Thursday, January 6, 2011

Double Eyelid Miracle Part II~ Even Larger Eyes!



Some time ago, I had a reader ask me about semi monolid eyes. She felt that her semi monolids gave her a very sleepy and tired expression and wanted to know of a skill or technique to give her eyes a lift. She asked what she could do but with minimal makeup due to work circumstances.

The best solution for semi monolids like myself is Eye Tape. Seriously, I’ve tried those crappy lid glues but they do nothing but frustrate the heck out of me. I feel so lucky to have found this as it’s done wonders for perking up my eyes. I look less tired and I feel like my eyes are more Awake.

The sticker isn’t exactly 100% invisible when you apply it but it’s hidden so well when you apply it right and when your eyes are open. Add some eye shadow and no one can really tell there’s anything on your lids. A picture speaks a million words, so here’s a before and after—amazing right!



This newer eyelid tape takes a little more getting used to because it is fatter than the one I am selling now, but once you get the hang of it ( it took me a few try's ), the effect is worth it! It makes the double eyelid look even more defined but more natural. Strange but totally amazing. The current tape I am selling is thinner and  is suited for those with thinner hidden eyelids or monolids who a more natural look. Dolly or wide eye lovers will love this tape – swear! Wear it right and u will love the stunning effect!



The packaging is prettier too – a pretty lavender color. In the picture above I am wearing only the eyetape and Bourjois Black eyeshadow with mascara.

If you desire something to perk eyes up and lift your eyelids, check this eyelid tape out as I have limited stock of it. I’ll be listing this on my blog shop in a few days time.

Toodles sweeties!

It’s raining and the weather is so depressing~~ so get warm people!




sugar sugar said...

I've never tried eyelid tape before. I am not monolid hehe. I wonder if it will also work for my eyes?

laneige couture said...

i use eyelid glue too,eyelid tapes are too obvious,ive used lots of kinds...if ur eyes are opened,its not visible,but if u close it,it sure says "im here" i think it also gets other peoples attention whenever i blink or look down.they'd say "Oh! u have eyelid tapes!" argh!

Blovet Beauty said...

hey sugar sugar, i'm pretty sure it will make ur double eye lids even more define!

hey laneige C, to disguise that I always use a darker eye shadow at the lid area. usually no one can tell in my case :)

iheartvintage8 said...

I am crazy about making my eyes big too, I tried cheap eyelid tapes, eyelid glues and circle lenses, only the lenses give the "big dolly eye" effect on me. I might try eyelid tapes again :)
I just followed you!

Pop Champagne said...

I've tried eyelid tape a few times and it starts to hurt after a few hours I find, like it gets uncomfortable. then again they were tapes from dollar stores, maybe these ones will be better quality!

~Lisa said...

I'm semi-monolid too. But I don't bother with the frustration of this. I've tried eyelid tape before but it looks and feels so obvious!! And it makes applying eyeshadow so difficult.

Blovet Beauty said...

Hmm that's strange. Up tothis point I have bot tried other eyelid tapes. I actually use this for the entire day - 8 hours
and my rather sensitive eyes are ok.

I'll do a tutorial on how I wear this tape cause I even wear falsies with this tape and it's comfortable for me;)

applying eyeshadow is pretty easy too, it just glides on with some eyebase :)

anne said...

i wanna try those eyelid tapes so bad... but i dont think its available on where im living right now:(( saaaad..i have monolid eyes too, and such a fan of big dolly eyes,...

DinaXYYan said...

I always need eyelid tape to make my eyes look more even and I have yet to find one that is not visible! This one looks really great! :)