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Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Face Cream



Plantscription Face Cream


Hi Gorgeous People,

I was recently invited to Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Face Cream Event and I must admit it was a very relaxing and interactive blogger launch / mini workshop. I’ve always loved Origins as a brand but it was interesting to learn more about the latest Plantscription Anti Aging Cream as well as their natural approach to skincare.

Plantscritpion Face Cream   Serum

Origins products are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredient and 100% natural essential oils. Bearing in mind how Origin’s products are centered around the natural healing & regenerative properties of plants and formulated without all the nasty parabens, PABA and phthalates ( just to name a few), you can rest assured that your skin will be getting all the natural goodness minus the junk.


Thus far, the Plantscription™ Anti-Aging Collection fortified with Anogeissus, consist of:

Plantscription Anti-aging Cleanser

Plantscription Anti-aging Treatment Lotion

Plantscription Anti-aging Serum ($118 for 30ml)

Plantscription Anti-aging Cream ($110 for 50ml)

Plantscription Anti-aging Eye Treatment and Anti-aging Eye Cream ($78 for 15ml)


Now for those of you who don’t know about the Plantscription collection, you might be wondering:

What’s so special about the latest Plantscription Anti-aging cream?



Formulated with Raspberry Plant Stem Cell Technology


Raspberry Plant Stem Cells are taken from Torella dei Lombardi in the mountains of Italy where wild raspberry leaves are used to start the plant stem cell cultures. I’m no scientist but I believe in the youthful & “self renewal” properties of plant stem cells. Regrowth and rejuvenation is key to maintaining skin’s youthful bounce and appearance.

Contains Anogeissus Tree Bark Extract


Anogeissus, also known as Siiga, is a rare extract from the leaves and bark of the sacred Anogeissus tress and native to West Africa. It is sustainably and responsibly harvested ( which I know is a concern to many consumers ). Local African tribes use Anogeissus as a potent wound healer due to  it’s antimicrobial properties. Most importantly, this plant helps increase and repair skin’s natural fibrilin, the glycoprotein that gives skin youthful firmness.

What’s so special about the latest Plantscription Anti-aging cream?

Due to the highly researched potent ingredients, one can expect to see a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles, lifting , smoothening of skin texture and a bounce in the skin. The latest Plantscription Anti-aging cream contains 300,00 Raspberry Plant Stem Cells & the highly effective Anogeissus to reverse visible signs of aging.

“ 83% showed an improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks”




During the workshop, bloggers were treated to a mini facial session demonstrated by Origins counter managers. You can actually head down to any Origins counter and get a complimentary massage and the best part is that they will select and use products best suited to your skin needs. Andrea had nothing but praise for the facial massage and she’s quite an Origins fan too!

IMG_8346    IMG_8339

Here’s beautiful Andrea getting her mini facial and enjoying every minute of it. Jess  helped cleanse her skin followed by a quick skin assessment to recommend suitable products for her skin condition. It was mentioned in the workshop that it’s not just about the type of cream you use but also about the application method. The facial massage seemed to be rather effective as Andrea skin looked soft and glowing. I would suggest a stop over at any Origin’s counter for a better assessment & a complementary mini facial to best sample Origin’s award winning Plantscription range. Here is the entire range of products used on Andrea ( she has combination skin).


Before the Origin’s Mini Facial Massage

< I took these pictures off Andrea’s blog. If you want to read more on her mini facial, click here >

Before Origin's Mini FacialSmilez! 

Cleansing with Make A Difference Clarifying Cleansing Milk & Modern Friction Exfoliator

2 Different masks ( Out of trouble & Clear Improvement)  were used on Andrea to target different areas

After the Origin’s Mini Facial – Visibly brighter, softer and glowing skin

* Go visit Andrea to see her after pic. You’ll believe me then!*


Group shot of us at the Origin’s blogger workshop! Just wana say a big Thank You to SkincareDB, Fang Wen & Origins for the fun workshop! We were gifted with a full sized Plantscription™ Anti-Aging Cream to try out and I’ve been using it on days when my skin’s feeling tired. It’s definitely a great preventive cream for my eye and mouth areas and so far no clogged pores or any weird reaction. I’ll definitely review it once I’ve used it long enough :)

Take Care Everyone!

Love, BlovetBeauty


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