Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eyebrow Grooming Tutorial- SOUP Magazine



The path to well groomed brows is an easy one with helpful diagrams, pictures and lots of practice!


Eyebrow Grooming Tools:IMG_5971 

When I first started grooming my brows, I always left out one of the most important step, which is trimming the length of the brow hair. As a result, my brows were always over tweezed or shaved because I was trying to achieve an unrealistic brow shape purely by shaving or tweezing unwanted hairs. I took these super useful diagrams from the Japanese Magazine SOUP and it nicely highlights how to use an arched trimming scissors and a brow comb to trim the length of the brow hairs and achieve a nice brow shape.


They encourage the trimming of the brow length prior to shaving or tweezing stray hairs, which is smart as it helps lessen the chances of over tweezing or shaving and gives the brow a neater appearance.


After you get your desired shape, you can fill your newly groomed brows with a brow pencil, brown eye shadow or eyebrow powder. I like to use both a pencil and some brown eye shadow when I have the time as it gives a very natural yet slightly defined effect.An optional step for even more polished brows would be to use a brow mascara. Any old dried out brown mascara can also give the same desired effect.


Okie, have fun brow grooming!



Shop N' Chomp said...

I love the step by step instructions! Thanks babe =D

Blovet Beauty said...

.. No prob Lisa!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks for sharing! I always have problem with grooming my eyebrows :D

Blovet Beauty said...

U're Welcome Dina:)

Carine said...

That is a strange name for a magazine :) anayway, thanks for sharing !

xphoebelinax said...

cutting my brows have always scared me... im not even sure why! :| i tried trimming them once and i freaked out after i did like 1 snip... ahaha

Dyna Dee said...

Lovely instructions, thanks for the scans babe!

Ahleessa said...

I really needed a step to step instruction because I always wondered if I did mine correctly or not.

Blovet Beauty said...

No prob Carine!

Yea, It can be a little scary! Dun worry, hair grows back Phoebe ;-)
Oh, and not everybody needs to trim their brow hair as you can still use brow mascara to groom it into place.

No prob Dee!

Ahleessa, glad the pictorial diagram helped. Its no wonder Japanese women look so well groomed. They are so lucky to have magazines that have such helpful beauty tutorials

Blair said...

I always tweeze then only trim... I'm doing it the wrong way =[

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey Blair! U're brows look perfectly fine! I like trimming them first cause I tend to make holed in them if I don't ... if it works for u the other way round, great!