Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hot MaMa Blusher

Hi Beauties,

I've been using The Balm's Hot Mama's blusher this whole weekend and I really like it! Initially the golden shimmer made me a bit doubtful but I used it with Down Boy & I really love it!

Pros:- I love the warm Pinkish coral flush it gives and application is very easy. It's a very pigmented blush so a little goes a long way. The golden shimmer brings a glow to the face too. Gotta love the cute packaging that comes with a handy mirror for quick touch ups when I'm out.
Cons:- I think the golden shimmer won't work for people with red acne skin. Why I say this is because I find that it accentuates my larger pores and old acne scars on my cheeks. Your foundation/concealor has to be flawless for this blush to work well.

Overall, I think the shade of his blush is simply sexy and it's growing on me everytime I use it!


missjackson8088 said...

oh yeah I really like that! I love how it is advertised as both blush & shadow- have you used it as a shadow yet?

Tezza said...

ooh i have this blush :) i love itt

Sharlynn said...

I definitely dig the shade but personally don't like corals/oranges! Have fun using it! I love the eyeshadows from theBalm! :)

Blovetbeauty said...

Ah! sharlynn, I think I tried their shadows before and didn't fancy them as much as their blushers. But I must give their eye shadows a try again!

Blovetbeauty said...

it really brightens the complexion!

Blovetbeauty said...

I haven't used it as a shadow yet but I'm gonna try ! trys for the recommendation jackson :)

Diah Fara Dilla said...

is it possible to being a dupe for the nars orgasm?
i guess they look similar.. and both of them are so pretty! :)