Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige Review


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I think many of you would have already seen my home DIY results in my previous post. I used the Liese Bubble Hair Color in Platinum Beige for the first time ever. It was right before CNY and I was desperate to get my roots colored because I loathe black roots and the brassiness of the faded ash hair color was starting to annoy me. I only tried this hair dye out because my lovely buddy was vouching for Pink Brown which she used and loved.


Truthfully, I was quite apprehensive when I first bought this hair dye. I used a bottle of Liese when it first came out in the drugstores and IT BURNT MY SCALP. Honestly, I never touched this brand despite all the raves but a “ New Year” meant letting go of negative past experiences and maybe giving things a second chance. But heck yah, I was still expecting my scalp to burn ( shan’t lie).



I was eyeing Moon Dam Bi’s light ash hair color and instead of the ash brown, I decided to go with this platinum beige ( still in the ash color range). I am not a fan of the green box packaging cause it gives me a strange impression that my hair is going to turn green but no, I paid attention to the hair swatches on the back of the box. It’s actually quite close to my faded ash hair color. But still I wish I had selected and used milk tea or ash brown.


This must be the easiest hair dye to use. Literally from mixing the contents to application. Easy as 1 2 3. If I find it easy, you will definitely find it super duper easy too.

 All I did was pour contents of black bottle into the white bottle bottle.

mix it by tilting the capped white bottle a few times until contents are well mixed

hold bottle straight up and put on the pink foaming dispenser

simply squeeze the white bottle and foam will appear

lather into hair


** My quick tip for touching up the roots is to add maybe half a bottle to the root area for 10-20 mins, then apply the rest onto the rest of your hair. I left mine on my roots for 20-30 minutes and then left it on for 30-40 mins after applying it to the rest of my head. Tested a strand before washing it off.

It does not get any easier than this people. In the past I would have to muster up a lot energy and strength to painstakingly comb the hair dye through my long hair. Plus I would have to angel 2 mirrors just to see what I was doing because my hubby just does not like to dye my super long hair. Liese Bubble hair has erased that problem entirely now because I can easily touch up my roots or change my hair color as and when I like with so much ease!

Plus, they have a huge range of colors & my scalp DID NOT STING AT ALL. True Happiness!


Freshly Dyed Hair:

- extremely close to the color on the box

- soft and silky after using the treatment essence



2nd Day Hair:


In conclusion, I used only 1 box of hair dye which is very surprising because I have very long hair and for other brands 2 is the norm. My hair was so evenly dyed and no one could really tell any difference except that my black roots were gone.It looks like a professional touch up job only that it was done at HOME. I find the product application very easy, colored evenly and efficiently and the color turnout was extremely accurate. As for the color platinum Beige, I do find this color a tad bit too ashy, even veering towards a little greyish green in certain lighting. It can wash out my complexion but I feel that it has made my complexion look much fairer.

2 thumbs up for liese bubble hair color & highly recommended. Now which color should I try next?

Love, BlovetBeauty


kmmyp said...

I was just thinking of getting one. Now you've convinced me!;p

XiaoVee said...

wow great review ^^ i'll get this one next time..
thanks for sharing!