Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Beauty Buys & Finds


This weekend was so totally relaxing for me. I spent it chilling and doing some beauty shopping. Don’t you just love a weekend devoted to rest & rejuvenation! Yea!

Here’s the stuff I accumulated over the weekends, not too much but I’m happy with it all::


IMG_6096 I dumped Maybelline The Magnum Mascara! I did, cause I left it out to dry for a day and it was still clumpy and sucky. Hated it. I’ve read rave reviews on this Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara and I decided to try it out. I love to try out all sorts of mascara and this was a risk that definitely paid off. I will do a thorough review on this mascara this week!!


Oooohhh… Revlon I love you for this nude lip gloss in Nouvelle Teinte ! The color payoff is fab, the color is to die for and it feels so smooth on the lips!  Swatches to come soon too!


I’ve tried high end curlers and low end curlers and I still find myself running back to well packaged and nice looking drugstore curlers. Hey, WATSON’s Eyelash Curler ( With Pink Plastic Handle) actually cost around 5 SGD only. It’s sturdy, it’s curls well and it’s pink. The fit around my lashes is just nice and it gives a nice natural curl!


I am a shampoo hoarder. I hate it when my shampoo is running out and I don’t have a backup. As usual, I love lavender and AVALON ORGANICS Shampoo just smells amazing!


Just ordered a pack of 6 De Shawn Marie Soaps for my mom as part of her birthday gift. She loves lathering them up with a loofah and she’s in love with the smells! I got her tons of lemony and fruity scents cause those zesty smelling soaps are her favorite :-)

My mom picked up Fresh Farmacy  Cleanser during her recent travels and I’ve been using this facial wash for 4 days now. My hubby noticed a difference on the 3rd day, saying that my face was radiant without the usual “ Beetroot Redness.” He rarely compliments my skin so this facial cleanser could be a keeper. Will continue using for a some time more for a review!!


It’s great fun to discover really interesting you tube beauty gurus and I might be a little late in discovering JLOVESMAC1 but I absolutely love her makeup style and all her bright cheery colors! Her lighthearted, witty and funny approach to beauty is refreshing and she really reminds me of  RAVEN! She’s also actually really really pretty when she’s bare faced!


After watching so many eyebrow tutorias, I’ve been following these basic steps when filling my eyebrows and I find the effect to be very natural and very pretty:

1) Using a brow pencil lightly outline your eyebrow shape.

2) Using an angled eyebrow brush, take a brown eyeshadow and fill it in while blending the outline into the lashes as well

3) The tail end of the eyebrows should be slightly darker than the front portion of the brows. A gradient effect ( light to dark) is really flattering for brows.

4) Using a flat straight concealor brush, conceal away the uneven edges on the top and bottom brow to give it a clean defined look. You can even “sharpen” the tail end of your eyebrows with this easy technique.


Okie, that’s all for now! I finally got my LUSH parcel from Singpost ! After a donkey long time, they finally decided to do their job. I got HIWTK ( obsessed with this), ROCKSTAR ( smells so good in my room), PORRIDGE ( Yummy ), SULTANA, I SHOULD COCO …. Loves…

Hope you had a great weekend !!!



Lulu said...

oo great haul, i love kiss me heroine mascaras :) hope you'll like it too! that revlon lip gloss is in such a nice nude shade!

Blovet Beauty said...

I'm in love with this mascara! It works so well :) I think I first read about this mascara on ur blog and that sparked my interest in getting it, so thanks :)

aisyah De Cullen said...

YAY! LOL..I know this seems a bit late to say but you've got your love for make-up back! XD And awesome haul..I've been wanting to try kiss me heroine and fairy drops mascara for sooo long! >__<
Looking forward to the lipgloss and mascara reviews ^^

Blovet Beauty said...

Hehe.. thks Aisyah. It feels good to be back to normal old me. Don't think my hubby is too crazy about that though cause now we make many stops at the drugstore and soon I will drag him to sephora with me! hahahaha
Both mascaras u are eyeing are great IMHO. Fairy drops is more of a jet black shade and tends to be more volumising compared to kiss me heroine. But kiss me Heroine is great for wispy long sexy lashes...

Blair said...

Sweetie, have you tried any of Majolica Majorca's mascaras? How do you think they compare to Heroine or Fairy Drops?

Blair said...

And thank you for the birthday wishes! =]

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Great haul! Thats quite a lot of new stuff!
Lovely lip gloss color!

Blovet Beauty said...

Yea I did try Majo Majo Mascaras, in fact I tried 2. I still prefer Heroine or Fairy Drops cause my lashes still look pretty natural. Majo Majo tends to make my lashes look really spidery and dry & it's such a pain to remove.
Anyways I hope u had a FUN birthday!

Blovet Beauty said...

Thks Anastacia :-)A girl can never have enough beauty stuff!

Tany Lë *charmediem* said...

i like your post!

xx charmediem*

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Can't wait for your review on the Kiss Me mascara, I would love to see some before and after pictures :)

Dyna Dee said...

OMG, I love that exact same Avalon Shampoo! I absolutely adore the conditioner - my hairs absorbs it completely and it doesn't weigh my hair down and smells divine! And I want to try out the same Heroine mascara. I can't wait for your review<3

Pop Champagne said...

I like the sunkissed shimmery eyeshadow you have on!! and this reminds me that I need to pick up new eyelash curler LOL

Dina (XYYan) said...

I've been wanting to try the heroine mascara, i'll just wait to i finish my current mascaras first :D

~Lisa said...

I'd like to try that mascara!!
I haven't seen that Revlon gloss!! Hope I see it soon so I can have one to call my own ^^

& yup. I have a Revlon curler and it's still going great!!


Blovet Beauty said...

thks Tany!

a review is coming right up soon Ena!

Oooh Dee, U have the same shampoo too! Great! I can't wait for my current shampoo bottle to be done and then I can start using this one. Might need to pick up conditioner now!

Ms Pop, curlers are such a necessity aren't they!?

Dina! Do try Heroine once u are done with ur older mascara!

Lisa, Revlon sells eyelash curlers
? I guess the range in Singapore is tiny cause they only sell the lip/eye and face products and thats all....sigh!

Carine said...

I'm curious about the fresh farmacy cleanser, I'm hoping for a review ^-^

Blovet Beauty said...

I would love to do a review on the fresh farmacy cleanser carine :-) sometime late this week. I'll also be doing an ocean salt review too!