Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wonder Girls Ahn Soo Hee Inpired Eye Look


Ahn So Hee Wonder Girls (3)

Hi Beauties!

The gorgeous baby doll looking Ahn Soo Hee really caught my eye in her latest “Be My Baby” MV. I love her polished slicked back hair. Personally I’m not a fan of Wonder Girl’s music but I love their makeup looks. It’s not over the top and pretty wearable too. For the first inspired look, I went pretty  natural with it. I’m using Etude House eyebrow pencil ( review coming soon), Nature Republic’s Gel Eyeliner (Black) and some purple liner on my lower water line. I also tight lined my upper water line and packed on the mascara, though it’s not as obvious in the picture below. I did not connect the top and bottom liner at the corners of my eye because Ahn Soo Hee seems to wear her eye liner in the same fashion. You can always add soft pink blush like her and any glossy shimmery pinkish or clear lipgloss is fine too. I was too lazy to reapply mine ~~


Ahn So Hee Wonder Girls (4)

Another look I did with her trademarked  fanned out lashes that Ahn Soo Hee wears a lot of. What’s super cute about her is that she doesn’t seem to wear any circle lenses or use tons of makeup but she always looks so cute and dolly like! Life’s really unfair sometimes ~~ haha Oh well… I used princess lashes below either no 7 or 8 and I had to curl them after I stuck them on to get that fanned out effect. I rimmed my water line gently with a black and purple pencil liner from NYX – nothing too obvious or harsh to retain that innocent look. Her eyebrows are pretty angled too but I just followed my eyebrow shape and gave it a slight angel.



Okie, so I was going out with the family for some shopping and lunch with my Ahn Soo Hee Inspired look and this was my outfit of the day:-

Super simple outfit where the tops were from F21 and the jeans were from Topshop ( its an old old pair) along with my small long champ bag.


Hope you guys enjoyed this Ahn Soo Hee inspired look and have a great day!

Love, BlovetBeauty


Girlie Blogger said...

She is so cute. Love Asian girl bands.

Your lashes look super long and plump. Looks gorgeous.


phoebe.limanta said...

you are adorable!! :) you look like her a little!

Jamillacamel said...

Very K-Pop!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, you look so cute! Love that lace top too =D

bangbangsheshoots said...

you did a great job, such a simple yet very wearable look! you can't go wrong with eyeliner ;) LOL she seems to be pulling faces a lot :P

Rindodo ♥ said...

I love this look on you~

Blair said...

Absolutely agree with phoebe, you do look like Soo Hee!

Marie Clara Cyrus said...

Its so beautiful..
Its also look good on you.
Hope you can join my giveaway.

Blovetbeauty said...

Thks Marie! oohh love the lipsticks in ur giveaway!

Blovetbeauty said...

thks dear:)

Blovetbeauty said...

she's always pulling a funny face or pouting ... but whatever she does, she still looks cute!! how does she manage that nic??

Blovetbeauty said...

thks lisa:)

Blovetbeauty said...

thks Sweetie!

Blovetbeauty said...

shes way too gorgeous sweetie but thanks for ur sweet compliment :)

Marie Clara Cyrus said...

Thanks! :) Hope you can join.. It would be my pleasure to see you there. I love your blog. ♥