Sunday, March 25, 2012

Summer Heat Inspired Makeup

IMG_0273IMG_0260Hi Beauties,

It’s been really hot on most days so I thought to celebrate the heat and warmth and go with a bronzy, flushed look and flirty lashes. Might as well embrace the warmer months and get a healthy glow.

I think the only palette I use on a regular basis is the Naked Palette and I’m seriously digging Essence Lip sticks, bronzers and blushers ( I used them for this look but didn’t include it in the picture * oops*)




I’ve been wearing this look a lot. I contoured my face with some bronzer for a warmer glow. Also, I’ve been itching to check out the Naked 2 palette at Sephora but my work load has really doubled in the past month and as soon as I feel like I can take a break, something crops up and I’m like ~ tired ~

You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about my future ambitions and I have 2 that I’m really really keen on. I would love to buy, revamp and sell property or expand into the furniture trade. These businesses are very closely linked to my current job and I feel like I can see myself thriving in them. I love beauty and fashion too and in so many ways, design is an integral component of all the things I’m passionate about. I just hope I move myself in the right direction….

Happy Sunday,



Missjackson8088 said...

cool i really like it! very bronzey! so you've been liking the essence brand, huh? I will hafta check them out considering they are fairly cheap. i have always seen them at ulta and wanted to check them out but since they are cheap i was never sure- thanx for the heads up and also sharing your FOTD

Blovetbeauty said...

Yes! I think u have hit the nail on the head about how cheap drugstore brands are viewed. TO be dead honest, i think Essence have one of the best lip and face products at that price range. I like some of their products more than maybelline or revlon! do try their bronzers and blushers !

Cornelia De Alwis said...

I really like this! Effortlessly sexy ;)

Shizz Nizzle said...

Gorgeous as always!!! Love the lashes :)
What mascara did you use?

Socialitedreams said...

you look so fabulous in the last 2 photos :D good luck with the career choice

gerriie said...

Nice everyday look since it's so hot here lol. Flipping homes and furniture sounds great and definitely in your expertise. All the best to u Laney!

bangbangsheshoots said...

love that warm glow on you!! You look gorgeous there ;)