Thursday, November 26, 2009

Funny Videos & ZOE’s Gifts :)

1) BEYONCE & LADY GAGA PARODY! Made me laugh~~~ hehehe….

2) U have to watch daesung & haejin get curls of a lifetime **_**

You have to watch this because it’s hilarious and you have never seen a hot iron like this ! At least I have never seen one so impressive. ( huk huk)

Zoe from 13 December sent me a super cute parcel !!!  Who doesn’t love receiving birthday parcels?? I got her very sweet and pretty items a few days back and had to use them already!

I have always loved to visit Thailand because everything there has a such a creative and cute flair to it. Just look at this super cute mailman.. wat a cute packagae Zoe! I love it!

DSCF0632 copy
DSCF0637 It’s so nice to receive a accessories that look as cute as these and the pink envelope is a very cool card too!

DSCF0658 DSCF0665 
DSCF0666 Awww… I dun know about you but this card is so lovely and it really made me feel special. Thank you for sending me a birthday parcel & I love being ur blogger pal too :) 


Next up, isn’t Miss Bear pretty? She’s hanging on my handphone and I get to see her pretty face everyday!   

Zoe also packed this really gorgeous necklace that had the sweetest lace detailing and a pink ribbon that is so me! I love the dingle dangles too.. I also wore this immediately cause I loved it so much… Zoe has really cool style and I always love reading her blog because she’s a breath of fresh air and she’s got a unique sense of style.

DSCF0671 DSCF0689
DSCF0688 Gorgeous Necklace… makes me feel like a sweet lady:)

DSCF0655This must be one of the prettiest Hair Accessory I have to date.  I’m planning to wear this with a fish tail plait *_* ohh lala…

Zoe is so creative and her personality really shows though her gift parcel. I love my beautiful gifts. Zoe has a gorgeous blog and everything about her is so fairy tale… She’s writes beautifully and as I have mentioned, has great fashion sense. Thank you for your thoughtful present , I love love love it.

I think I have the solution to my cream liner misery…. Another Creamy gel liner!! This time I got Maybelline creamy gel liner. It was on discount and it comes with a nice firm brush so I thought “ Why not?” Plus, I kept the receipt this time! 



IMG_3335 A rushed application just to show the color intensity.
Overall, I think this liner is great. It takes a bit longer to dry and can get smudgy during this time but otherwise it really is very intense. It is very creamy and smooth. Beats MUFE any day.

One pot of MUFE  rock hard cream liner = 2 Maybelline Creamy gel liner.

                                *MUFE u ought to be ashamed *


IMG_3285                                          I smell the weekend girls…
Untitled-1 copy


Toothfairy said...

that eyeliner looks great on you, I can never do my lower lids with eyeliner, how do you do that? I always use pencils instead!

it's so lovely that Zoe send you a bday package!


amynaree said...

lovely package from Zoe! she is such a sweetheart

I love the card, its super cute! That bear is so kawaii

Carine said...

The videos made me laugh a lot x) (when the dark-haired guy has his hair curled..the result is hilarious!)

Sweet package. the cream liner looks great !

AtelierGal said...

See, I told you Myabelline's gel liner is good, right? And the accessories are so pretty. The bear reminds me of Princess Hours^^

Dina (XYYan) said...

How sweet Zoe is. the card is really cute!

glad to hear that you've found another eyeliner :D

heartbreaker said...

wow,the necklace is soooooooo cute,and way to go for the eyeliner!i have one too,in black.and it did wonders for me,as i have oily lids and ya know the weather in msia is soooooooooo warm,it stayed on pretty long,way to go laney! :D

Daituf said...

Wait, so the postman is part of the envelope they sell in Thailand???
Wow...make our envelopes look so incredibly boring in comparison...
Maybeline don't make gel liner here. It looks really good on you! So did you line the upper and lower waterline with the gel liner too? Is any smudging needed to achieve that look? I would like to try it myself...

*~kAy~* said...

Zoe is so sweet :)
such cute gifts! <3

looks very cute on u :)

man.. sucks that you have to buy a new gel liner just coz the mufe one's too dry :(

Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, Zoe's such a sweetie pie to send you all that seriously cute stuff! Love both of you girls! :)

Hahaha...the vids are so funny! XD

* swtexcape * said...

hehe i just stumbled onto your blog and am a new follower :D i am really liking your reviews! <3

stellarvixen said...

Laney?! your name?
Please to meet the acquaintance!
hehe OMGOMG ZOE is the sweetest chic with amazing taste in accesories!!
i'm due to send her some beautydiaryMasks to tryout :D

STAR in the bear! I WANT LOL
the necklace is very charming..sweet lady!

hurrah for maybeline creamy gel liner!! very feminine OOTD

THANK you for the sweet remarks on my post!! hey shu is KL is the CHEAPEST in the WWW ?!! believe it or not~

Shop N' Chomp said...

P.S Thank u Lane for the sweet comment you just left me! :)

adin_22 said...

OMG!!!I was Laughing so hard....I always wanted to curl my hubby's hair after junpyo....haha...

& That necklace is so pretty.....

Zoe said...

Hi hun:
I am glad u liked the stuff I sent u^^thanks for writing all those sweet things.
That Daesung video was really hilarious..O.O..
I have always been curious on the gel liner because i wanted to get one too so thanks for he review^^

Blair said...

What a super sweet birthday package!! Zoe is such a darling =)

Those are some cute accessories!

Japan has all these LE shades for the Maybelline liner.. I wish they brought it in =(

Btw, have you tried Angelfit's concealer??? I saw it and I was so tempted to try it!! Sigh... you know me, I love concealers more than anything in the world (except eyeshadow palettes lol)

FriendzCentury said...

What a sweet Love package from Zoe, the necklace is too cute!!
Good to hear you've found a better cream liner that suits you too :)

xphoebelinax said...

happy thanksgiving doll :) that eyeliner looks so pigmented its amazing! expensive soooo doesn't = quality sometimes!

Pop Champagne said...

thanks for your comment and cute package you got!! the eyeliner looks great and LOL to the Beyonce lady gaga video, love the part where she says that she wants the world to know her as being gay hahaha

amynaree said...

oops! totally forgot to answer your question, the mascara I used on my post was Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara, my current HG!

sesame said...

The necklace is pretty!

Anyway, again I have to say - girl you have such great skin!

Karen said...

That's so sweet of Zoe to send you a gift ;)
Oh I love the Maybelline gel liner on you! It really enhances the eye ;)
Haha...the first two videos are hilarious!

Beauty Snap said...

Haha your comments about the MUFE liner are so funny~ I really like that Maybelline liner! I heard some people like it better than the KATE gel liner.. I'm so lost in which one I should get. Too many choices!
And yeah you should def get the UD liners, they are very creamy and nice :)
And Zoe's package: one word - cute!!

sasori said...

hahaha daesung looks so cute! =)

and the eyeliner looks so pretty o.o;;

keepingbeauty said...

I love the bracelets! The bear is too cute :)