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I’ve noticed lately how false eyelashes can really open up my small eyes and when I get really lazy and don’t feel like doing any eye makeup, I just put on falsies and immediately my eyes look bigger. I prefer false eyelashes with the thicker band ( but comfortable bands) as they give the illusion of eyeliner when gunning for a natural look and a more invisible lash band when I do a dramatic eye look , so as not to distract from the eye makeup.

I was sent a box of Revlon’s Fantasy Lengths Lashes ( 2 self adhesive and 2 glue on ) as well as a box of Revlon’s Nails to test out and so far, I’m loving the lashes because they make my eyes look so good naked.


**I am not advertising for Revlon and will give my personal thoughts on these lashes**


Anyhow, here’s my review on these oh so soft and natural looking lashes:









( Glue on)






    FLIRTY 91003







1) Trim Lashes to fit

2) Apply glue to eyelash eyelash lash band

3) Allow to dry for a few seconds(really fast or it will dry up) and apply onto lash line

Pros:  I love how authentic and natural looking these lashes are. They look like my real lashes only way way longer. I like how easily and seamlessly they blend with my own lashes. All I have to do is curl my lashes and add a tiny bit of curling mascara and put these lashes on. ( Great for lazy people who don’t have time to do eye makeup and want to still have pretty looking eyes)

These falsies come with a white glue which is pretty sticky and dries pretty fast.


I found application difficult due to the thin and very soft eyelash spine. I had to use a pair of tweezers and my fingers to get the eye lash in place and it took me quite some time. I am used to thicker and firmer eyelash bands that are are quicker and easier to put on.

I also find that with these lashes, I have to wear eyeliner because the band is a clear color and it shows up pretty obvious in macro shots.


(Self Adhesive)




    DEFINING 99501 





1) Have really dry and clean hands, before peeling off the lashes gently from the lashes stand. 

The adhesive glue strip is sticky.


2) Trim to fit

3) Fit lashes at base of lash line, wiggle and press the lashes into the base of natural lash line to get it as close as possibleIMG_2822

4) Using the applicator provided, press the lashes



5) Viola ` very natural, pretty lashes!~IMG_2826



This band can only be used a few times because it becomes less tacky after 1-3 uses. Thankfully it comes with an extra lash band.

All you have to do is peel off the used adhesive glue strip and reattach onto the replacement glue strip on the lash stand. Super easy to do.

Since I’ve been running short of time lately,  I tried using normal lash glue on it  and it works perfectly !

The best part is that I won’t need to throw away these gorgeous self adhesive lashes once the glue adhesive wears off !!








I prefer the self adhesive lashes over the glue on lashes . They are easier to apply due to the firmer lash band  and  holds really well for a long duration ( 4 hours and looking great). They feel comfortable and softer than a lot of fake lashes I have tried and they do not peel off easily, UNLESS you have thick emollient eye makeup.

Also, because the band is black, I do not have to put on eyeliner when I am going for the natural look. I like the eyelash applicator thingy cause it’s pretty useful and it does help the lashes to fit perfectly, definitely feels safer than poking a tweezer at my lash area.

CONS: It’s pretty clear that REVLON FANTASY LENGTH  are really beautiful natural looking lashes but I must say that it could be a little challenging to apply especially for a newbie.

A first timer would have difficulty wearing these lashes cause it’s much softer  than cheap low grade lashes. Self adhesive lashes are  easier to apply compared to the glue ons.

I’ve heard that these lashes are expensive?? Since I can’t even get this locally ( really sucks)  I am not able to inform about the price.


My Favourite Falsies of the pack has to be 99500!

See how my current collection has grown!





Can’t get enough of this color tag!! Thanks Sweetie!









hehe.. Hope you enjoyed my review and my purple items!



Been grumpy lately, so I’ve been wearing this necklace my mom bought.
It speaks the words I dare not utter *-* hahahahaIMG_2936

Untitled-1 copy


AtelierGal said...

lovin' the new revamp, sweetie

AtelierGal said...

lovin' the new revamp, sweetie

tris1978ton said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to try it on myself!

blovet said...

thanks Atelier... it was really hard to put up, still have a million links to put up :)

thanks tris!! i hope u try it and take some pics!

AtelierGal said...

You could do with some color, maybe light pastel colors in the background :)

I heart those Revlon nails, sucks they aren't available here!

Uinisan said...

first of all love the new look for ur site :)
secondly, thanks for reviewing the new revlon range eyelashes they do seem very natural, how much do they retail for?
As you can tell purple is one of my favourtie colours!!! as you can see from my site ahahhaahah so I'm totally digging your purple items haahahaha...
Hope your mood gets better sweetie... and your mum is so adorable getting you that necklace, does she know what it's try to say? haahahaha... very cute indeed :)

Daituf said...

That necklace is awesome! Your mom is so cool to get that for you :D
I love Revlon lashes coz it's so feathery light, but yeah, it's very hard to put on since I'm a newbie.
Also, is there one that's not so long? I rather have more volume than length. You know what I mean?

adin_22 said...

Thanks for doing the tag...love your necklace

Blair said...

I definitely need the applicator thingy!! Do you know where I can get one?

Sweetie, can you please recreate the purple+icy blue eye makeup in your purple tag? Loves it!!

Yup, NYX Round Lipstick 629 Power covers pigmented lips. I bought the VOV Apple AHA mask from Gmarket.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow thank you for reviewing those eye lashes, very interesting :) I'll keep that in mind now just incase i need them

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i believe we don't have that faux lashes here in the Philippines yet but they sure look nice!

I agree, that falsies are the easy way to open up your eyes & i think Revlon made it all the more easier when they have that self-adhesive lashes,right?

You do have a lot of falsies!

i always use UDPP as my lid primer because my lids are an oil mine, then a little bit of chapstick to make the colors adhere better

Zoe said...

Love ur REVLON FANTASY LENGTHS lashes , they look really nice on ur eyes..I actually love the way u applied ur sparkly white eyeshadow ,right? it looks really beautiful^^.Thanks for the tutorials , I am still a beginner^^;
the items u chose for the purple tag are so lovely, what is the last one?I so love floral things.
Ur necklace looks really pretty, I like it ..it's so cool.

Blovet Beauty said...

Uinisan, I really dun know how much they retail for *-* hehehe i guess my mom knows I have my "SSShhhh" days.. lately has been worse due to mounting yr end wk stress... hehehe

DAituf! i totally get what u mean by needing shorter falsies. These eyelashes were pretty long but cause they were so natural looking, I didn't mind the length at all. I am not sure if revlon has any shorter length eyelashes... I trim my older lashes to get them to the length I want :) Just that with new lashes i am afraid of runing them...hahhaa

ADin! No problemo ! i actually couldn't find that many purple items but I thought I did a pretty good job with what I had!! hehe

Blair!!! I used a Lavshuca
palette for the look.. I can definitely recreate something close to it for u!! hahaha I used a few other pdts which i can't remember :)
Have u used the super mild shampoo yet babes??

Ena!! U should try them out. esp the self adhesive. easier to put on!

thiamere!! wat a genius, using chapstick. I would think the eye makeup would slip and slide but it brings out the colors even more for u!
I am hoping that revlon would bring in more items like their nude lipsticks, falsies and nail collection to asia too... we really need some great natural looking lashes here. I have tried ardel lashes and strangely I don't really fancy it much.

ZOe!!! u likey the white shimmery base? it's the white chiffon by castledew !!! isn't it pretty and this was after 4 hours with it on :) have u tried any castledew items?
The last purple item is a floral night light :) i got it at as a wedding gift and thought it was quite cool!!

Dina (XYYan) said...

great falsies! i can't wear them though, they make my eyes itchy...

i'm lucky to have found the flats! :D and loving it now.

Shop N' Chomp said...

OMG...I can finally comment on your blog! I don't know if it's just me or if you've heard from other girls but I have not been able to comment on your posts. :( So happy to do so now!!! :D

Anyways, I love the lashes and your purple tag items especially your EOTD and nightlight! Also, the necklace your mom got you is so lovely. :) Hope you aren't grumpy anymore, sweetie. *hugs*

Toothfairy said...

love the purple eyes...

great tutorial on the eyelashes, but I hate it, I can't apply it, total failure... and I don't like the feeling of it on my lashes! I've only worn it in photoshoots...


Blovet Beauty said...

Dina! I love those flats! what brand is it?

hehe... Lisa, I am not as grumpy anymore because I did have it out with the person I was upset with. I get mad at work and just ease my frustration with going makeup shopping.. works all the time:)
I got some feedback from others that my commenting section was a little faulty! I'm happy tat u can leave comments now :>

Toothfairy! yup, falsies gave me a strange feeling at first but now I'm pretty used to them. Although I am quite picky abt the quality and type cause it can make a difference to the comfort level.personally I use them when I'm lazy or just tired to wear any eye makeup:)

Dee said...

Loving the revamp dear! Now I can really make a banner that would match this perfectly! I never really had luck with self adhesive lashes, but these sound really nice so I'm definitely going to try them out! I love that purple EOTD!<3

Blovet Beauty said...

DEE!! YEA! as u can see, my blog is looking so so plain! I need a pop of color at my banner :) Thats where u are needed sweetie! Hey if u do get the falsies, U should do some EOTD cause I miss them :)

stellarvixen said...

thanks for finding my skincare helpful!now you got me curious about the gylcolic..what kinda brand and where can i obtain? S.O.S

i totally agree with you about the FANTASTIC effect of having falsie lashie lol my next post i will post about them too!

ohhh i have yet to try the self-adhesive from revlon~~ its not available in KL either

i'm still not good in handling the glue & stick em on :( always gotta fix it 2 times reapply my makeup bahhh

i love your dramatic clean EYES!

amynaree said...

the necklace is super adorable!!! but for some reason I feel as if people would try to talk to me more when they know I don't want to be talk to :/

the revlon lashes look great on you! I suck at applying falsies but I do love the way they can transform your eyes

Allegra said...

amaaazing! what a stunning view!

Karen said...

Awesome review on the lashes. I'm still getting use to wearing false lashes once in awhile and I know what you mean about them opening up the eye so much more! And I love the purple eye look you did too ;)

Blovet Beauty said...

AMy! hahaha U know what, I did recall that the day i started wearing this necklace I did have a pretty big fight with a someone. it was pretty major fight. maybe I should find another necklace which says " TALK TO ME" when i am in a bad mood. hahaha

Allegra, thks

Karen!! Thanks sweetie.. i love how falsies can really take ur eye look to whole new level.. only thing is that it damages my natural lashes pretty badly.. so time to let my lashes rest :(