Sunday, February 19, 2012

ES A533 Falsies * better than dollywink lashes >< ? *


*Sponsored Review*


Hey Beauties,

Yes, I’m back & this time with really beautiful falsies. All thanks to the lightning fast kkcenterhk  who has recently stocked these amazing lashes ES A533 that look as good as my Dollywink eyelashes. Just look at the doll like effect they give my eyes and trust me, you can definitely wear these alone with a slight cat eye wing or nothing at all. I think I’ve found my HG falsies.


Now I’m afraid that everyone will end up getting them and then these bad boys will be out of stock before I know it! When I saw these on their website, I immediately knew I had to select these for review because they looked perfect for gyaru or that innocent wide eye effect.


Equipment: – Actually, I’ve discovered a pretty effective way to mold the lash band for easier application but I’ll do a separate post on it. I trimmed the lashes and selected Etude House clear glue. I’m using my trusty Body Shop Tweezers for application because of the thin clear lash band.




ES A533 rocks because the lashes are light weight and look natural while adding length and flair at the corners. You can dress these lashes up or down really easily. Also because the front section is more natural looking and the back section more dense, you can easily choose where to trim depending on how dramatic you want your eyes to be ( snip more from the front if you want more drama or cut the back if you want more natural looking eyes).

I would recommend black eye lash glue if you need to put it on in a hurry and use minimal eye makeup. You can also tightline your eyes for a more defined and natural look. I find a lot of girls who wear falsies either put on way too much eye makeup or wear too little ( making the lashes stand out in a bad way).




I re used these lashes without any problem and truth be told, I wore them for a few hours and they felt so comfortable and light. I got quite a few more falsies review coming up so remember to check back. I’m also going to do an update falsies application post for those of you who want to learn how to best wear your lashes.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, BlovetBeauty


Jamilla said...

These look really amazing on you!

Michelle said...

The lashes make a big difference to your look. Pretty! x

Girlie Blogger said...

The lashes are fantastic. I don't reuse lashes, but I do need to. They are very expensive.

Blovetbeauty said...

Thks they actually remind me of a canmake model but even better. Canmake lash band is really hard to use.

Blovetbeauty said...


mrsintraining said...

I love how those flair out more at the ends, I always struggle with fake lashes because I love the drama, but its always way too much on the inside half of my eye. I'll have to check these out!

Ann Lu said...

These look great on you! Thanks for this review~~