Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kimchi Fried Rice & Green EOTD

I was watching this cute video on making Kimchi Fried Rice which made me really hungry….

Such a cute, super easy to follow home made kimchi fried rice video. Growl…*-*

A fancier version.. looks yummy… yummy comfort/supper food….

U all know the fun color tag going around? I decided to do an eye look based on the color Green & i’m loving this eye look !

 IMG_2440 IMG_2444


*120 manly eyeshadow palette( easy to blend and ultra pigmented palette, love this more than coastal scents 88 color)

*Eye Base

*Blending brushe

*White Eyeliner



*Eyeliner- Liquid, Gel, Creme

*Patience to blend like mad


1) Apply Majo Majo Silver base

IMG_2385 IMG_2386

2) I used tape to have a really clean sharp edge. I’m late to trying this but I’m totally addicted now! The tape was long, so I just folded it… thats why it looks weird ;)


3) 120 Manly Palette – Gorgeous, Easy to Blend Colors. I’m using yellows, greens and a blue. I mixed the colors to get the desired end color.


Take a Shimmery Yellow and apply above the crease.


Taking a green shade, apply just above the yellow shade


Shade the brow bone area with a white shimmery shade


Applied a blue green shade to define my artificial double eyelid


Blend. Blend. Blend.  I reapplied the colors to strengthen some of the color that was lost when blending. This is the time you can adjust the colors on your lids.


4) Line eyes with Geliner



5) White Eyeliner to lower water line

6) Taking a blend of brown eyeshadows, I fill in my brows



*At this stage, I found that the yellow on my crease was way too low. I re adjusted the height of the yellow and blue by bringing it higher up to make it more obvious.Logically, u should adjust at the earlier steps. Doing it at this part is not very easy. I learnt from my mistake.

7) Curl & Apply Mascara & False Eyelashes



8) Remove Tape! Tada



No Flash-


Have Fun!

Untitled-1 copy


...SimMiChikO said...

omg super cool! what a clever usage with the tape!

tris1978ton said...

What a beautiful job you did on your eye! It's very creative and gorgeous.

Blair said...

Very bright eye catching look! Me not so brave to sport it haha~

I have no patience to blend or should I say no skills?

Sweetie, does your lower line smudge? I never line my lower lash line when I go out, it smudges in no time =[

adin_22 said...

nice eotd..it remind me so much of the brazil flag...hehe...btw,speaking of color tag I tagged u...:D

heartbreaker said...

so pretty!my kind of colour,love love love the green hues.thought of getting the the 88 coastal scent palette but now,i might reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i found your blog from Catalina's, its really nice! Really enjoyed reading many of your posts and this is a very pretty look :) may i ask, as a base how does the majo majo cream shadow fare? Does it help the eye shadow stay on for very long?


michelle :)

FriendzCentury said...

Stunningly creative, the colours work very well together and thanks for sharing your tip with the tape.

Mona said...

mmmmhhh gotta love kimchi fried rice!

Ahleessa said...

Kim-chi fried rice!!! Yummy *drool*!!! I should make it now that I'm craving for it... hehe~

The eye makeup is so bold, but it looks hot on you!!!

stellarvixen said...

impressive roxy eye!!
i wan that majomajo silver base!
my maquillage is hitting the pan soon..need to find a new jelly shimmery base

more EOTD!!

Luna said...

Gorgeous!!! That palette looks amazingly pigmented! where did you get it? =)

Dina (XYYan) said...

hmm.. Kimchi...
very gorgeous EOTD! the color is so bright.

itsMimee said...

I didn't know green can be so cute !
Great job :)

Blovet Beauty said...

SimMichiko!! Try the tape thingy.. all the beauty gurus are doing it and I find that dramatic eyelooks look more defined and sharp with it.

Tris!! Thank u sweetie.. The 120 manly palette is the best! The greens in it are gorgeous to use.

Blair!! Dun worry. I would neverwear this look out unless it was halloween or christmas! hahaha but it's nice to experiment at home :) trust me...all u need are good brushes and easy to blend eyeshadow..after tat its easy. My lower lash line smudges a little if I have oily sunblock on especially. So I always use a gel eyeliner for the lower line & set with matte black eyeshadow!

Adin!!Thank U! Brazil Flag I am! hehe Can't wait to do a purple eye!

heartbreaker!! i totally stand by my 120 eyeshadow manly palette ... the colors look so much better on my eyes. the 88 palette tends to be very flat on me.. however, it varies from person to person!

Hi anonymous, Thanks for dropping by my blog!!
Majo Majo Cream in silver is excellent! i love it. I have the gold too but it's not as creamy and not easy to use as a base. As for the staying power, I would say that Too faced shadow insurance is slightly better. But Majo majo brings out colors really well :)

Friendz !! sweetie.. Thanks for the positive feedback! u are always so encouraging! I'm addicted to the tape thing now..

Mona!! yup. I'm off to buy some kimchi during lunch break tom...

Ahlessa!! Could you take a pic of ur kimchi dish??? bet it will look yummy yummy

Stellar!! Thank U sweetieee!! go buy the majo majo silver base!! i love it too... another great jelly base is castledew chiffon eye base in white!

Luna!! its the 120 Manly Eyeshadow Palette . Sold on ebay sg or beauties factory
I prefer getting mine from ebay cause its cheaper.

Dina !! thanks !! very green and bright right :)

itsmimee!! hehehe thk!

Calia Yang said...

OH YUMMO!!! thanks for sharing the vids!
I love your EOTD!! very cool and creative...i've never tried the tape thing before - might have to give it a go.

Aralka said...

<333 It makes me hungry too. I think I will eat dinner now haha
I really like your make-up! I don't know why, but with my camera I can't do make-up tutorial because it blurs colors >.<

Blovet Beauty said...

Calia!! no probs!u'll have fun with the tape! i did:)

Aralka!! did u put ur camera on MAcro mode?? try placing it on a level surface or on books, to get the last amount of shaking for clearer pics :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Genius, genius! You always post such creative EOTDs. :D And oh yum, that kimchi fried rice...

Marce said...

Wow, this looks amazing! The tape is really useful, it's surprising how so many little things can be useful when applying makeup. Thanks for sharing, and those recipes...yum!

amynaree said...

oh wow those videos made me hungry!! i want to try to make some now, it doesn't seem too hard :)

girl! your green eotd is so fierce! I love it, the colors really pop

Toothfairy said...

you rocked the green look! I think it's your best look so far, really nice!

ps: I don't like kimchi! :S


lilluna5416 said...

amazing eyes, i love the fairy drop mascara!!! so lengthening!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Lisa!! Thanks :)

Marce!! tape is really good for dramatic looks cause they keep the colors in one place... I love it!

Amy!! thanks :) kimchi fried rice has got to be one of the simplest korean dishes I've watched...

Toothfairy!! I usually do a series of looks and surprisingly this green eye was so easy to do and it look the best with flash on. Thanks sweetie! my hubby hates kimchi too !

lilluna !! thks :)

~Lisa said...

Mmm...Kimchi fried rice!! YUMMY! =D

And great look! It's so bright and reminds me of citrus!

Daituf said...

Love love LOVE this tutorial!!! Tempted to try it myself now...and tempted to buy that manly palette :P
That tape thing is effing genius...
Where did you wear this look to? I think an awesome look like this needs to be showed off...

Blovet Beauty said...

lisa! thks!

DAituf!i love the tape thing too..i'm naturally messy so tape is good.. I wore this look in my room for my hubby to admire.. hee hee

Dee said...

You look amazing babe! I rarely wear greens as I think it looks really odd on me. You know I've been eyeing some of beauties factories palettes. I think I might order the 40 color and 65 color palettes. I'm afraid of ordering the 120 cause I think I won't use it much, lol! And yay! You used the tape technique! I love using that tech too<3

Zoe said...

I love Kimchi Fried rice too,thanks for the video..ur eyes look soooooo stunning hun, I love the colors so much, u r such a creative girl^^I can never do that kind of stuff^^