Monday, February 27, 2012

ES A613 Glamour Big Eyes Lashes

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What’s with the recent slew of eyelashes reviews you might think. Well, I’ve got more falsies review coming up but I’ve been really impressed with the new lashes that kkcenterhk has stocked up on lately. They look like the expensive Japanese dolly eyelashes and the quality is always reliable as I’ve reviewed their products before.


Just by looking at the eyelash above, you would not be able to tell I’ve worn and washed it twice already *with no special handling *  and it has not lost it’s shape, the lash band is still firm but bendable and the lashes have not lost their curl. I can wear these lashes for hours on ends and I do not have a problem with them irritating my eyes.


ES A613 glamour big eyes type lashes really enlarge the eye and make them look so dreamy and doll like. I think my eyes would look even more dolly with some bottom lashes but I’ll save that for my other lashes review.

Not saying good things because these were sent free. I swear by the dolly effect and the durability of these lashes. Go try it!


Just love these lashes!

Love, BlovetBeauty


ClosetVoyage said...

wow these look amazing!! I've tried lashes from these guys before and they didn't look as good as this! Going to try this model :D

Girlie Blogger said...

They look great on you. I like it when you wear faux lashes.
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Isabel said...

Oh very 'bushy' haha I have not convinced myself to wear falsies like this yet.

Chriselle Sy said...

Beautiful! I really want to try these.. .We'll see :)

Alexandra Wang said...

pretty pretty false lashes! LOL :p

Jennifer Huang said...

They look so good *____* whats the lash band like though? I always have difficulty with thicker/non-clear lash bands :'( they look so good on you tho!

Socialitedreams said...

i LOOOOVE the blue lenses :D