Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MUFE & Random Makeup


To all nerdy working females, I feel your pain!

It’s the year end and the work stuff is driving me nuts..
* Scrambling for missing documents ( not my fault at all)

* Accounting and Finance matters to sort out
* Projects to watch over
* New Projects to govern

*OMG, give me a kit kat

So nuts that I slept 13 hours non stop on Saturday night and had to switch my brain off from anything work related.
My family and Hubby drove up to Johor for a visit to Jusco, had a great lunch at this grill place that looked like a cool tree house thingy, bought some stuff and drove back to spore. That was a real nice breather and a nice 4 hours get away for me.

Here’s what I bought from Daiso:

1) A really lousy eyeliner that I had to go over many many times just to get it looking black.

2) This white eyelash glue is from Korea and frankly, it’s not too bad for 2 SGD.
Here’s a pic of me wearing falsies using this EYELASH GLUE and CALLAS Falsies( I’m liking this falsies):


Bought this shimmery pink eyeshadow from elianto in Jusco . It’s the first time I’ve seen or heard of this brand. This single eye shadow retails for around 3 SGD and is a really pretty shimmery pink color :)

Last week , a  bad work incident saw me  on a crazy shopping spree.  Thankfully, I was still sane enough to remember that my new home would leave me super poor real soon and I had to control myself * a little*.

 An angry me is a shopaholic me so here’s what I got:

I really really wanted this aqua eyes from MUFE. When I tested it out, it was even better than MAC. Smoother, Creamier, Richer and definitely pigmented, plus they did not smudge.

Aqua Eyes
I was going to get this liner from MUFE, but they had run out of stock for the black so I ended up being persuaded to buy the AQUA CREAMLINER( WATERPROOF) in black.

I use a lot of black cream liners and when I tried out the tester pot at Sephora’s MUFE stand, it was so smooth and really easy to apply. When I tried out my brand new MUFE creamliner at home however, it was so hard. It was not creamy and I had alot of difficulty trying to get my brush into the cream. I took it back to the lady at MUFE and told her that the pot had dried out and I was really unhappy with the hardened cream liner.I told her that I had never experienced such a hard cream eyeliner. Even my drugstore Japanese eyeliner had been around for a year plus and was not even half as dry as the pot she sold me. She simply reassured me that their waterproof eyeliner is a little tough at the beginning but it would be totally normal after working your brush into the deeper layers. She used her brush to remove the top layers and persuaded me that all I had to do was to use it till reached the deeper layers. * I totally dun buy this crap*

Normally, I would have insisted on an exchange but I had thrown away my receipt thinking that MUFE products would be really high quality plus the tester was really really smooth.

Personally, I would not buy this product again.

The second item I bought from MUFE is this red lip liner which I purchased out of sheer impulse. It’s so much creamier and smoother than the cream liner so no complaints here.   It keeps my lipstick from bleeding and with this color, I wouldn’t need to buy a red lipstick, I just fill my whole lip with it and blend it together with a clear lip gloss. Great for defining the lips.

The MUFE Sales Girl was sweet enough to throw in a free sample for the HD EXLIXIR:



HD Elixir
What it is:
An innovative serum that instantly hydrates and adds radiance to the skin.
What it does:
HD complexion collection uses innovative formulas to create a new generation of makeup that is invisible on high-definition cameras and to the naked eye. This unique, lightweight elixir absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly hydrating and brightening the complexion. The breakthrough formula contains D-Panthenol and Glycerin to ensure an immediate boost of hydration (+520% after 15 minutes) that lasts throughout the day (+175% after 6 hours). Argatensyl is added to provide an immediate smoothing effect. Each ingredient was specifically added to prepare skin for high- definition makeup—so you can count on the camera picking up the perks of this perfecting formula.
What else you need to know:
This product is oil and paraben free and dermatologist tested.

It does reduce skin flakiness without making the skin look greasy. However, I did get a zit or two after using this clear light weight gel.  I used it around my eye area as well but did not feel that my eyes look very hydrated or smooth the next day. My Vitacreme B12 does a better job of hydration and plumping.
**Seems like MUFE range of products may not be suitable for my skin type. 

Other Items I  splurged on:

DHC MILD SOAP – HONEY AND OLIVE as main ingredient


Random Eyelash Curler

To replace my Shu Uemura Curler, I switched to this really cheap but really excellent
curler. Wow. It’s only 5SGD!


Forever 21 Ripped Jeans.
I used to love to buy their clothes from way back when I was a poor University Student. I really love their cut and fitting cause it suits my body type and they make really fun clothes!  


Okie I’ve gotta sleep now. Good night sweeties.
I got a few eye looks and Zoe’s bday gifts to show u! night night!
** I will definitely catch up on all your blogs!!

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~tHiAmErE~ said...

goes to show that not all expensive brands are really that good,huh?

thanks for letting us know about it,hun

Blovet Beauty said...

No probs sweetie. Actually i was really disappointed by MUFE. They have really good sales assistance but the product did not live up to the price or expectation. Although I still feel that their black aqua eyeliner is probably their star product. I have heard ppl rave abt their HD foundation too.. but u are right, not all branded stuff are great. Drugstore brands are just as good and even better many a times.

Daituf said...

I'm very anti-MUFE... I find their stuff never live up to its expectations.
Then again it could be just me, since there's such a cult following..

amynaree said...

great stuff!! retail therapy is the best!!

those falsies look gorgeous on you! i love the dramatic spikes it has :)

mufe aqua eyes are the best, i really want like the whole set but it's too damn pricey!

thanks for the reviews and heads up on the not so impressive mufe products!

adin_22 said...

wow...the falsies looks so nice on u.....

I haven't tried MUFE yet..I guess I'm too cheap for it....but a dried creamliner from MUFE...what a rip-off..

& I never once tried a lip liner...maybe I should after seeing that pic of yours makes me want to try it...

& that ripped jeans looks so cool...

Dee said...

I think only one product from MUFE that does actuallly work is the aqua eyes. Sadly I hear that their HD foundation is nothing special at all. I wanted to get their face & body foundation, but I saw the size, and I'd rather get a MAC one since you get so much more for about the same price. I don't like some of their eyeshadows though.

You look beautiful with that lip color!

Manju said...

i love that DHC soap.make my skin so soft :)

*~kAy~* said...

sucks that the gel liner didn't work :'( what's the point of buying the whole bottle if you have to scrape the top half off in the first place???

your lashes look great though! <3

Toothfairy said...

why don't you try the bobbi brown gel liner's? they're really great!

good luck on everything, missing papers and all :P


Carine said...

I'm not daring enough to wear ripped jeans but it definitely looks good !

Pop Champagne said...

cool post! It's nice to see that quality doesn't need to be from expensive stuff all the time. I love the idea of ripped jeans but I dont think that I'd have the personality to pull it off hehe. and yeah what does a 300 year old see in a 16 year old, I can barely stand most of the co ops at my work and they're only a few years younger than me LOL

Fifi said...

omg! I love your ripped jeans! been looking for one but this city sucks, no good clothing stores :(

lol i could be real shopaholic too when i'm stressed and pissed off.

loveeee the falsies you got! and good luck with your work hun :D

AtelierGal said...

have you tried Maybelline's gel liner? It's really good!

Luna said...

Sorry to hear u didn't like ur MUFE purchases.. I rather enjoy the HD primers, i've got green and neutral. But I wouldn't purchase them at retail price here.. $65 is crazy for a primer..

I'm completely the same way with impulse buying whenever I'm stressed at work.. which has led to a bludgeoning collection and dwindling cash.. lol.. you and me shld share that kit kat..

tris1978ton said...

Oh my! Sounds like work has been a b*tch. Love all your goodies! Shopping is great therapy!

superwoolu said...

gahhh i love all your hauls! and I definitely feel your pain for year-ends...but it's worse for those doing taxes!

*aly said...

Wow, this was a looong post. I kinda choked on my water when I read "elianto in Jusco . It’s the first time I’ve seen or heard of this brand". Haha. Elianto makes pigmented e/s IMO and the lashes somehow looks fab on you though it looked kinda scary in the box. And the ripped jeans are so hot!! =)

Blovet Beauty said...

Sweeties, I feel so pissed off at MUFE cause they are such a scam.
I left this out last night but the SALES GAL also told me that the reason why the cream liner felt hard was because " ur brush is dirty" ... omg truckload of nonsense. MUFE really is disappointing.. I've never felt like this towards any other brand b4.. I'm really want to dump this eyeliner cause it hurts my skin when I apply it and trust me after digging deep into it and making the biggest dent ever, it's still the same :(
dun get this cream liner gals!!

Thanks for recommending bobbi brown Toothfairy & maybelline Atelier. I will most likely get one soon to replace this crappy cream liner...

Next time I buy any makeup I am testing it out immediately and keeping the reciept :)

Blair said...

That's weird! MUFE is one of my favourite western brands...

What an evil SA!! I'm sorry you had to go through all that Laney dear.

Indy Grrrl said...

Love the lashes.

FriendzCentury said...

The SA should have replaced your cream liner with another, all the crap she's mentioned is aload of nonsense. I purchased my MUFE cream liner 6 months ago and it's been a smooth sail from the first application. On the other hand I tried Bobbi Brown's gel liner and the damn thing turned rock hard after 1 month. :(

Karen said...

I love your ripped jeans! I haven't tried on a pair that looked good on me yet :(
You know I actually did not like my Shu Uemura eye lash curler because it pinched my stupid eye lid for some reason. I had to give it to my sister in the end after being upset about it (it's pricey and everyone raves about it like nuts!). I just use my trusty Sally Hansen which is stainless steel just like the Shu one I had once bought.
Okay, maybe it's just me BUT I bought the MUFE waterproof eye liner kohl in black AND whenever I sharpened it the tip kept breaking off. I've never had such a bad problem with a higher end eye kohl. Seriously I sharpened over half my pencil away in one go and I even brought in the remaining bit of my eye liner to Sephora to try a higher end sharpener LOL. Didn't really work and I was sooo upset in the end. I even stuck the eye kohl in the fridge to harden it up but that wasn't working and the softness was never an issue. So just giving you a heads up that I won't be repurchasing the MUFE eye kohl after my experience because it's too pricey to have that happen again LOL.
Thanks for letting us know about their cream liner - it sounds like you got an old one by accident and too bad the sales associate didn't just exchange it for you :\

Blovet Beauty said...

Friendz!! yes, the SA told me a load of bullocks and I am going to throw the eyeliner pot away. The sides had already hardened up and it was not even touching the sides of the pot. I was really way too nice with MUFE. I just let this slide. Sigh... But it seems to me that cream liners can dry up really easily. I bought MAC, A jap brand and tested maybelline at the drugstore and they were really excellent. I had never had a hard as rock cream eyeliner like MUFE b4!! ><

KAren!! yea... after this experience with MUFE, I definitely realise that not all brands that are much raved about will work well for everybody. I like to be careful with my purchase but my implusive buys saw me with a BOO BOO :( MUFE eyeliners cost more expensive than MAC ( which I love), so I cant believe they keep on breaking.. maybe there's something wrong with their Quality Control. It sucks spending alot for crap cosmetics ><

Uinisan said...

sorry to hear about your lil work incident but i suppose crap happens all the time so it's unavoidable hehehehe... I've been wanting the MUFE aqua eyes eyeliners FOREVER~~~ but we don't have it here in Aus... so I haven't yet been bothered to search for it online... there is just too much stuff we dn't have on offer in Aus...super sad~~~ hahahahah ... but that means i'm saving on $$$ I suppose ahahahahah

Luna said...

I have to admit that I bought the Guerlain palette without testing it out first.. the reviews/swatches online plus my experience convinced me I had to have it.. lol.. I haven't tried Chanel before, but the reviews seem to be better for Guerlain than Chanel.. and my wallet can't handle another HE brand.. hahah

Blovet Beauty said...

DAituf, I think I am gonna join ur anti MUFE camp.

Amy, i almost bought this aqua eyes set too, but the pencils were tiny!

Adin! Thanks for the complements on the falsies sweetie! I felt completely Ripped offf... its been a while since my last bad high end purchase... my last would have to be the chanel quad. hahaha this one fares a lot worse. I've dumped the liner. it cannot be rescued. I tried to mix in a liquid like Fix+ but it didn't do anything.... my gawddd....

DEE!!! MAC is definitely a better value and quality for the price . I am camp MAC and anti MUFE now... hahahah though their aqua eyes are pretty fab... I might be singing a different tune if I had bought their eyeliner and it broke on me constantly or was dried up too.. MUfe needs to really needs to monitor their product quality more closely.

Manju! Yea, the soap feels real gentle and smells very neutral!

KAy! YUP exactly. and the SA told me my brush wasn't clean so the cream wouldn't budge. I should have made a complaint but I was too tired :(

Carine!! the ripped jeans are super easy to wear. i kinda throw on anything with it!! try forever 21 outlet. they have great clothes :)

POP! U are so petite, I am sure u could carry off anything and the ripped jeans would look fab on U!Love ur latest ice queen look btw!

FIFI! Thanks sweetie... ddo u have forever 21 there..High 5 on shopping. next time i will have to avoid makeup shopping when I am pissed, I make bad choices :)ahhahahaha

Luna, the silly SA was trying to sell me some primer too but she claimed it could get rid of pimples and blackheads and I was like * errrrrrrrrr
hey here's half a kit kat... next time blair comes down we gotta go makeup hunting together. u can slap me when I look at any MUFe products! hahahaha

tris, work is always a bitch. but it beats studying any day :)

Super! I know. I think my accountant wants to hang me too!

aly! I've really never heard of elianto... serious.. i was so intrigued I had to step in and swatch everything in the store. I liked the matte eyeshadows so i might just pop back and get one or two. gd thing it isn't expensive and they have nice colors!!

YEa Blair, I got deceived by a really nice SA ! I'm throwing out my cream liner... it really sucks & it's so dry it scratched my lid :(

Indy Thanks!!

Uinisan,Yea. thanks for understanding my predicament. I just hate not having the time to read blogs, comments & blog.
If I were u sweetie, i would keep my money and get a maybelline or loreal or some Jap brand cream liner.. much much much better!

LUNA... I had chanel and dior palettes before and it was nothing fantastic to be honest. I wish i had discovered Lunasol, Majo Majo, coffret b4 investing good money on all these not so great HE brands. I kinda love love love lancome eye palettes and mascaras though. gorgeous !

Connie De Alwis said...

she removed the top layers for you? I can imagine a lot of wasted products! that's a pretty awful experience :(

you have such luscious lips!

heartbreaker said...

this probably explains why i dislike buying makeup at a department store,SA phobia,like seriously.lol.i hate it when they put the blame on me(thou they might be nice) and push me into buying products i didnt want,if i don't buy anything,they will give me a stare and snarl at me(i think haha,sorry i exaggerated maybe just a little)so i rather be at the drugstore taking my own sweet time in testing out the makeups and all,haha.

go for maybelline,i think they are cheap and good :D

hehe btw elianto is quite big here in m'sia,they are at most of the shopping malls in KL that i know off.crazy even.they offer reasonable price makeups(and claimed that their products are of korean ingredients) and i love love their makeup remover!<3 thou i hate to say that the eyeshadows didnt work out for me,it sort off faded and melted? after 6 hours or less.
anyway have fun trying! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Connie!! yup she removed the top layers and told me to always use a clean brush so the cream liner would apply better.

Heartbreaker !! yea. I guess after trying out the high end stuff and the drugstore and jap brands, I should have known better than to buy into the hype and the sales talk. I blame it on my impulsiveness.. well, at least my lousy purchases have been largely minimized to an extent...
If i pop into malaysia soon, I will def check out elianto makeup remover.. I am getting really low on my sana one :)
I appreciate ur tips on the elianto eyeshadow.. usually korean eyeshadows are pretty good and they have nice payoff... I haven't worn it for long peirods of time yet but will soon :)

* i totally dug up the cream liner and added jojoba oil to it cause it was really dry and it felt like there were tiny stones in the cream liner.. my gawd... sucks.


oOo! lovin' the ripped jeans.

and wow, those lashes are amaaaazing :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

*hands you a Kit Kat*

We need a Daiso here! *cries* You are the queen of falsies. Always gorgeous! Love your jeans and thank you for the honest review!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

That hot lips and lashes would definately looks gorgeous together!! Cool!

Blovet Beauty said...

chai! Thk U!! I love ur eyelashes in ur latest work post.... think it looks very hime and super pretty!

Lisa.. * chomps* * chomps* thanks!

U would love daiso. They have everything and more! The best part is each item is so cheap!! They have super cheap lashes that are pretty decent too... so u could buy a ton and still not break the bank!!

Yea, I hope ppl who intend to buy the MUFE creamliner will read my blog post and know that it is a terrible product.I really would like someone to save their cash and spend it on a creamliner from maybelline, stila, loreal or some jap brand...

Anastacia!! U put together some hot looks too babes!

Dina (XYYan) said...

i want to try MUFE aqua pencil too, it's on my holiday present list:D
sorry to hear about the creamliner, i've never tried a creamliner though.

thanks for voting! Yeah, JS always looks pretty! :)

Yumeko said...

i am sorry to hear abt the creamliner
i have never used the one from mufe so i have no clue

the pencils they have are indeed very good though

adin_22 said...

Thank You Lane!!!I'm Team Edward Forever Too!!hehe

stellarvixen said...

shucks! MUFE cream liner sux big time :( arghh hate it when those HighEnd cosmetic is underperformed grrgrr
my smashbox & benefit dried out on me too..bloodyhard to pickup the color T.T so kinda say byeebyee to cream liner

however, the lip liner is smoking HOT! kissble lippie! devil may care~~

my sis is loving her stila smudge pot!

i'm lemming for MUFE pencils on the other hand kekeke u saw yumeko pencil case****

am diggin your badass ripped jeans!

Blovet Beauty said...

ADIN! YEA! TEAM EDWARD. sexy sexy edward.. can't wait to watch it tonight!!! hehehe

Yumeko! I saw ur MUFE aqua pencil set and knew I had to have it. The SA just told me I had to wait cause she didn't know when the black would be in stock :( Impatient me has learnt my lesson - I should have waited a bit and shouldn't have bought the creamliner... :(

Stellar! I know I know...I saw Yumeko pencil set and it was like " my gawd"... but after this experience with MUFE, I am not sure if I dare try anymore stuff from them.
Usually my cream liners don't dry out so I guess I am a bit lucky in that area but maybe cause I use it all the time.
maybe I will pick up some Stila Items in Malaysia!!

Zoe said...

U got to play with a lot of new stuff, I really think ur eyes look gorgeous with the falsies and I love love ur lip color..looks very similar to Chanel's new color..I forgot the name^^;