Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kpop Eyeliner * TWISTURN *

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Hi Kpop Fans!
Oops… I mean Beauties! Let me first apologise for not sharing this ridiculously good liquid eyeliner with you earlier. Koreans really know how to rock their eyeliner so it’s no surprise that CLIO Professional would have a convenient waterproof liquid eyeliner with an auto turn function. We all know that Lee Hyori looks pretty even without any makeup on but she really rocks the signature Korean eyeliner look so damn well. She’s the perfect representation of a party chic would wants to have fun without worrying about her eyeliner smudging all over the place.
I believe there’s nothing worse than going to school or work and realising that you’ve been talking to a million people with smudged eyeliner. I’ve done it countless times, embarrassed myself to bits and learnt from painful mistakes. I only use real waterproof eyeliner. Waterproof Turnliner Twisturn does not budge one bit – Swear!
I was sent Star Silver 1 & Night Purple 6 and I love rocking them together.  Night Purple would look AMAZING with the gold shade too. They say it has a 3D effect because it contains pearl powder and I have to agree the purple really pops. The silver looks so cute on the inner tear duct area and on the lower lid. The color payoff is intense so I don’t recommend wearing this early in the mornings but it would look perfect at night because of the color intensity.
First of all, you would have to remove the protective cap and press and twist eyeliner cap down to close the gap. Once pressed down fully, slowly twist dial at the bottom of the eyeliner until color appears. I would suggest using a little at a time because the color is rich and a little goes a long way. Also twisting out too many times would make it very difficult to draw a fine line if that is what you are going for. I find that makeup newbies would definitely be able to use this as the tip is firm and easy to draw.
This eyeliner look was done in a matter of minutes. I think I spent longer on my brows and blending in my eye shadow :)

Go check out all the other colors at Watsons k! Brown Earth, Urban Black and Star Gold looks so gorgeous!
Love, BlovetBeauty


aisyahdecullen said...

that's a pretty cool product!

jessa marie said...

wow!!! nice product...wanna get my hands on those too!!!^^

♥ Natalie ♥ said...

WOW, looks great on you! Blue looks so pretty on you.
I like the different colors and designs with it (: I want *w*


blovetbeauty said...

its the purple shade I'm wearing. I like purple cause it always enlarges and emphasize the eyes :)

blovetbeauty said...

maybe it's time I did a yr end giveaway so someone gets to try this amazing eyeliner!

blovetbeauty said...

yup it is babes!

Jules said...

Hi! Can I ask how u manage to twist the 2 halves together? After removing the ring, I couldn't connect the 2 parts! Thanks

blovetbeauty said...

Hi Jules,
if I remember correctly, once you remove the ring, twist down with some effort to close the gap, than u can start twisting away! Hope that helps!

Jules said...

would like to find out if it takes a lot of force to close the gap between the cap and the body of the liner. it feels like i'm doing it wrong! tia

blovetbeauty said...

Yes u do have to push rather hard jules