Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shop with me!~



Hi Beauties!

Retail therapy is my kind of thing. Everytime I get stressed up at work, I feel a need to do some shopping. I usually try on stuff at H&M, Forever21 and Cotton On ( but CO stuff is getting really lousy). I am no skinny girl so I hope this helps all you girls with similar body type to mine :) bTw, those are my new forever21 shoes that I LOVE. The grip and cut is amazing and it cost me around 39 bucks only!


I was trying out this collared mint shirt thingy from H&M and I don’t think it flatters my body one bit. It makes me look fat and my arms just look super fleshy. It’s a pass!


Then I popped by forever21 to look for a dress for my good friend’s wedding engagement next month. I remembered seeing this dress in one of DulceCandy recent haul videos but it really looked cheap on me. Plus it made my top half look so huge! hahaha… well.. I’m fleshy but this dress kinda puts things out of proportion. I couldn’t find any other cute dresses at Forever21—sad!

IMG_0715_thumb[11]Tried on this striped black and white top. Very boring.. Pass.


I love this cute coral top. Very easy to mix and match with jeans or pants. I really live in pants. Got this and actually the front looks sheer but when you wear it on, isn’t that see through. I wanted the ocean blue shade too! Got this!



I have a love for nude tops. Seriously love this silky nude blouse. I can see myself wearing this with pants everyday. haha..

Ok, my little one is adapting to school after 3 tiring weeks and I’ve finally been able to take some time out for myself. I wanted to get a few items from Zara but I was thinking that one Zara top can usually get me 2-3 items from Forever21 or H&M. I bought a few bras from H&M and I really love the cutting but I shall not show it cause it’s way too personal.

Great midweek!

Love, BlovetBeauty


Girlie Blogger said...

I need major retail therapy too. That striped shirt is really pretty.

Chriselle Sy said...

I love your choices, your fashion choice is great! :) I too do a LOT of retail therapy. Gah! But I buy makeup. Now I'm broke. Lol.

Jennifer Huang said...

Not skinny....? -_____- you lie! Youre so tiny *jealous* i agree, even CO clothes here in Nz has gone downhill since a few months after they opened (a few years back). Lucky you have zara, H&M etc in Singapore!! :O

Ngaaaw. I love seeing other people lingere ... Not meant to sound perverted... >.> but heah! Always nice to see styles haha

wifluvelle said...

love the coral top too! love bright colours and since u r so fair, its awesome on ya! xoxo elle