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Skin Whitening is very very big in Asia.
In Singapore, you can find a whitening range in just about any cosmetic or skincare store. Cheap papaya whitening creams to mid range drugstore brands to higher end miracle whitening creams adorn the shelves. It’s truly a whitening jungle out here!
The benefits of Skin Whitening  is highly sought after as it promises clearer, translucent, fairer  and even tone skin. People with hyper pigmentation, liver spots, sun damage, acne scarring and freckles can achieve longer lasting results by using whitening products that block melanin production.
Achieving fairer skin takes time, patience and devotion as the effects are gradual and best seen after a few months. Do not expect fairer, translucent and even skin tone in a few weeks or days, as whitening is skin deep and works deep in the skin by blocking melanin production (responsible for the darker coloration in skin) and gradually exfoliating  away the dull surface layer of skin. A whitening range can translate to brighter skin as well :)
As effective as a whitening range can be, it does have it’s drawbacks and it’s safer to exercise caution and moderation when embarking on a whitening regime:

“ Whitening agents, especially ones that are effective, are the most potent active ingredients in all of skin care products available on the consumer market and they have a tendency to THIN THE SKIN DRAMATICALLY, making your skin extremely sensitive and vulnerable.
Remember that the skin is a protective organ. It’s not supposed to be thin, frail, nor vulnerable. It’s supposed to callus where it need be, roughen where it need be, and fight germs and toxins by “turning red” or “growing a zit”. It’s supposed to get tanned and dark when exposed to UV so that it can do its job of protecting the INSIDE of you from UV radiation.


Best Approach to Skin Whitening:
1)  Whitening the skin should be done in cycles.
Periods of intense whitening should be accompanied with periods of downtime for the skin to regenerate independently.
Right now, I’ve noticed an increased reddness in my skin tone ,especially concentrated at my post acne redness. I’ve taken a week off my glycolic and skin lightening products and I’m using SANA’s Cleanser, Dr Secrets Toner and Vitacreme B12. During the week , I noticed that my skin had a few tiny zits but it went away very quickly when I applied just  a tiny amount of glycolic directly onto it( not onto the whole face). Amazingly, Vitacreme worked within 2 days to soothe the excessive redness on my skin and I think it’s an effective product for skin regeneration and healing. My sensitive and red skin is now back to normal skin tone, just after one and a half weeks of using VITACREME B12.
 2) Do not embark on an AGGRESSIVE WHITENING REGIME if you have dry, sensitive and “thin” skin.
If you tend to have dry skin, whitening agents can sometimes irritate the skin and make it flake excessively. Start out slow and use a very gentle whitening regime.
If you have oily to normal skin, a gentle whitening regime may not be as effective. Your skin may be able to tolerate moderate to aggressive skin whitening regime.

Effective Skin Whitening Ingredients:
Skin Whitening Ingredients works in two ways to give you fairer skin:
1. By absorbing the UV rays, thus preventing the sun from darkening your skin.
2. By reducing the production of melanin, the skin pigment found in
your skin which is responsible for skin darkening.

a. Hydroquinone ***not proven to be 100% safe
b. Kojic Acid
c. Vitamin C (Stabilised)
d. Niacinamide
e. Arbutin
f. Licorice Extract
g.Glycolic Acid\AHA

What should you look out for when you want to purchase a whitening product ? Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C are my preferred choice of whitening ingredients as they give me the least amount of skin irritation and maximum results in terms of lightening and evening out the skin tone. Glycolic based products can help with stubborn pigmentation too because I had a bad pigmented patch and after a few months of regular glycolic use, it has faded back to my normal skin tone.

Beware of products containing hydroquinone such as DR MURAD Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel with 2% Hydroquinone. This ingredient  irritates my skin and has broken me out before. Also, it isn’t certified to be a 100% “ Safe” ingredient. This ingredient is my least favourite whitening agent.

If you are a whitening expert, you would know what works and what doesn’t. If you are new to whitening, you might have to do some trial and error but you should look into your current skin care routine(esp if it is working) to know which ingredients seem to work for your skin and which doesn’t. You can make better whitening product choice if you do enough research on the whitening product and by double checking the ingredients list first.

People with already sensitive skin can experience different levels of irritation when they start using skin whitening products. It took me 2-3 months to become accustomed to the whitening ingredients found in Dr Secrets( it contains Kojic Acid). Now I can’t do without it.

Recommended Whitening Skin Care Products:

-From Vichy Bi White Advanced Range :
Intensive Whitening Correcting Care with liquorice extract ( helps fade stubborn pigmentation)

-P&J Whitening Serum(tons of rave reviews on this one)

-Dr Secrets T3 Skin Lightener (contains Kojic Acid & Citric Acid) and T4 Skin Recon

-Olay Whitening Range (Budget friendly)

-Clarins ( for sensitive and drier skin type)

-Glycolic or AHA based products( exfoliating of dead skin cells reveal a fairer , clearer and more even skin tone)

-Kojie-San Kojic Acid Soap


-Elizabeth Arden VISIBLE WHITENING Pure Intensive Capsules

Recommended Whitening Masks:
Whitening masks acts as a supplement to your whitening skincare and is not considered a skin whitening regime replacement.

My Beauty Diary Mask
OLAY Whitening Mask
The Face Shop Mask Vit C Whitening Mask
Dr Secrets Gold Mask
Home made strawberry/honey and yogurt mask
Homemade papaya mask

There are so many ways to “lighten or whiten” our skin tone and ultimately it boils down to finding the right ingredients that work with your skin type. Take your time to discover your most suitable whitening product and should you get any nasty reactions or break out, stop using the products immediately. Effective whitening products should make your skin fairer, clearer and brighter. Do not be afraid to give your whitening regime a break when you feel your skin is looking too red or irritated or sensitive . Do pamper your skin with a whitening mask once a week or twice a month too. Peels and exfoliation is key to allow maximum penetration of skin whitening agents.

I know alot of you girls have really beautiful fair skin. What’s your must have whitening skin care product ?
As always,wear sunblock for fair, translucent and beautiful skin & have a great great week ahead sweeties & Dee sweetie, I hope this article helps u:)

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Dee said...

I've never heard of Licorice Extract used for whitening. Interesting. Thanks for doing this hun. I really appreciate it!

MilknCookiie said...

Thank you for sharing such useful information. I have freckles and dry, sensitive skin. Usually I pick whitening products which claim to regulate the melanin production as it is the main cause of my freckles. My skin naturally produces a lot of melanin. :(

Right now I am using the Ellagic acid and Dr. G whitening reformer as my night cream. So far the results are quite nice. My freckles haven't really gotten lighter but my skin does look more luminous.

Now I really want to try the Paul & Joe whitening serum!

♥ Milk

amynaree said...

great post!! I barely found out about the whole whitening craze when I started blogging so I haven't really had much experience in trying out whitening products besides whitening sheet masks :)

the vitab12 creme sounds great can you do a full review on it when you get the chance?

hope you are having a lovely day

Blovet Beauty said...
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Blovet Beauty said...

Dee,hoped this helped u :) Vichy Bi White contains licorice and it actually worked on my mom and sister in law. It great for pigmentation or freckles.

if there is anything else u need to know, just ask :)

hey Milk, u know melanin actually protects against ultraviolet light, so it's actually a dual edged sword!..Is Dr G a Korean Brand and could you pretty pls do a review on this whitening cream?? sounds real interesting :)

AMy! yup. this whitening craze is kinda out of control in Asia, but its understandable cause the tropics are so hot and sunny, so pigmentation and uneven skin tone are problems we face.
I'll definitely do a review on vitacreme 12 after I used it for a longer time :

Beauty Snap said...

Thanks for the info!! I use masks occasionally and some products like a-arbutin for whitening. I found that Etude House 02 White mask is really nice for whitening (not really 100% permanent though) and I've reviewed it on my blog! Let us know how vitacreme 12 is after you've used it for a while~

Blovet Beauty said...

hey mika, not a problem . I was at EH the other day and tested the 02 mask. However I didn't buy it so I think I will zip over to ur blog to read ur reviews on it:)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for sharing this is very informative :) I skip from whitening to none whitening from time to time, not because I know i need to inter change I just don't like to stick with one thing for a long time. Looks like it's actually good for skin hehe :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

wow, what a nice info that you shared..
i've heard that oily skin doesn't suit whitening products as well, cause it will makes the skin oilier.. is it true?

thanks for your sweet comment btw, i'll review it when i've used it enough.. =)

Luna said...

Great informative post!! I have to admit i would love to be at least 1-2 shades fairer.. but have been kinda slacking off my whitening regime. I had been using Vichy Bi-white, I might start on tt again once my acne is more under control..

Oh and I didn't know about Stage cosmetics being imported from diff countries! I dun pay much attention to such details.. lol.. nice to know though =)

Blair said...

Miss Laney, you are the expert in whitening! I've got to try the products that you recommended, I wanna get at least a shade fairer :)

Alex said...

plus the environment you're living in and the weather of your home country, perhaps that explains why koreans have such fair skin?


Luna said...

I'm totally loving the coffret palette! You can still get it at local counters =P I now wish I could have gotten more during the recent sale..

Yumeko said...

i reccomend sekkisei by kose
i have used it since i was 16 and whenever i need to get fairer, i always go back to it

Blovet Beauty said...

Ena, wow.. i guess we sometimes do things that are good for our skin without really knowing :)

Hi Dina, I never thought whitening wouldn't suit oily skin cause I have oilier skin and whitening actually helps me :) it's still safer to be gentle when adopting a whitening routine :)can't wait for the reviews!

Hey Blair, let me know if you like any products listed!

Hey Alex, u're so right. Environment shapes us. I used to be a tomboy and very sunburnt as a child. I had so much freckles and was pretty dark. So growing up, I kinda forced myself to put on sunblock and take better care of my skin. It's taken a long time but I'm glad to say my freckles are slowly disappearing :)

Hey Luna, I've seen drastic improvements from using vichy bi white in the past. it helps to lighten and the effects are pretty long term... gotta check out those amazing palettes :)

Yumeko, thanks for the recommendation. i got to get a bottle from my brother and try it! thanks sweetie!

Ahleessa said...

These products are definitely working for you since you are on the pale side. You have such healthy skin! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

aww... i used to be a darkie and it didn't affect me until i started to notice pigmentation and freckles. my mom had alot of those so i knew i had to work hard to protect my skin from those harsh rays..Thanks Ahleessa:)

AtelierGal said...

I'm big on whitening, but it shows off your flaws way too obvious like your dark circles, redness etc T.T

Dee said...

Give me olive skin any day.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Whitening is BIG business in Asia. Here? Not so much. However I have been noticing a trend toward more "brightening" products as girls now (myself included) want to have skin free of dark spots. LOVE your posts, Lane! :D

sesame said...

I used to go for whitening products and found them to improve my shade but never my spots. Vit C is good to an extent and I found fruit acids to work though I can't use for a prolonged period.

FriendzCentury said...

Very informative post, I've never been into whitening products in my younger years, but now I'm trying to catch up with it all, but I need anti-aging products more LOL. I've tried Sekkisei and quite liked it.

Sabrina Moore said...

Aside from moderation and caution, it's best to add in healthy habits if you seek fairer skin. Aging can be a big roadblock for your skin, and the best way to slow down its effects is to exercise and avoid unhealthy habits like smoking. The latter is especially important, as that can damage your skin and complexion. Sunlight can be a big factor too. Avoid exposing your skin to too much sunlight, as that can cause health problems.