Monday, October 10, 2011

Ulzzang Makeup 101



Hey! I thought I would do a fun quick post about the basics for Ulzzang makeup. I’m always digging their mad eyeliner skills and pretty flawless look.

So, put your best face forward by following these steps:


1) Flawless face

Foundation\powder\bb creams whatever rocks your boat but ensure coverage is good and not cakey looking

2) Shading and Contouring

Yes We all know Ulzzang Pony probably doesn’t need much to begin with but for mere mortals like myself, I need this to highlight the bridge of my nose, btw the brows and cheek area. Use a soft touch and a brown shade to recede areas like the jaw,under the cheek bones and temple area to slim face. Be very natural with your shading.


3) Thicker Ulzzang brows

Thicker brows always give the illusion of youthfulness and helps narrow wider faces. I love thicker brows because I feel it flatters almost every face shape out there. IMG_0306

*Upcoming tutorial ( Requested)*


4) Natural Blusher & Lip Color

Think naturally pretty & pink on the cheeks and lips. Ulzzang look requires a more natural finish on the lips because the eyes are focus of attention. Baby Pink glosses and shimmery lip colors work best here. Nothing too nude or colorful here. Blusher shade should be in the same family as your lipstick to flatter overall look. Blusher is always very natural looking adding a slightly flushed look to the face!


5) Eyes

For the eyes think:

Natural Circle Lens ( for enlargement and a natural wide eye look) + Eyeliner ( Tight lining & extending top liner on the outer corners)  + Bright Eye shadow for inner corners and lower lash line

I think the most defining eye look of an ulzzang is that they use eye liner close to the lash line and natural lashes to widen their eyes as much as possible. It’s accentuating the eyes without looking too fake.

*Upcoming tutorial ( as requested too)*


6) Hair

Ulzzang hair dos are always neat and pretty soft looking. Try soft waves at the lower ends of your hair and combing it out to obtain a soft wavy look. The length of hair doesn’t really matter. As long as it complements your cute face!

Hope I didn’t leave out anything else Smile with tongue outMost of all, have fun and be confident!



Locke said...

moon dan bi is really cute! and so are you :D i love your cute look^_^ looking forward to your tutorial posts :)

Jamillacamel said...

You make a great Ullzang!

Jennifer huang said...

Cute <3

The Girlie Blog said...

Excellent advice. Love how you did the eyes. I always love learning new ways to apply eye makeup.

Btw, I started a new blog, www.geekettegazette.com. Please stop by if you have time. I would love your advice and opinion. And please follow. Thank you so much Blovet!

Blovetbeauty said...

hi girlie! definitely will check out your new blog :)

Blovetbeauty said...


Blovetbeauty said...

thks sweetie :) ur comments are always so sweet & uplifting !

Blovetbeauty said...

I'm so in love with ur laid back cute style. her look is so spot on!

Shampou said...

wow, u look like an Ulzzang.

linny said...

wow youre so pretty!
and that diagram with where to put highlights and bronzer is very helpful =]