Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Strong Korean Eyebrows



Hi guys! I’m back. I haven’t been on a holiday or any sort of vacation and I definitely haven’t been slacking off. I’ve simply been helping my parents out this past week or so and I finally have some time to myself again. I promised you guys a post on Korean eyebrows because it’s the epitome of Korean Beauty and although I don’t consider myself a Korean makeup expert, I’ll share with you guys on how I like to achieve those full structured looking Korean eyebrows.



From the guys to the girls, from the singers to the actors, the one thing that stays true are the Korean styled eyebrows. The Koreans are proud of their strong, thick brows because they are a symbol of

Youth, Strength, Power

I’m not exaggerating here. I find that when I have thinner brows, my face in general looks bigger and more bloated. Thicker brows, have the effect of slimming and framing the face. Thicker eyebrows make me feel like I look younger and more awake. I remembered how the belles during my school days always had naturally thicker brows which I was eternally envious of because my brows were always thin and sparse. Thin eyebrows aren’t easy to pull off and the only ones are the Japanese. I also noticed after working that people with thicker eyebrows seem to command more power. Not ridiculous huge black eyebrows but full, thick and more natural looking brows.

What I am trying to say here is

Korean eyebrows rock


Let’s get started:

1) Getting the shape right

Follow whichever Korean celebrity or pop idol brows you admire. It shouldn’t be too thin or too archy. It’s usually straight across with a slight arch at the outer corner. I find the shape I sketched below to be most flattering for my wider face shape.

I usually take a medium to light golden brown eyebrow pencil to sketch out the outline on bare brows. Pardon my birth mark, I know it can look a little creepy ;P


2) Use the eyebrow brush to blend out the outline



3) Taking a denser angled brush & brown eye shadow color ( I like golden base browns a lot – NYX eye shadows are the best for brows I feel ) fill in your eyebrows with a light hand near the front and be a little more heavy handed towards the tail end of the brow.


4) Your Korean brow should almost be done. You can use a concealor and sharpen up the brow shape if you wish or even alter the shape slightly with your eyebrow pencil. Make sure everything is blended out at this stage because your brows are now the focal point of your face.


I stick very closely to these 4 steps when I am doing my Korean inspired brows but when I am very very short on time I like to use an eye brow pencil to fill it in and brush it out.

I was sent a full sized Bio Oil to trial and I’ve been using it on my body scars for around 2 weeks now. Can’t wait to update u guys!

Also, could you recommend a really good digicam? The color on mine is going…

Thanks Beauties, BlovetBeauty


Girlie Blogger said...

Ok I love this. I want to give it a try. I don't like my big face either. Plus, you look gorgeous.


Jennifer said...

I likey!!

Jamillacamel said...

Great brows! I have a LUMIX G2 4/3 camera and I love it! I has a monitor that rotates 360 degrees, which is perfect for taking pics of yourself.

Blovetbeauty said...

i've always been tempted by a lumix! thks for the recommendation, def checking it out jamilla

Blovetbeauty said...

thks jennifer :)

bangbangsheshoots said...

Ohh that TOP from Bigbang?! You look gorgeous with thick, groomed brows! I'm definitely for that kinda of brow style... I hate it how the Japanese ladies shave it and then pencil it back in - I don't get it!

Blair said...

I like the look of thick strong eyebrows too! Unfortunately, they are growing too slowly for my liking or not growing at all, so hair is just everywhere =.=

Rola said...

I have always loved the thick brow look, so natural and youthful. Nice post!

Blovetbeauty said...

hehe ... i didnt know japanese ladies shaved off their brows entirely. I tot they only shaved off the end portions so they could extend it with their eyebrow pencil... :)

Blovetbeauty said...

hehe... strong eyebrows work for my bigger face blair... if I wear skinny brows, my face ends up looking much bigger

Blovetbeauty said...

Thanks Rola

Roxanne Chia said...

It's nice, I've been wanting to try this on myself. But my eyebrows are naturally arched, so I don't know how to make it horizontal in the beginning. Any ideas?


terence said...

Yeah I love the thick, dark eyebrows on Korean ladies. One of their many attractive features.

I was looking at photos of people with their eyebrows digitally removed and... now I think that eyebrows must be one of the most important characteristics of the human face. Without eyebrows, most of us look as if we have overhanging brow bones. Makes us look... well, simian!

Lydia Niewarski said...

You have a beautiful face and I love your makeup technique. I have thin brows by nature and was tired of all the penciling. I tried Neubrow (you can read about it at www.skinresearchlabs.com) and my brows are thicker and I hardly ever need to pencil!