Monday, August 2, 2010

KOJI Eyelash Curler Review


I was doing some shopping for a friend and I just had to get this cute Green Packaged KOJI No.70 Eyelash Curler too. Usually I never pay any attention to the eyelash curlers in SASA, due to a previous negative purchase experience  but if another beauty blogger is asking for a certain brand and we usually have similar taste in cosmetics, than I get pretty excited about it & ta da. Also, some of you have also recommended this curler!

Maybe I have some serious curler fetish going on as I’ve already bought 3 in the past month but seriously I was getting frustrated at the larger sized watsons curler which did not allow me to close my makeup pouch! lesson learned as I like compact makeup pouch and the KOJI eyelash curler smaller size allows me to keep my makeup case that way.


KOJI EYELASH CURLER NO.70(Regular, 33mm) 

*Cute Green Packaging


*Reliable Quality ( Made in Japan)

* Band Width 33mm ( fits my small eyes pretty nicely) – no biting of the skin at all

* Good grip and nice tension when curling



Size Comparison ( Watsons Lash Curler)


As I’ve found out there are other curlers in this series and they seem to differ in terms of band width and some are even foldable. Could not find the others though ( no 71, 72,100, Moni etc…) . All I’ve found were  No. 70 and 73 Koji curlers :(

Anyways,I do like my Koji No.70 :P   

** Naked Lashes after curling:



It’s so dangerous buying things for others, I just end up buying extras for myself!!  hehe


                                    Take Care & Have a great Monday :)



heartbreaker said...

hi laney! thanks for dropping by,how are you?hope you are a well mummy to be ! :) aaah maybe i should get the koji eyelash curler to try,even the shu uemera's one bite my eyelid,i think i have saggy eyelids O.O oh well ur lashes looks perfectly curled! :D

Blovet Beauty said...

hey Allison, yea, sometimes the Shu curler would bite my lid too but not often. I have droopy and heavy lids too so maybe that's the reason right?
Thks for ur well wishes :-)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i heard that Koji curlers are as good as shiseido & shu uemura. i have both..i haven't tried koji though..

your lashes look great,hun!

looks like you found the perfect curler for you

Hope you are having a great evening,hun!

Dina (XYYan) said...

I love my Koji eyelash curler too, I have it in no.71. Love your last pic, very cute~ :D

Zoe said...

I also wanted to buy one but No.100 I think it looks really cute and I love ur picture, u look so pretty as always^^

Zoe said...

I also wanted to buy one but No.100 I think it looks really cute and I love ur picture, u look so pretty as always^^

Diane said...

I have this eyelash curler too and I love it. I think it's better then the Shu Uemura one that everyone raves about, but that's just my opinion. =P

Dyna Dee said...

Haha, glad you like the NO.70 curler Lane! Now I'm sure I'll love the NO.73! Your lashes look lovely, and I adore the last picture of you<3

Blovet Beauty said...

Thiamere! the feel and grip of the Koji curler does remind me of Shu. The curling effect does surpass it though, so that's a super plus especially at this price :)If u find it do try it, works well!

Dina!oohh.. did u get 71 online?? I couldnt find any in SaSa

Zoe!Thks sweetie!I had to try very hard to look half decent in this picture :-) hehehe

Diane! wow, a curler that's better and cheaper than Shu. I'll be putting this curler to work a lot!

Dee! I hope u really like no73! packaging is cute as always and I hope it works like a charm for ur lashes too ;-)

Connie De Alwis said...

the curled lashes look good! I really need to check out those koji curlers. after so many years, I've grown bored of my RMK on

Blovet Beauty said...

Connie! Go check it out, it won't bust your wallet at all plus it looks cute!

~Lisa said...

Aww, too bad I can purchase from online yet. Need to get a credit card when I'm old enough! Just a few more years ^^

I've been using my same old eyelash curlers for soo many years but I want to try something new! ^^


Blovet Beauty said...

Yup Lisa. Once u start online shopping, it's so hard to stop! I swear!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for the review :) & I totally get the part about when getting things for friends you end up getting things for yourself too :) I always do that too :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

I got it in Taiwan, I didn't know Sasa in singapore doesn't have it...