I also love dramas!! OMG!! My all time favourite is Fated to Love You.


Gaby said...

Thanks for sharing those channels!

You're tagged! =D

tris1978ton said...

I love watching beauty and skin care tips from youtube. Any you are right. The IT WIZS are not so bad looking.

amynaree said...

great post! i'm totally a youtube junkie myself! i think that's what actually inspired me to start a blog.. i started watching youtube then visited blogs of my favorite youtube gurus

Toothfairy said...

hey doll!

I have to disagree with you as I think the youtube guys don't look attractive to me! hahaha... btw I love michelle phan... don't watch it on youtube, but I do love her site!

btw I've just started a little game on my blog, so if you want to join, go check it out!

Have a lovely sunday!

Alex said...

HAHAHA, yeah i would too think youtube founder would be some kind of dooky-sticky-hair-nerds.

lol. Anyway thanks so much for sharing all these youtube channels! They've kept me occupied for!

At the same time, can I request for more lips swatches?! You seriously have the most kissable lips ever~~~~


Evee said...

PARK BOM!!!! im addicted too haha that music vid is the cutest thing alive :D

Dee said...


Ahleessa said...

I'm so interested in Witchblaze and Vampire Knight. I should check it out... hehe~

PinkyKathy said...

oh wow thanks for these info. ^_^ youtube is like the best innovation of this century!!! ^_^

anyway, I'm your new follower, and I do love your blog very much .

Alex said...

R:(canmake jewelstar eyeshadow)

yeah i thought so too, but i bought it at a special price during some sales... so yup, at least it makes me feel better ;)