Thursday, October 8, 2009

NUDE, Deep RED & BLACK Lady Gaga Inspired Lips & Halloween Looks!



First up, my most favourite nude lip gloss. This is the one and only one that covers my pigmented lips ( even with no concealor it does the job perfectly) and it’s ART DECO no.20

Those of you who have can get ART DECO products, this Lip Gloss is the most amazing lip gloss I have ever tried. Beats MAC, STILA,ESTEE and a whole lot of other nude stuff I’ve tried.  I use this so sparingly cause I only have one tube left. My hubby bought 2 tubes in total for me and now I am savouring the last tube! It’s totally amazing to me. I am hoping and am pretty confident OCC LIP TARS will have something similar that I LOVE!





I got really fed up with my dried up cream eyeliner( I’ve had it for 2 yrs now… I know its a long time to keep it but I love the Japanese brand lasting gelliner!!! … ><)  and maybelline pencil liner was really tugging at my water line, so I had to get a replacement JET BLACK EYELINER.  I cannot live without black eyeliners. I wore them to school( look like a panda all the time), I wore them out and they were always a staple in my makeup pouch. I am lost without my black liner. For years I have searched for a REALLY BLACK, REALLY SMOOTH, REALLY OOOH LALA pencil eyeliner and I think I’ve struck GOLD :)


FELINE **IMG_0592IMG_0593

Look at the intensity with only 2 strokes of Feline!!!


I set it with eyeshadow and it smudges pretty little for such a creamy and intense formulation. LOVE LOVE THIS!!!







IMG_0669 IMG_0672IMG_0670




STUFF U CAN USE: Set Lips with generous amount of foundation. Outline shape and fill in with any Liquid /Cream Black eyeliner. The Blacker the better and I used Lavender Lip Balm for a smooth lip base and a shiny top coat!

I’m in the Halloween Mood right now cause so many YT makeup gurus are coming up with such inspiring Halloween related looks!! Have u seen Kandee Johnson recreations? Amazing!!

  SO, so so… IT was only fitting to have strong black bold Gothic inspired eyes for the lips! I was so inspired… Took my FELINE EYELINER and VIOLA… I love love this look… maybe cause I only used feline eyeliner as the base and one black eyeshadow and white eyeshadow and that was it!!! Isn’t it intense… Feline I can’t seem to get over u.




V for Vendetta ( one of my fav shows)

Rag Doll Look

Queen of Hearts (Alice In Wonderland)

She DEVIL/Gothic Fairy Makeup ( I love Goldiestarling tutorials!)


I left out one item Blair sent to me… It was Watson’s Herbal Gingko Leaf Stretchable Mask. It fits the face snuggly so hopefully never got wasted this morning… My skin was less red and my face looked well rested after this mask.

IMG_0442   IMG_0780IMG_0782

I may look grumpy but really I’m totally enjoying this whitening and brightening mask. I’ve been pampering myself a whole lot more by masking my face more often. It makes my skin feel happy :)

Well, on the skincare side of things, I was digging through my bag of facial washes and realised that I had an unused  Sana NAMERAKA Isoflavone Facial Wash Soap from my Japan trip… I have been using it for a few days now and it cleans my skin really well and is very mild but it can be drying.I recommend a moisturizer after using this.

Already I’m in love with their cleansing oil and their facial wash seems to be agreeing with me..I love love this range… Going to try out their toners and UV ones soon.

“ Sana Nameraka series is made of fermented extracts of organic soy beans which are rich sources of isoflavones. Hydrating, skin firming and rich in nutrients, Sana Nameraka becomes one of the best selling lines in Japan and in Asia. Fragrance and colorant free. For all skin types.”IMG_0639IMG_0643


Okie.. I hope u enjoyed this wacky post Babes!!!

Coming Up on my next blog post

::Favourite Eye Brushes::


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Alex said...

gorgeous! your lips literally looks like heart shape~ haha

artdeco is relatively a new brand to me, thanks for the awesome review!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Your have such sexy lips!!!! so admire your lips :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks alex.. artdeco used to be in spore, but pulled out in a few months:(

Hey SD! U are a sexy mama urself !!

Fifi said...

Ooh, I agree, gotta love sheet masks! I always forgot to get some when I went shopping, though. Bummer.

by the way, BLOODY HOT LIPS!!! <3

Zoe said...

The art deco lipgloss looks really pretty, so used that concealer on ur lips first then applied the lipsticks?coz I really want to get that kind of concealers,please do a review on it ..thanks soooooooo much^^..
Your lips look so gorgeous with all colors, I so love the nude and dark red lips on u^^

Blovet Beauty said...

hey FIFI! u are the queen of sexy lips!!! u gotta get more masks as a treat!

ZOe sweetie, yup, concealor than lipsticks... I love everything SANA so I'll be more than happy to do the concealor review for u :))

Blair said...

Ahhh, I want me some Art Deco gloss! It sounds perfect!

Blovet Beauty said...

yea Blair, I highly highly recommend it !!its super duper pretty

Chenni said...

I'm lips envy. Yours are so gorgeous.

Blovet Beauty said...

thks chenni sweetie:)

amynaree said...

the nude lips look amazing! i really need to try art deco because i have pigmented lips as well :)

i'm starting to get into black eyeliners slowly as well and have been using it on a regular basis, my face just looks so plain and blah w/out it nowadays! so i need to get my hands on mac feline when i get the chance

i love your eyes they look amazing with the liner. i still don't know what i want to be for halloween, and the mask from watsons sounds so refreshing :)

FriendzCentury said...

Gorgeous Gothic inspired EOTD pics. I love how a black eyeliner and shadow can transform into such an intense look.

fuzkittie said...

Hi! :] You have a cuuute site! Love those lip inspirations.

Nanzy said...

LOVE the red lips, looks like a ruby pumps on lips =D I also adore Art Deco lippies, love their Glossy Lip Care =) where do you get yours from?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, you got some juicy lips on you girl! Your gothic inspired eyes are off the hook! And those Halloween vids are cra-zee...thanks for sharing!

AtelierGal said...

I had that Art Deco gloss, which I lost it somewhere at Mos Burger when I went to buy my food >.< Who steals lip gloss at an outlet?!

Dee said...

I swear, we totally think alike! I was going to make a post about my makeup brushes, haha! You're amazing babes! So creative with makeup! I love everything! Your Art Deco lip gloss is super pigmented! It actually reminds me of Illamasquas lipglosses. I'm so happy you like Feline! <3

aniiita89 said...

your lips look sooo pretty :)

ChuChu~ said...

wow i love the artdeco nude lip gloss! and your lips are very nice wuaaah so kissable i go crazy haha <3

*aly said...

Love, love, love your lips. Great reviews BTW. You have pretty brown eyes too.

tuniez82 said...

thank you for the comment,
I love the darm red lip right now it makes me feel so elegant

Yumeko said...

love this post! there is so much going on!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Thanks everyone !!! I appreciate all ur positive feedback.. I dont really know where to get artdeco from, except from Munich...