Thursday, October 15, 2009



Well well, I did this subtle cut crease EOTD because burst of rainbow inspired colors make me happy:)


I recently stumbled across this amazing Japanese Street Fashion webby called Tokyo Fashion and it really felt like I was walking through the colorful streets of Harajuku and it made me miss all the Stylish Japanese Fashionistas.

Feast ur eyes on these individualist, quirky and mind blowing fashion pictures.   

Yes, she has blonde hair,the cutest leopard print shoes,the reddest nails, the most gorgeous hair piece and the most exciting, wicked red dress I have ever laid eyes on. This whole get up is absolutely red hot!!

Silver Hair Japanese Girl

Japanese Guy in Cool Skirt

Japanese Dresscamp Jacket

I am completely in love and drawn to this picture. This is the epitome of cool.  If I were a guy, I would want to look exactly like him. *LURVE*

Harajuku Schoolgirls

Tokyo Game Show 2009 028

From Tokyo Game Show. I love all these dress ups, makes life so interesting.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 013

All pictures taken from : http://tokyofashion.com/

*A toast to creative self expression*

Next up, I have an Ergo Proxy Anime Inspired EOTD and a { Harajuku + G Dragon + Gwen Stefani } Inspired FOTD. Night Night :)


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Blair said...

I'm jealous, why can't my cut crease look as good as yours? hehee~

I agree with you, Majolica Majorca's applicator is very very nice!! I don't like your hairband, I love it!! ;p

I don't do anything special with my brows, I fill them in a little with my brow pencil.. why? Do they look very bad?

Luna said...

omg I love the way Japanese dress! I wish everyone was as fashionable!! and of cuz i wish I could carry it off.. haha.. I love love cosplay and wish I had the guts to do it! lol..

ChuChu~ said...

i dont like the first pic.. she remembers me of courtney love! hahah somehow but i like all the other pictures.. the clothing is great! Q_Q;

Toothfairynotes said...

the japanese fashion is so extraordinary... unique... you can't pull something like that off here in the Netherlands!

Thanks for entering the Giveaway!
Fingers crossed!

Tao said...

Your eyes are soo pretty! I'm jealous of your lashes. Mine are not existent.

I'm envious of Japanese girls b/c they can get away with a lot more daring outfits over there. I wish I could pull off some of those outfits, but I'm not ballsy enough to wear them...:(

FriendzCentury said...

Your EOTD pics are inspiring, you may have to do a few tutorials so I can pick up on some of your tips. Luv the pics from TokyoFashion too!!

adin_22 said...

I love the lady in red.....her dress, her shoes....love...

Dee said...

Your eyes look amazing! And those scans are so awesome. They can dress! Thanks for the awards as well sweety! *HUGS*

Jasmin said...

Love the makeup & these pics are too cute!

Sassy J'adore said...

Luvs the rainbow EOTD. Very pertty.
Those Tokyo looks sure are unique. I don't think I can ever pull those looks off. LOL!

If I was a guy, I would luv to look like David Beckham. hehe. I adore him no matter what, since he's hot. =)

Fifi said...

i love that zebra printed jacket and those girls in school uniforms are cute!

I have friends who are really into Japanese stuffs. Think I should share the website with them.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

YOu did a really good job with the EOTD very pretty :) and thanks for sharing those pictures from tokyofashion

Yumeko said...

love ur eotd!
wish my lashes were so long!

Uinisan said...

You absolutely have lovely eyes especially when you've got makeup on...Looks great! and yep, the styles you've shown from tokyofashion.com is very true to some of the unique styles found there heheeheh... but I enjoy it coz they are so different

M said...

their cosplays are always so amazing and fun look at. i always wonder how their hair just stays in place like that

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Blair, i wana do my brows like urs.. pls do a tutorial??

Luna!!yea, I wish I were slim as a stick, than I can wear so much more fashionable clothings!

ChuChu & toothfairy & Tao, I agree. The Japanese have a dress sense that's unique and so daring. I would look like a complete clown if I tried!!! sigh I wana go back to japan just to people watch!

Hi Ms Frendz, I'm working on a tutorial request for T-ARA look. I hope u look out for that soon..

Adin, Dee and Jasmine, I love LAdy Red too. She's hot stuff. I wana be Japanese!!!

Sassy, I totally agree with u about how difficult it is to pull off this crazy looks. As I grow older I want to be able to be this unique but it's so darn difficult :( DB is hot too!

Fifi, I wish the website had more pictures. I usually look at other websites but they don't have such unique jap street fashion.

SD, Thanks... I like happy , colorful looks!

Yumeko, my lashes are totally fake! I used 2 mascaras here and they were clumpy...

Uinisan, yea, I wish people were born with eye shadow on... LOL ... wonders of makeup :)

M, I went to Japan twice and that's the exact thing that always bugged me. The guys have such amazing hair... the girls too, esp the himes... sigh.. I think it's due largely to their dry weather and excellent hair products!! haha

陳珊妮sammi said...
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