Monday, July 12, 2010


I tend to be very picky with my facial products and it’s only during this pregnant time in my life that I have been able to use SOAP on my face. Gasp. Yes, handmade bar soap that is.  However, my hormones seem to be getting back to their normal irritable selves and my skin is once again starting to react to different products that I use on my face.

I’ve been trying quite a few facial products and B.liv products did work well and exceeded my expectations. I have not heard about this brand and only started to research on it when I was approached for a review. Truth be told, I didn’t know what to expect result wise but decide to give it a shot anyways.

* I was using Paul and Joe Whitening serum ( much raved about) for about 2 days and I got Zits in between my eyes and around my mouth area. I am pretty sure it was a reaction to P&J because all I was using was a cleanser( no allergic reaction to this as it’s my staple product) and the serum. My skin just isn’t suited to P&J skin products.

I intend to sell it off as I’ve only used 2 pumps. Please email me if you are interested as it is a brand new bottle that has been sitting in the fridge. The first two times I’ve used it were the very last I touched it :P

Back to the subject matter!!


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b.liv by Cellnique Review:


Products: Off With Those Heads, Spots Got Shot and Glow and Shine

Duration of Use: 3 Weeks

Packaging: Hygienic  & Good quality packaging

Product I would Repurchase: Off with those heads & Glow and Shine ( if I’m feeling rich)


How it works:

Off With Those Heads removes white & blackheads without violence or pain, and stops them from appearing ever again. The gel softens the clogging blocking your pores, allowing for effortless extraction and removal of all sores. Its essence ingredients keep oil secretions under control, and skin irritation will never again rule!

Price: USD 63
Size: 45ml

Main functions: clear blackheads + whiteheads



- Dissolves Black & White heads ( highly effective)

-Tightens pores

- No Breakouts

-Facilitates Extraction ( I still had to extract my black and white heads but the time and effort spent was cut by half and by the end of the third week of usage my pores had significantly less junk and I skipped manual extraction! Yippie! )

-Hygienic Pump


- Not Cheap

- Daily consistent usage to maintain results ( price to pay for a clearer nose!) Although I did miss a few days of application here and there, the results were still apparent and the blackheads did not return with a vengeance.

Thoughts on product:

Probably the best product of the 3 I was sent. I was skeptical about it’s ability to help dissolve my super stubborn  black and white heads but it really got rid of 40-50% of those nasty heads by the end of the second week (before extraction). The pores on my nose which are stubborn as crap have actually tightened and look smaller. By the end of the third week, I did not even see a need for much manual extraction, a big relief and my nose was not looking like Mrs Strawberry!  Black and whiteheads came off easily with a facial scrub and my pores just looked cleaner and tighter on the whole. Overall, packaging is hygienic and the product has not given me a reaction. I  highly recommend this product for stubborn blackheads on the nose! 



Price: USD 25
Size: 15ml

Main functions:
blemish & spot therapy + oil control

Spots Got Shot diminishes blemishes from your face, and soothes your aggravated skin to ensure marks leave without a trace. It soaks up excess sebum, to prevent future problems, and removes dead skin cells, to leave you looking vibrant and well




- Not too expensive for spot control

- Skin types who react well to SA, may do well with this spot treatment


- Used it a few times and didn’t like how it made my blemish area feel( dry and peeling)

- Dried that area of skin I applied it on but it did not shrink my spots as effectively as glycolic.

Thoughts on product:

Not a product I would rave about. Since it also has Salicylic acid that I am not fond off. I used ROC spot treatment when I was in my teens and it contained Salicylic acid  too. It worked for a couple of years but the effectiveness wore out with time. Not for my skin type.



Price: USD 25
Size: 50ml

Main functions:
exfoliating + pores reducing + brightening

*For sensitive skin with large pores

Glow & Shine deeply exfoliates damaged, scarred or unhealthy skin, to reveal the smooth, flawless complexion lurking within. It also lightens and brightens the dull and uneven-toned face, to make one's inner glow and shine rise to the surface.



- Brightens complexion

-No irritation/gentle

-Skin appears whiter and more translucent


- Not as effective on scars or red marks

Thoughts on product:

I would purchase this product again only if there was a sale on it. It’s ranked no. 2 out of the three products I was sent. What I like about this mask was that it had a cooling effect when I first applied it on and the papaya enzyme did not irritate my skin at all. This cooling mask did not really have much effect on existing scars but it does a good job of whitening the skin in my opinion. I would recommend that this product be used when your skin has not had any exfoliation for a few days. I used it after a scrub and it was a little stingy. That’s my fault for being over zealous.  I would repurchase this mask, if I had spare cash, because it feels cool & comforting and it makes my skin look clean and translucent.

Overall, I like 2 products out of 3. Not bad at all! I love off with those heads the most. It seriously works and B.liv informed me that they are giving away free samples. It’s so so so simple to get these samples :)

*****b.liv is offering  free samples of Off with those heads, 3ml to  the first 50 readers. You can email your full name and mailing/shipping address to fbfreesample@blivskin.com with the subject blovet.blogspot.com

Readers that send in their blog’s url, stand a chance to do a product review. This will be valid until the 19th July 2010 and be sure to expect your sample delivery within 4 – 6 weeks!**********



Dina (XYYan) said...

Great review! I've heard good things about the spot got shot, too bad it doesn't work for your skin type..

mandy said...

Thanks for the review! :]

So many people have been saying a lot of good things about Off With Those Heads, but the price...>__<;;

Blovet Beauty said...

Hi Dina, I guess it could be a case of different skin types. I did well with SA for a few years but effectiveness did decline with time:)

Hi Mandy, I didn't expect that high price tag for off with those heads. Firstly because it's targeted for younger audience and secondly because it's not that big a bottle. However, the results do speak for itself and a little also goes a long way thankfully