Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dee’s Love Package – OCC & NYX Runway Collection

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Isn’t the red bubble wrap super gorgeous! I was like “ wow”! There is gonna be great stuff in it!! Dee got me smiling me like a crazy person.



I’ve been lamenting to Dee about how much I wana try a lip tar and I found this beautiful new shade in HUSH nicely packed into her birthday parcel.  Look at the swatch. OCC Lip Tar feels so smooth and it’s like a liquid lipstick. Creamy, highly pigmented soft nude pink. *_* I love OCC so much!

My lips look so sexy !! hahaha


IMG_2683 IMG_2690





Isn’t the swatch madly pigmented! I can’t wait to do a proper eye look with this gorgeous gunmetal shade :) Dee u are a mind reader!


Never has a drugstore eyeshadow got me so excited until I tried HIP’s Duo Eyeshsadow. This is a real god sent for makeup fanatics who love a good pop of color with minimal blending effort and maximum payoff. 

PLATINUM was a shade I’ve been secretly admiring especially when I look up these Duos on other people’s blog. LOREAL bring in this line to my tiny island already !! This is a precious precious color to me cause the silver is gorgeous and so uber pigmented. I intend to use this Duo eyeshadow color with the OCC Ironic Pigment for a silvery EOTD :)




A really quick simple eye look just to test out the eyeshadow. I used only a little bit of color for this quick look. 





As you can tell, HIP Duo in Gilded got me all excited that I had to test them all once I’d opened the parcel.


The biggest treat was seeing this sleek black palette by NYX.  10 Beautiful Smokey and neutral shades to make me squeal in absolute delight. The colors are very soft and very buildable. The end result is a wearable everyday look or a sexy smokey eyes!

I have such a fantastic swap buddy!





Look at the color payoff and the tones. These swatches were done without any base whatsoever on my skin.Yummy!



Do my dark eyes some good *-* Plus, this is definitely something I’ve never tried before! Time to use this since I’m down with swollen eyes and a flu. My swollen eyes need this! 



I’m in love with all the items. Drools. Especially since I can’t get it in Spore I really dun think they will ever bring it in :(


Those of you who have easy access to such great makeup items dun know how lucky u are!!



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Gaby said...

Never heard about lip tar before! What is this exactly? It's not a gloss? It looks somewhat more consistent than a gloss...

Blair said...

A marvelous package from Dee!!! She is such a sweetheart =D

Dee said...

I'm so happy you liked the items babe! That lip tar looks amazing on your lips! I knew it would look beautiful on you! I was going to get you a coral one, but I wasn't sure if you liked coral lip colors, haha. I can't wait to see what beautiful looks you're going to do with that NYX palette. I know it'll be gorgeous! I can't wait till xmas when I get to share again! HAHA<3

Ahleessa said...

I love the metallic duos from the L'oreal HIP line. You picked out great ones... wheee~

I so want to try OCC products. Hopefully, one day I will... hehe~

Nice palette from NYX. I have two of them and love them... hehe~

CHEECHUN™ said...

Aww that's so sweet of her! You got some great items! Love it and i love the swatches and the lip tar is gorgeous on you!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

oh man, i would be super excited too if the bubble wrap was that pretty!!

heartbreaker said...

i am amazed! never had i stumble upon a bubble wrap like that.I would have thought it was a bag if it wasn't mention.Speechless. And the lip tar,need-to-get-my-hands-on-ONE! :D:D:D

ChuChu~ said...

omg the lip tar is amazing!!! i wanna kiss ur lips hahah <3

e.motion in motion said...

Ooo awesome stuffs! I always was curious about the HIP shadows, really wanna try :D Mmm the lip tar looks yummy sexy (;

amynaree said...

Gorgeous stuff from Dee! The OCC lip tar looks so fabulous on you! I have been wanting those forever but never got around to ordering any

Fifi said...

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics? How on earth I haven't heard about it! God damn it suits my personality. hahaha :D

the lip tar looks HOT on you, i'd go lesbo for your lips! Lol.

And you got Jazz Night!! OMG I want one. pretty palette!!

tris1978ton said...

Beauty, you just gave me the courage to get Loreal HIP's platinum duo. I have been eyeing that for a while too. The colors look lovely on you!

♥akisa♥ said...

that red packaging looks wow!! and so's the lip tar!! Texture looks just like Ellis Faas' lip pens.

Cindii said...

The wrapping is really awesome! Wow, that color looks really good on your lips.

Sherry said...

wow.. I like the wrapping too! :D

Nanzy said...

NYX palette really reminds me of Kat Von D Beethoven Palette =) great colors & Lip Tars look smokin hot!!!!

acutelife said...

OH, i love the lip tars!!! is that the brand?? nice color and it helps that you have a very nice lips too lolz

Blovet Beauty said...

Ahleessa, Dee picked out great colors righty!!Do get ur hands on some OCC one day.... I'm so tempted to place an order for more colors too!!

CHee !! I luv the lip tar color too.. I can't even see my pigmented lips anymore!

Becky, i agree!

Heartbreaker, I wa staring at the bubble wrap too in amazement. Dee is so amazing! get the lip tar, smear on some lip gloss to coniditon lips and u'll love it!!

ChuCHU! Wat a complement! *MUACKS* can u order OCC lip tars into Germany?

Emotion!! HIP pigments are totally totally gorgeous! try them!

Amy!! u gotta try them babes :) I love how gloss like they feel, minus the sticky-ness. very lovely!!

fifi! i think u would rock the lip tars with ur angelina jolie lips! serious.

askia, it's the first time i've heard of Ellis Faas ... but its something for me to check out now.

Cindii, thks :)

Sherry!! I like the packaging toO!

Nanzy, the NYX palette is really awesome. very compact, sleek and pretty!

acutelife, LIp tars rule my world right now!

Toothfairy said...

How nice!!!
and the last eye pallette looks great...


Blovet Beauty said...

hehee.. i agree toothfairy! the NYX runway collection is so gorgeous

LMX said...

Hello! I would love for you to enter in my giveaway also! Following me on Twitter is an option, you don't need to, so you CAN join =D I hope you do enter =)

lindsayanng said...

OMg that pink lip color is AMAZING!! I am definitely going to have to go out and buy some. Something about my lips don't allow me to wear bright colors so i do up the eyes and tone down the lips.. a matte/pale pink is perfect.. and this one looks AMAZING

Littlekobaby said...

Those duos are great! I actually a few myself, and I love the combinations they offer.

Blovet Beauty said...

LMX ! great to know that... I've commented on ur blog..

lindsayanng... its a really amazing color~~

littlekobaby.. i love the duos too.. the colors really complement each other.

Uinisan said...

I have to agree that other countries are so much better off in terms of their brand and product ranges in cosmetics and skincare... I'm totally jealous now~~~ We don't have any of those stuff mentioned in this post~~~~ BOOO WOOO~~~

Nina said...

Aaah! Seeing Hush on your lips made be double think the shades I'm getting! I was planning on getting Grandma and NSFW but I think I might have to include Hush now!

AtelierGal said...

The NYX collection is a beauty. Pity the local stores don't give it much credit, stuff all disarrayed :(

Zoe said...

Wow..those are really nice stuff Dee has sent u , I love the OCC LIP TAR HUSH and eyeshadow, the colors are so beautiful^^

Blovet Beauty said...

uinisan, I know what u mean~!~ I can't get any of the brands in the stores and the NYX range in spore is pathetic!! If anything try the OCC lip tars, Hip Duos and NYX runway palette... hahaha that's abt everything dee sent me!

Atelier, I can imagine if the stores here started carrying NYX runway collection, all the palettes would be poked at and ruined within a short time.. Nyx in singapore is super sad!

ZOE!!! I wish I had easy access to lip tars too :) I wish more ppl could try it out :) I am now looking at a OCC color called anime... a bright cute pinK!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Nina!! I've heard so much abt grandma and i think it's a really gorgeous coral color too!! U shld include Hush cause HUSH + Grandma = gorgeous delicious color delight!! hahaha

Luna said...

Great package!! I am now completely lemming to get my grubby hands on some OCC Lip Tars too!!! damn they're not easily available.. it looks soooo gorgeous on your lips =D

Blovet Beauty said...

u shld! I think i might be placing another order for these beautiful lip tars sweetie.. I am looking at anime and a purple shade... oohh lala

Shop N' Chomp said...

Your lips DO look super sexy and so are your EOTDs!

Blovet Beauty said...

thks Lisa :)