Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back Alley Tabby Cat - Halloween Makeup -



Hi Beauties!  Halloween is fast approaching and you tube land is flooding with super exciting Halloween Inspired Makeup Videos! Since I am a yummy mommy and time is always short for mums like me, I decided to show you guys how to do a Back Alley Tabby Cat Look. It will definitely look more CAT LIKE if you add  some spots on your cheeks and some whiskers as well. Either way, I hope to provide some makeup inspiration ( but you can always add your own touch! As cat makeovers are the easiest and cutest IMHO,you can easily find a matching outfit in your wardrobe and all the makeup you need is most likely within reach!

Let’s get into the spirit of Halloween shall we?



1) Messy hair ( I have some orangey highlights so it suits this look pretty well)

2) Whiskers & some black spots on cheek

3) Cute Cat outfit

4) Fake Lashes

5) Catty Attitude ( not bitchy *)



1) BOO! Cover & Conceal


2) Apply Eye Primer &  Shiny White Eye Shadow color all over lid.

I adore Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes D2



3) Shading & Contouring

Our aim is for a slimmer cattier face contour

I love LA COLORS (Storm\Cocoa Duo) for shading. It’s an eye shadow duo but since it isn’t super pigmented I started using it for shading purposes and it’s amazing. I use Storm as a highlighter and Cocoa Shade as a slimming contour shade. I use this in almost all current Ulzzang or Korean Inspired Looks.

I love MAC SUSHI FLOWER on my cheeks. I probably mentioned before but I can’t use blushers. They break me out or clog my pores for some reason and since then I’ve been cracking my head as how to wear colors on my cheeks. Then I looked through my makeup case and found MAC sushi flower untouched, lonely and I decided, I’m gonna use it as a blusher! Yes, it works pretty well! So I recommend this approach if you are wary of blushers like me. But always knock off the excess from your brush and use a very light hand.



4) Eye Shadow

After applying the shiny base eye shadow over lids, use any black or any dark eye shadow on the outer corners. You should create a steep inverted V Shape to mimic the cat eye shape and blend it out well.


5)  Eye Liner and Brows

Just fill in brows with a super light skin color and the best part about the Back Alley Tabby Cat or Cat look is that the makeup doesn’t really have to be perfect or precise. Cats are always on the move and it’s more realistic to have a little smudges here and there and not be all perfect and un cat like … but the level of perfection you want to take it to is completely up to you!


Do try to rim the eyes as black as possible. You can use your eyeliner in the inner corners to draw a sharp V too. I had to do this last because I have very teary eyes that always threatens to ruin my eye makeup!

6) Sexy Kitty Lashes

I used Dolly Wink No 2. Sweet Girly. Sexy Stuff! hahaha



7) Black Upper Lips

Fill upper lip only using a black eye liner or eyeshadow or dark vampy lipstick. Try to tilt the outer corners upwards for a more cat like lip.


8) Adjust makeup + Add Cat Accessories

Reapply your highlighter and shader, touch up your blusher, eyeliner… draw on a cute black catty nose if you like. I’m stopping here but you can definitely go all out with your cat accessories like whiskers, cute collar, cat ears. Back alley tabby cats have all the excuse in the world to look disheveled and sexy still !


Okay! I hope you enjoyed this Halloween Back Alley Tabby Cat inspired look! It’s not meant to be perfect and perfect for time starved mommies!



Happy Halloween Beauties,




bangbangsheshoots said...

I'm going for black cat makeup tonight too, I love how yours turned out, sexy and cute hehe

Jamillacamel said...

Fabulous transformation! Love the look!

adailydoseofanything said...

eee I like your hairstyle!!! and love the look :D

Blovetbeauty said...

thk U ms allison! glad u like it.. r u gg for halloween ??

Blovetbeauty said...

aww jamilla! thks!

Blovetbeauty said...

thks nic nic! do post pictures of ur catty transformatioN! bet it will look fab!!

gerryberry said...

you're rocking your blond streaks really well miss tabby! My cats would love hanging out with u ;)