Monday, March 5, 2012

Elongated cat eyes ~ ES A601



Hi Beauties,

I’m pretty in love with almost all the lashes I received from kkcenterhk. Yes, I still think Dollywink lashes are amazing * though I’m not that fond of the newer more natural looking lashes that were released recently* I do think kkcenterhk has pretty good dupes and the quality is excellent and price point is affordable.

ESA601 is resembles ES A613 and I thought I would get the same look from it but the subtle difference makes for a different eye effect. The most obvious difference being that A601 gives a more natural flared look and is suitable for an everyday look. A613 gives a more dolly eyed effect and definitely makes eyes stand out more.



Application for ES lashes is a breeze. I like to bend the lash band at 3-4 equal points, to get the lashes to look like the picture below. It’s similar to the concept of applying separate lashes but instead we save ourselves the hassle of cutting and applying the different parts one at a time. Simple bend the lash band and apply it straight on and you’ll save so much time. Use my technique for a super easy falsie application!


** Note: Go easy on the bending on the lash band for a more natural, less separated lash look.


Have fun experimenting with different eye looks. I think selecting the correct set of lashes is so important. I sometimes catch girls with a face load of foundation and a pair of jet black spidery lashes that make me wana beg them to take it off to switch for a more flattering set. I see so many girls make a mess of their falsies, I just think sometimes, if you are a beginner, go with natural looking lashes like these or even shorter ones because you can get away with a lot more mistakes. Also, lashes look best with some eye makeup so don’t go all nude with the eyes and face and slap on some over the top lashes. It’ll throw your face off balance.

I’ve noticed a lot of Singaporean girls wearing their lashes in a few ways – really well, really horribly and really scarily!

Love, BlovetBeauty


Socialitedreams said...

lmao "I’ve noticed a lot of Singaporean girls wearing their lashes in a few ways – really well, really horribly and really scarily!" that's here too! yikes

Jennifer Huang said...

Thanks for the tip !!! :O will definitely try that out~ ^^ ahhh, need to learn to use more dramatic lashes - maybe with more eye make up..... :3

Chriselle Sy said...

I know what you mean about some girls wearing lashes that don't really work on them. And I totally get what you mean! It's totally true.

Thanks for the tip about bending lashes, I'll give it a shot!

Mishi said...

looks great! I really dislike seeing girls with super overdone fake lashes. Yuck! But these look really natural and helps define your eyes instead of making it look too unnatural. Beautiful on you too!