Friday, November 13, 2009

Canmake Nudy Glow & Mascaras Scans


Canmake Nudy Glow 01 Rose Macaroon 

IMG_2203IMG_2486 IMG_2489


Color: Yummy nude\pinkish family

Covers and complements pigmented lips very well

Packaging : A

Great size to carry around and good quality, attractive packaging

Longevity: B+

Last pretty long for a lip gloss. I had it on for a few hours (did not eat or drink) and the color only budged slightly

Texture: A

Not overly sticky. It feel more like a creamy lipstick just a lot more moisturising. Pleasant tasting too.

Applicator: B+

It ‘s brush tip applicator makes for quick application.

As you can see, this is a very creamy, pale pinkish lip gloss that is so so so easy to wear. The pretty packaging caught my eye and I was over the moon when I tested it. It felt moisturizing, without being too sticky while  giving a  nudish - pinkish coverage with a good amount of shine . I’ve been using this alone but it does a good job of giving my matte lipsticks a bit of a shine. The closest substitute for my ART DECO lip gloss so far…

What could possibly compete with canmake nudy glow and art deco lip gloss? Well, I just received a birthday parcel from Dee! We’re November babies so it’s real easy to remember her birthday too..One of her gifts was something  that is very high on my wish list : OCC Lip Tar ( HuSH)… oooh lala… can’t wait to show u guys this gorgeous color!!!


Thank you Dee sweetie for my birthday gift. Thank you Blair for my early early birthday gift too.. Thank you Zoe for wanting to send  me a birthday gift too..Thanks to all you lovelies for who have wished me a HB on my blog :) It’s a long time ago but I hang on to sweet memories :)

This blog has in many many ways made me realize that there are lovely people around who love buying and receiving makeup… Growing up, I was made to feel that makeup was very shallow and a very very silly thing to  pursue but I have always and would always prefer receiving gifts consisting  of  makeup as compared to other commodities, any day.

These lovely girls actually take the effort to go out, hand pick beauty items, thinking about what the other person might like or has wished for, buy the item, wrap it up, personalize the gift and send it down to the post office etc etc…. There is alot that goes into getting someone  a gift

It’s not the size of the gift that matters, it’s the effort and the  thought that goes into a gift that means a whole lot more.

Thank U



okie, here are some scans I promised:

A very sweet natural wide eye look:


How to put on false eyelash. I do like to bend it around to loosen up the spine. Especially when I have those really hard / lousy falsies that don’t already conform to the shape of my lashes !



I got my eyes on Rimmel, HR and YSL Mascara!

IMG_2377 IMG_2373

IMG_2375 IMG_2376 IMG_2379 IMG_2380


Upcoming posts!!IMG_2646



Weekend is near! I’ve got work and a vampire movie lined up :)

IMG_2561 Untitled-1 copy


amynaree said...

Blog girls are oh so sweet to send you lovely gifts ^__*

the canmake lipgloss looks so yummy, i love pale milky colors

thanks for the mag scans, i really want to try HR mascara too, keep hearing fab things about it!

Pop Champagne said...

awww happy birthday to you and dee! the canmake lipgloss color is nice, I've been into nude colors lately too :) and yeah its amazing what storyline they can come up with for TV shows!

Diane said...

That Canmake lipgloss looks great on you, i'm loving it! Thanks for the great scans!

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a sweet post. :)

I wished I saw that Canmake in HK b/c I would've bought it! Such a pretty color. :D

AtelierGal said...

The lipgloss seems more promising than the lipstick I've got -.-

Luna said...

Fellow Nov babies unite!! lol... I wish we could have met up while Blair was here.. that would have been fun wouldn't it =P

Dina (XYYan) said...

the lipgloss looks really nice!
aww, i'm with you.. i just knew that people can be so lovely too :)

Dee said...

Totally agree. I've met such wonderful ladies here and I'm so glad you've received your package! I can't wait till you put that occ lip tar to good use! The color will look amazing on you babe! Thanks for the scans<3

tris1978ton said...

That lip color is gorgeous on you! Looks yummy and creamy!

Blair said...

I kept telling Luna that you have the sweetest voice! Both of us went green with envy haaha~

01 Rose Macaroon is so pretty! I want it!! Laney, you are such an evil enabler =P

Nanzy said...

You look great with nude pinky lips, I wish my lips isn't too pigmented & I don't look like pornstar wearing it LOL

Evee said...

aww that's sweet :)
and your gift looks awesome too! lucky girl

sizbelle said...

the lip gloss is really nice i better check out from the nearest drugstore if its available!

i'm loving my HR mascara def want to get the version shown in the pic which is the feline one.

adin_22 said...

I'm a November baby too....:D

I always wanted to try canmake products...that shade would definitely look good with a pink lipstick...

Zoe said...

Hey dear, ur birthday present will be mailed this monday coz I am adding some stuff to it^^

The lipgloss looks really cute,the HR mascara is on my wishlist...I just knew that we are going to have a store here so hope I can get one soon^^

Toothfairy said...

OOOOH!!! beautiful look! I love this, hahaha... didn't I tell you I thought the green look was your best so far... yeah, I have to take it back, I like this one better! my style... :P


Marce said...

The lipgloss looks so gorgeous on you!

Mona said...

gotta love canmake!

~Lisa said...

OOh! Pretty lip gloss! I can't wait to see the OCC one =]

Lovely birthday gifts too!! And thanks for the magazine scans, I can only look at pictures. Can't read Chinese very well...=[