Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GEO Blue Nudy Series Review

I am no contact lens expert but I have been wearing colored lens since I was 18 and I can still remember the colors I had and how irritating they felt !!
Times have changed and I love the wide variety of colored lenses now. I especially love my Maxi lens because they are super comfortable and the colors are vibrant. I can wear them all day and they still feel comfy and not overly irritating. Since I accidentally washed one of the last few pairs down the sink, I quickly opened two of the 10 GEO & EOS lenses I purchased recently.
The first pair I tried on were the GEO Super Nudy Series in Grey and my eyes were so irritated and red. It must have been because it was so damn large, 14.8mm and the edges felt like they were cutting my eyes !!! Thankfully, the Geo blue nudy I have on are 14mm in diameter and it was way more comfortable. My eyes felt like they were suffocating with the super nudy series Sad smile
So, here are some pictures in different lighting:
Indoor + yellow light:
Indoor + Flash:IMG_0551
Natural light:
Anyhow, I find the GEO Blue Nudy very natural in person. A little too natural and dark for my taste. I have to admit that it does look better in picture then in real life.
In terms of enlargement, despite the smaller diameter of 14mm, the pattern and color does a good job of enlarging my eyes.
In terms of wear and comfort, I give it a 6 out of 10. It’s not uncomfortable, neither is it comfortable. The edges feel a little rough to me. It felt slightly drying and scratchy at first but over time I got used to it. Also, I had to use eye drops with these lenses which is pretty annoying as I never have to do that with my Maxi lens.
I wore these lenses in my previous post so do feel free to let me know what you think of the color as I would love to know!!!

Ok, here’s my hair of the day. Hee hee.. quick and fast bun..
Tomorrow is Chinese new year eve and I am having a traditional Chinese reunion dinner… here’s wishing all Chinese Folks a very happy and prosperous new year!
Love, BlovetBeauty


Alex said...

These look great on you, I love the shade of blue :)

heartbreaker said...

Issit the bigger the diameter the less comfortable it will get? :/ no wonder i have lots of problems with 15 mm contact lenses,sometimes its just irritating. Anyway HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to you too! :D love!

Blair said...

The blue one does suit you!!! What lashes are you wearing dearie, they look so long and fluttery!

Shop N' Chomp said...

The lenses look lovely on you! Love how you did your hair in that cute bun. *^_^* Happy upcoming CNY to you!

(Haha...actually that is normal. I have friends with kids and all they watch are cartoons. ;)

Frances said...

They look better in pics than real life? well they do look pretty good here XD I actually like how it's more natural, but everyone's preference is different lol.

wow it's Chinese New Year already?! O_O hehe happy Chinese New Year to you ^__^

~Lisa said...

These look really nice on you!! And your bun looks great ^^

Blovet Beauty said...

Glad u all like the color. Maybe I'm too accustomed to a bright vibrant blue shade.

Heartbreakers, u have a 15 mm lens???? They make them so big-- I bet it would scratch my eyes out. My eyes are pretty small so they wouldn't fit too well :(

Blair , I'm wearing some random XL lashes. The cross cross type...

Lisa, thks for making me feel normal :)

Glad u like them Frances and Lisa- too bad they aren't totally comfortable

Ahleessa said...

It looks natural and gorgeous on you. Blue rocks (my favorite color)! How long do you wear circle lens in daily basis?

Blovet Beauty said...

Hey ahleessa, I usually wear them for 6-8 hours on average. With geo lens I only managed 4 Hrs max. It really depends on how comfortable that particular lens is :)

Nic Nic said...

you look great in blue.. looks pretty natural on you!! very pretty :)

Pop Champagne said...

wow it looks really good on you, and those lashes look like they go for miles :D

classyurbangirl said...

Beautiful! I have blue contact lenses too but don't look anywhere half as good as you!

DinaXYYan said...

You look great with blue lenses!