Friday, December 18, 2009

LIME CRIME, MAC, My Makeup Bag & Great Weird Anime:)

Hi Ya’ All!


hehehe… It’s been some time but I’m back, with goodies :)


LULU sent me really really adorable hand made Bows in her X’mas Gift! Isn’t it cute ?! :) Check out her blog here if U haven’t already! She also sent me other items which I will do a post on soon…  THANKS Ms LuLu :) I love the X’mas items!

IMG_4145 IMG_4130


I’ve been on a makeup diet for the past few weeks and it wasn’t intentional. I just didn’t have anything I really really wanted and I felt that I had a little too much makeup again! hahaha… I probably have a really tiny collection compared to lots of you, but for me I keep on buying and not using stuff so I was feeling guilty. Not anymore people!  My Makeup Diet is broken :)


Here’s my little haul :



Limecrime Lipsticks

I’ve been a quiet but big fan of Lime Crime. It’s easy to see why people love this brand and there have been quite a bit of reviews and hype about LIME CRIME’s eccentric and oh so delicious line of lipsticks.


I got 3 lipsticks and  for those of you who are familiar with this brand of cosmetics, you would be wondering why in the world I got “ NO SHE DIDN’T”???? It’s a Creamy BLUE color. No joke! Well, I didn’t order it.


Instead of getting my peachy orangey “Cosmopop”, I got a coral blue “No she didn’t.”  I’ve informed them about  this and hopefully I’ll get the lipstick color I initially wanted. No Worries! I’m going to review D ‘LILAC first :)


IMG_4349 IMG_4351


I was so excited to get this lipstick because I adore the packaging. The unicorn is what childhood fantasies are made of and I would have no problems using this lipstick in public. It’s so pretty, I’m sure people won’t mind me touching up in the train or in public :P hee





Truth be told, the initial swatches of D’Lilac made me worry. The color was very sheer and I had to reapply quite a few times to get the intensity. Also, I was pretty upset because I was in my living room( with very yellow lighting)  and my mom was like  “ I can’t see anything on your lips” and the more I applied the more the actual pigmentation showed. Than, I went out to the mall with this lipstick  and in the bright white light, my mom said “ hey, actually, this lipstick color is pretty nice and it’s looking more and more purplish” …. so my conclusion is that, the initial swatches will be very sheer but once u have swatched it 5 times and up, the pigmentation is crazy good.




This is one lipstick that will take some getting used to. The color is not easy to wear and I have noticed that the best application is when I use my fingers to dab it on. The amazing thing about this lipstick is that the color really becomes more pigmented after sitting on the lips for some time  and it does not budge much. I tested it out with a clear orange Urban Decay Lipgloss that Miss Lulu sent me as a X’mas gift and it did not move around like most of my lipsticks do. The staying power is crazy…


In fact, I totally recommend wearing a lip gloss on top of it cause it has great holding power and can look more pinkish or more purplish depending on the color lip gloss you have on. Also, you will  have to exfoliate your lips super well and moisturize them for a few minutes before using this lipstick. It is drying and can make dry peeling lips look worse. I recommend a lip liner for this color because it is very pale and can look very jarring if not blended into lips well.

Not for the faint hearted or the conservative, D’Lilac takes some getting used to but once you have warmed up to it, it’s absolutely darling & highly highly pigmented. I’m still experimenting with it as I want to find the best way of wearing it.


Here’s a swatch of  D’Lilac  alone :




And paired with lip liner (nude) & orange Urban Decay Clear Lip gloss ( yummy):









               +   IMG_4353


















2) MAC - CHERISH ( SATIN LIPSTICK ) + Fashion Patch

Since I’m mad for Honey Love, I just had to get another color. I couldn’t get Myth after asking at a few MAC outlets so I settled , quite happily on CHERISH!

Cherish is super easy to wear, as it is a warmer color as compared to Honey love and my lips love the SATIN texture.




I adore this color!




Also, I couldn’t resist this eye shadow color – fashion patch :




The lighter shades are so sparkly and vibrant! Can’t wait to do some looks with this eye shadow :)





Moving on, Atelier Gal tagged me to see what’s in my makeup bag!!

I'm excited to show u, it’s not as much as you would expect :( I’m pretty stuck on basic essentials when I go out, I don’t have time to reapply makeup constantly so this is it :


IMG_4180 IMG_4181








Omg, I’m so boring. I want to see what u all have in ur makeup bag, cause I bet it will be 10 times more exciting than mine. I also secretly have a fear of losing my most favorite makeup as I can be rather forgetful and klutzy, so I prefer to leave them at home where I won’t lose them!!!



Speaking of which, for those of u who love watching anime, go watch SOUL EATER!


I’ve always been in search of an anime that could rival NARUTO and I’ve found it! SOUL EATER is my absolute favorite anime  and it’s right up there with Naruto , Kiba, Ruonin Kenshin , Samurai Champloo !! The storyline resembles Bleach in terms of the settings, terms ( shinigami) and the rough concept, while the wit and humour of all the characters are on par  and sometimes even better than Naruto! I recommend this anime for a great laugh, a weird and quirky setting and for a fresh blazing hot anime! I like the characters so much and I sometimes feel like I’m watching myself or my friends in this anime. Love love love SoulEater.


I ADORE BLACK STAR cause he is such a hilarious Dumbo. He’s my anime idol for now cause he makes me laugh so hard!!

SoulEaterXBlackStar8.jpg Soul Eater X Black Star 8 image by krisblack



I guarantee a good laugh, a fun chuckle and an addictive anime with SOUL EATER. *LUVS*



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Blair said...

Those bows are soooo adorable!

I've never heard of Lime Crime! Is it very famous?

heartbreaker said...

i agree with blair,the bows are so cute!phew,finally an update,was wondering where did laney go.lol. and yes,haven't heard of lime crime before but what a name :)and thanks for recommending the manga,haven't read anything good since naruto and bleach,boys over flowers doesn't count coz its a love story,lol.

evie said...

ooh i love soul eater too!!!

i love the cherish lip colour!

amynaree said...

Hi Lane,
I adore you hair its so gorgeous with airy curls!! I have never heard of that brand Lime Crime but the packaging is just to die for! I would get it just for the unicorns alone but the lilac color is so pretty ^__*

Thanks for the anime rec I will def have to check it out.

MilknCookiie said...

I've never heard of Lime Crime before but thank you for introducing it because their lipstick colors are amazing!

The packaging of the lipsticks look like they could be part of a MAC collection!

I hope you'll still get 'Cosmopop' cause I'd love to see a review/swatch of it.

♥ Milk

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey, you got your Lime Crime lippies! (I remember you saying it was your wishlist item on my giveaway :) So happy you got them :D The D’Lilac shade is so unique.

You look so cute with those hair bows. Lulu's so sweet to send them to you! Plus, I think your makeup bag is beyond cute. *^_^*

Happy weekend!

Zuuchini said...

wah i love the bows!! I'mma go check her blog out now!

the cherish lipstick looks really nice!! But i got more absorbed into your honeylove swatch! I didn't know it looked that nice!!

Sassy J'adore said...

That's so sweet of Lulu and those are cute bows. =)

The purple color packaging for the lippies are cute.
The purple color is a bit too loud for me and I would never know when I can wear that color. lol.

AtelierGal said...

The bows are lovely, I don't have any for fear I'll look like Minnie or something.

Do you wear purple lips out? I think they'll look weird on the streets. Check your inbox, babe

That's a mirror, right? So BOOMZ LMAO
No tissue? Why tweezers?

Dina (XYYan) said...

the bows look cute on you and i love your hair! it's so gorgeous~

i've never heard of Lime Crime but the lipstick looks really good on you :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Blair! I guess lime crime was the reason I got into color and makeup. A few years ago, when I was searching online for makeup tutorials, I found Lime Crime's very bright and gorgeous looking face tutorials and I've been hooked ever since. Yes! I wanted this lippy for a long time now Lisa!

Allison, go watch Soul Eater! the anime is so cute...i have a weird sense of humor so this anime is right up my alley!I've been around, reading ppl blogs but I guess I didn't have any inspiration to blog :(hehe I'll be back soon with a review of GREAT PINK PLANET lippy!

Hi Evie, thanks for popping by!

AMY!! HIGH 5! I love the packaging too... its a unicorn and shiny too. one thing abt the lime crime lippies, they are very true to the color. I didn't expect it to be so lilac in color but it is! but it's such a awesome burst of color!

Milkncookies!! I think a guru mentioned that it looked like the heatherette collection, which i have to agree with. Unfortunately, I own nothing from that collection,so this should satisfy my craving...

Lisa, my makeup bag is a little old! it used to hold my stationary in University, hahah! but i still love it. I love lulu's bows too...

Zuuchini, both honeylove and cherish really works well. try it out at a MAC counter. So much fun! I tried Creme Cup but it didnt look nice on my lips at all :( everything that looks nice on others doesnt quite look good on me..

Sassy!!! hehehe I'm trying to pair them with a more wearable color but i still havent gotten the best combination yet! hehe

Atelier, I think I cant wear those stark purple lips out yet. a little is okay but i got to tone it down with lip gloss or a lip shade :) I replied u already, so check ur email babes :)
oh my tweezers are for stray eyebrow hairs and any emergencies :)

U likkey my Boomz Mirror

FriendzCentury said...

The packaging of Lime Crime is just adorable, I haven't come across this brand before, but will certainly be checking it out, especially if the staying power is good.

The hand made bows go so well with your luscious brown curls!!

tris1978ton said...

You always have the cutest stuff!

Fifi said...

Cute bow!!! Ahh your hauls always make me drool. :P

And I've read these bad reviews on Lime Crime before. People thought they were being ripped off or something. Have you heard of it?

Uinisan said...

Ummm... would you call that a lil haul? HAHAHAHH... I have to say that I don't know Lime Crime but it's very interesting... I love finding out about new brands well it's new ot me anyway hehehehe... Thanks for sharing your love with their lippies :)

Pop Champagne said...

omg unicorns! I LOVED unicorns as a kid. I used to have a bunch of unicorn posters on my wall haha. I've never tried purple lipstick though hmmm it def has an interesting effect after seeing your pics

Dee said...

The bows look lovely on you! I love the how it matches your hair! Definitely perfect for a Hime Gyaru look!

I wanted to purchase from Lime Crime too, but I heard some things about their service. Have you seen the LC vid on youtube yet Lane? But the packaging is super cute, I love unicorns! And your makeup bag is divine. I want something like that<3

Sassy J'adore said...

Thanks for the comment on the hair extensions. =)

This is actually my first time wearing hair extensions. Since I'm opening an online store selling hair extensions, I need to try them out right? hehe.
I wanted to try a different look and just have fun with it. =)
Check out my store when it's launched. =)

Luna said...

omg the Lime Crime packaging is amazing!! I would totally buy it just for that alone.. lol.. where did you get yours from?

I'll def check out Souleater... Just got back into watching anime with Kuroshitsuji.. love the whole regency England + Gothic style.. =)

Toothfairy said...

oh I've been mia too. haha!
panadol in your makeup bag?! haha... funny, but it's truely convenient!

loving the orange lippies!


Zoe said...

Your hair looks so beautiful,how did u make it?the bow looks so pretty on ur hair, nice hair color too^^
I also have never heard of that brand before but the packaging looks so adorable BUT I'll be getting a MAC - CHERISH lipstick coz it looks so beautiful on ur lips^^

alien man?! said...

O wow. That Lime Crime lipstick looks so pretty and you have such pretty lips. I don't think I could pull off that shade but I want it anyway!

That design on your little makeup pouch made me chuckle LOL. I'm worse than you. I carry as little makeup around as possible. Maybe a lip gloss, a mirror... MAYBE a pressed powder if I can remember it haha... I hate a cluttered bag.

lilluna5416 said...

ur make up bag is so cute!!! i have been delaying my post of the same. I love Fairy Drops too

Karen said...

Hi Lane!
Hmmm...I have not heard of Lime Crime. D'Lilac is a bit different but I can see how it'd be nice to mix things with it. I like it much more with the coral and pinkish tones added to it. But the packaging is sooo cute with unicorns - it gave me a flash back to the "My little pony" dolls I had as a kid :)
MAC Cherish looks really good on you! I actually find that Honey Love suits my skintone a bit better though. I think it really depends on skintone and hair colour which looks better or stands out more...
The compact mirror in your makeup bag is so cute!
It's a bit early but in case I miss you this week, have a lovely Holidays and a Fantastic New Year! xo

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I love the bows! Happy holidays:)

Thanh said...

Those bows are soo cute!! Your hair is so gorgeous!

ning * star said...

wow, your hair looks amazing!

sssdawna said...

i like anime too, that's awesome.

cherish looks like an amazing color, how do you pic which lippies you want when you order online? thanks lots!


sugarmizbunni said...

I love that cherish lip colour.. its gorgeous.

I must have it :D