Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mini Birthday Haul & Part 2 Blovet’s Lipstick Collection

Hi Sweeties, I’ve been pretty busy cause of what else but work and also cause yesterday was my birthday **- I needed to catch up with my own family and of course it’s kinda depressing turning a quarter of a century !  I’m wondering just how I jumped from 15 to 25, accompanied with fine lines, open pores,scarring and all >< haha..

But seriously, I don’t talk too much abt my personal stuff except during tags cause this blog is reserved for my passion. I would have to make one special exception though:>

I would love love love to share and pass on my birthday blessings to my hubby  whom I have known for a decade. I am not a mushy person but when he looked me in the eye and told me “happy birthday sweetie , I’ve known u since you were young and I’m so happy to be with you”, my heart just melted. He is so special to me and my life would not be the same without him. He reads this blogs always and I’m not very expressive with my feelings but I hope he knows just how much I adore him. I really do :)

Also, to all my dearest and closet friends & blogger pals who wished me a Happy Birthday, Thanks Sweeties:) You make turning a year older so much better! Me adore all my darling friends :)

Of course, My darling got my prezzies for my birthday!!! All makeup related :)


Fairy Drops Mascara ,Canmake NUDY GLOW 01 Rose Macaron ( absolutely gorgeous nude pinkish gloss),MAC Greasestick, MAC HoneyLove, MAC Pink Nouveau





I’m going to do a review on these items in my next post! Super excited cause of the fairy drops and my nude-pinkish lip collection is starting to grow:))

Okay, moving on,I was actually intending to dump this blog entry cause of the discoloration from the silly blue light but since there were some request for more lip swatches, I thought why not?

 IMG_2123  IMG_2122

Aren’t these pens cute? I’m going to start making it a point to get cute or attractive stationary cause it makes me happy!


Before I applied all my lip products, I would use this healing Lavender Balm to moisturize my lips and it’s the reason why my lips didn’t bleed or peel after so many swatches. This lip balm is a life saver for dry and chapped lips. Currently, I use it every night as a lip conditioner b4 bed.



A gorgeous purple clear gloss called Envy Me from TOO FACED cosmetics. I like this gloss a lot. Surprisingly, this dark looking purple gloss, turns  a soft pink on my lips when applied alone. It makes lips look ultra glossy. Sorry about the blur picture.


IMG_2141 IMG_2140

Dior Lipgloss. I don’t know what possessed me to buy this but this was back in the days when I didn’t know about online blog reviews. I am so la la with this lip gloss. The shimmer particles are so big and I am not a fan of multi color reflective glitter..



If you need an affordable brownish nude to wear alone or to layer on top of another color, MAYBELLINE NUDE is simply the way to go. Color is a sheer brownish and the finish makes my lips look so moisturized and smooth. No drying of the lips at all. Love this!


My mommy got me MAC’s Lipglass early this year and I love it cause it looks lovely alone. Not ultra sticky, nice color payoff and it doesn’t glide off. Love this lipglass cause it can paired with so many brown or nudish lipsticks!



I don’t really know how to wear pinky shimmer lipstick but surprisingly, this Rimmel High Gloss Lipstick 013 was perfect for day wear. It’s moisturising without being overly slippery and it looks lovely paired with a pinkish or clear gloss!


IMG_2163 IMG_2166 

Gentle Coral lip conditioner from MAC looks crazy in the pot but it gives this lovely orangey color on the lips. Perfect for a lazy or no makeup day, it’s definitely a tinted lip color that I revisit from time to time!


IMG_2168IMG_2171 I usually love NYX products but this lipstick is not a favourite. I bought it in Japan cause it looked so gorgeous in the stick and the smell was lovely too. It was an implusive buy and  I kinda regret it. It’s very slippery. The color payoff is not fantastic and usually you would have to apply some foundation for the real color to show up. I think I might try to use this lipstick together with a matte lipstick. The packaging is gorgeous though - black and sleek . One perk though is that it’s very smooth upon application.


IMG_2173 IMG_2176

Initially when I first bought shy girl, I was quite crazy about it. After a few weeks, this lipstick broke on me and it made me pretty pissed cause I did not toss it around in my makeup bag as I usually do. This lipstick is super slippery and it isn’t tat great in covering my pigmented lips. The coral shade is very pretty and lovely but it’s not for pigmented lips like mine.


Sorry for being away so long and not commenting… I’ve got so much blogs to catch up on :)

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AtelierGal said...

Happy Belated Bday, hun!
Nice haul, mostly lippies - your fave :)

Blovet Beauty said...

hehehe thanks Babes!! I've been on a no buy for so long already.. it felt like ages. Getting my hubby to buy me something made me feel like i was breaking my no buy.. but birthdays are special right!! they are already depressing day of the yr, I'll make it better with lippies!! hehehe

Dina (XYYan) said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
wow, what a great haul... so many lippies... the Yakult pen is so cute!

Sherry said...

hehe.. today is my birthday :D no celebration :(

Sherry said...

all colour so nice on you :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Dina! Thanks for the birthday wishes !!

hey Sherry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!!! happy birthday to U, Happy birthday dear sherry, happy birthday to UU!! hehehe... imagine me singing that to u k sweetie .

Fifi said...

Happy birthday!!!
And for Sherry too!! lol

I wish you the best in life. And thats so sweet what you wrote for your hubby. Awww love is in the air :D hehe

Ooh I really need to check out MAC lippies too, they got me drooling. Great haul! :D

heartbreaker said...

Happy birthday to ya :-) love your swatches!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

happy birthday,hun!

your hubby is so sweet & romantic to ever say those words to you...so dear!

all of those lippies are lovely
especially the canmake gloss!

i need to check maybelline for that lipstick. it looks gorgeous!

i used nyx white pearl on the inner corner of my pink eyelook

Blovet Beauty said...

FIFI! Yea... love is in the air... lalala... I am a happy girl after spending gd old quality time with hubby yesterday. he was so sweet to me and treated me like a princess. doesnt happen everyday so I feel sooooo happpyyy...
I'm gonna do some lip swatches with the lippies.. wait for the canmake lipgloss too!!

Heartbreaker Thks for the birthday wishes. I wish the pics could have been clearer though :)

Blair said...

Sweetheart, it's a pity that I couldn't spend your birthday with you =[

Where did you get Canmake's lipgloss from? Me likey!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Thiamere, I gotta get that white pearl from nyx. it's very obvious, i love it*_*
Yup, as I told fifi too, the canmake gloss... really... I'm in love. I also love that particular maybelline lipstick, it's just a right shade of nude brown IMHO !

Blovet Beauty said...

Ooohh!!! Blair, me and the hubby or Mr Blovet( hehehe I get a kick out of calling him this) were at tampines after a work site appointment and I picked it up at watsons at Tampines mall!! I had to dig it out but it was true love!!
I really wished I could have a big party and have u and my frens over :(
I had to go home to see my mommy and we had a birthday cake for me, my brother and my father. 3 - in - 1 birthday celebration!! hahahah

Aralka said...

happy belated birthday ^-^
you got nice things. Do you like manga? <3

Jasmin said...

Cute haul! Love the lips.

Connie De Alwis said...

happy belated birthday! u sure love your lippies! they all look great :D

Marce said...

Happy -belated- Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time, and I wish you many more!
Thanks for sharing your haul and swatches, they're gorgeous =)

Dee said...

How awesome is it that we made a new post on the same day? LOL. I'm realy happy you had a nice time on your big day dear - even better sharing it with your bro and dad! I hope they had a great birthday as well! I wanted that mascara too! I was thinking of getting it when I've used up the MJ mascara you sent me. I can't wait for you to review it sweety!

I really hope you get my package soon. The P.O lady said it would take 6-10 days, but I'm not sure about customs. Its in an ugly bubble wrap this time, so I hope nothing breaks or cracks. =\

Your lips look amazing! So full and the colors look great on you. (:

amynaree said...

Happy Bday Darling!! I'm right there with you on the aging haha This year has definitely been a year of noticing fin lines, and other random imperfections for me as well :)

You and your hubby are so sweet. Sometimes simple worlds do make such a big impact on one's heart ^__* You are so lucky you have found the one!

So cute that he got you make up! The fairy drop mascara sounds so interesting and cute.

Pop Champagne said...

great birthday haul and love the lippies! I agree that I don't usually talk about my personal life on blogs as well, incase if someone wants to cyber stalk me hahaha!

adin_22 said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!!and awww..I'm jealous of your hubby's gift...hehe...and that yakult pen is super cute...I'm a yakult addict.:D and you have such a nice lips....mine is so dry...no lipbalm can help...

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Happy belated birthday! And beeeeeutiful swatches! Please come by to my blog and accept my lovely blogger award to you! Thanks!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi hun, happy belated...yay! :D Anyone ever told you you've got luscious looking lips? And those pens are too cute!

Toothfairy said...

Hey lane!
Thanks for joining my little game, just let me know when you've posted your entry, so I can read it and add you to the blogroll!


Nanzy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sweety. How sweet your hubby is =) I looooooove your lips *kisses screen*, you can rock simply any lipstick.

e.motion in motion said...

Happy belated b-day girl!! Awesome swatches too, you have preetty lips =)

~Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And your husband is sooo sweet! ^.^ I'm sure he knows how you feel

And those a great prezzies!! I'd love to try those products =P Especially the Fairy Drops.

Great lip swatches too! The Too Faced gloss is soo shiny and glossy! Me likey! But not a fan of the Dior gloss...

If Singapore carries this, you should try Maybelline's Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Nude Blush! It's a great pinky-nude for really cheap. [It's in a red packaging]

tokyostargirl said...

Happy belated! No matter how old you get, I am still older - so don't feel bad!

Bunnie said...

Happy belated birthday!!! When was yours?? My birthday just passed too :)

I love all your new make up!!! How fun! I'm going to do a post sometime soon for bdays too. But i'm a BIT lazy. ;)

Anyways, hope you had an awesome time!!!!


AtelierGal said...

Maybe I can give you the NXY lippy that I don't like. Brand new too lol

Luna said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Great pressies =) Shonen Jump rocks =P

Uinisan said...

OH man I missed out on wishing you a happy birthday earlier on... but I hope you'll except my belated birthday wish...SOOOO SORRY~~~ Sounds like you had a great time!!! Thanks for the swatches of your lip products. I'll be turning 25, first half of next year (which is just around the corner)...So I'm feeling a lil older too hahahaha but worse of all I still need a purpose in life LOL.... I'm still busy these days so I won't be blogging for awhile yet but stay tuned :) HAPPY B'DAY AGAIN!!!

Ahleessa said...

Happy belated birthday!!! It's so sweet what you said about your boyfriend, as well as, vice versa. You guys make a cute couple! I can't believe you guys known each other that long... whoa~

Nice collection of pink/nude lipsticks... wheee~

...SimMiChikO said...

omg! happy belated bday love! sounds like you had a really good one...yay! true love is very hard to find so i'm so glad you found yours! <3 also, i totally have the fairy drops mascara, too! it has such a cool oddly shaped brush, huh! happy you stocked up on the lippies, your fave!!!

Sassy J'adore said...

Hi sweetie!

First off, I would like to wish you a be-lated birthday. I haven't been on blogger for 3 weeks and I'm so behind of blog updates.

Those are very great gifts u got, girl. =)
Thanks for the lippies swatches. My fav is the Envy Me from TOO FACED lipgloss.

Thanks so much for your sweet words and comments. <3

I believe I will leave my blog up for awhile even though I may be MIA for awhile. Like someone said, I'll never know when I have the itch to blog again. lol.

sesame said...

I think I should be weeping about my age if a quarter of a century is old! Hahaha... Anyway, beauty is ageless so there you go!

Hey, your hubby is so sweet and great that he's able to pick up beauty items for you! :)

The Lavender Balm is from M&S? Looks interesting! Btw, you have such sexy lips. Very kissable!

Blovet Beauty said...

Aralka sweetie, i love manga and anime. when I have time i try to watch more anime cause its too good to miss!!

Jasmine sweetie, Thhks I love the gifts too!

Connie sweetie! yes, i actually love all my makeup, just my lippies are always first :0 hehe

Marce, I hope to help someone in deciding what brand or color to buy. esp ppl with pigmented lips.

Dee Sweetie. We have weird powers rigghtt!!! Tom is my dad birthday and i gotta wish him and be extra nice to him!! even though he's my boss!! hahaha
Hmm.. I just started using the fairy drop mascara and its very heavy duty. Almost like it last the whole day and it reminds me of fasio almost. Thank you for your birthday gift Dee, U always send me things I adore :)

Amy sweetie!! I hope u enjoy my brown picture tag!! hehehe... I think noticing imperfections come with age. Maybe it's all part of the aging process.. i'm trying not to be too hard on myself abt it! U have great skin, so no sweat!
My hubby knows my obssession is makeup and i would choose it over many other things. hehehe

Ms Pop Champagne sweetie, heheheh ... stalkers are scary!!!

Adin sweetie, U like my yakult pen!!! hehehehe... its cute and gd to write with... I can drink 2 yakult in one sitting :) high 5 yakult addict!

Clearly Beautiful sweetie!! thanks for the awards

Lisa Sweetie!! I have been told my lips are pouty as hell. never luscious. but pouty.. hated them when i was younger cause i looked so ugly with lippies on. hehehe

Toothfairy sweetie, I'm gonna do ur little game in my next blog entry :)

Nanzy sweetie, My hubby is super sweet! i agree :) I swear he knows all the cosmetics items by heart... hahaha

Emotion sweetie, Thks!!!

Lisa sweetie!! oh I gotta try out Maybelline nude blush as you mentioned... Pinky nude sounds like my current craze!!! I love the too faced lip gloss.. very very glossy without being too sticky!!

Tokyogstargirl sweetie, everyone gets older!!! but u are a sweetheart!

Bunnie sweetie, mine was 3rd nov :0 are we all scorpios?? hehehe I will check out ur bday blog post soon. love ur outfits!

Ateliergal sweetie!!!! I don't mind trying it at all :)

LUNA sweetie = I agree!!

Uinisan sweetie, Thank u for the bday wishes sweetie!!!can't wait till u start blogging again!!
I hope to age more gracefully and to live everyday well. To learn to be more accepting of my flaws and to be more grateful of what I've been blessed with. Not easy but there has to be an upside to growing older right??

AHleessaa sweetie, thks!! me and my hubby actually squabble alotttt... but that's how we are. we don't do mushy mushy but we show affection in weird ways.. hehehe

Simichiko sweetie... thanks for the well wishes!!! I feel lucky to know my hubby. he's been there for me through everything... sigh... he's great!! still wondering about how I feel about the fairy drops since its only my first day using it

Sassy Sweetie, Great that u decided not to take down ur blog.. u have great outfits and always look so cute! but watever it is, u shld blog for urself and u might get the itch soon :0 hehe

Sesame sweetie, yes, I gotta be more positive abt age. its a number and graceful aging with tons of face mask packed in is the way to go!! hahaha
the lavender balm was sent to me by Blair, i dun think it's by M&S, at least I haven't seen it there.. I think its by rose and apothecary


itsMimee said...

great haul, girl !
i love the mac conditioner.
waah, and i saw 'shonen jump' magazine ! la la la i love it xD
and the most important:
(belated, but sincire :))

Carine said...

Happy birthday (i'm late :/)and congrats for 10 years of love ^^

Blovet Beauty said...

Itsmimee!!! yup this shonen jump has alot of naruto spoilers in it!! I bascially bought it, read it and felt so bumped cause the anime and manga are so far apart... btw did u watch when Jiraya died last week?? I am so bumped !!

Thanks Carine for ur bday wishes!! late or not it still is a sweet greeting. Thanks :)

Zoe said...

Though I am late but I still want to say "Happy Birthday"..May all ur wishes come true..

Ur hubby is such a sweet guy ...all those stuff look really pretty, I have always seen other bloggers blogging about the Fairy Drops Mascara sounds like really a cute product so really looking forward ur review on that^^

Blovet Beauty said...

Zoe!!! i just did a review on fairy drops so I hope u enjoy it!! It's such a cute mascara!
Thank U for the lovely birthday wishes too:)